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  1. Avatar
    paul November 03, 2015

    hi all i would like too join this forum for some real critical thinking,open minded,constructive conversation…..

    • Avatar
      Julia May 16, 2016


    • Avatar
      Rodrigo August 17, 2016

      Hello Paul, really good to know you´re open for all that , that you mentioned. I created a page on facebook, perhaps it will interest you, I´ve posted some material and will be posting many more. Take a look, give a like and share with others, the purpose of it is to educate people and expose truths. . Take care 🙂

    • Avatar
      Frederick October 28, 2016

      like that also Paul, but seems most posts are quite old. I hope someone can revive the comments section because I’m finding really great information here! – fRED

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    dan thompson October 06, 2015

    Hello from Florida. Love the show. I have one question where is Ryan Lanza now and there father they seemed to disappeared.

    • Avatar
      dan thompson October 06, 2015

      Sorry forgot to put have disappeared

    • Avatar
      disinfo everywhere October 08, 2015

  3. Avatar
    Jonathan Plumber September 16, 2015

    Re: (9-23) 32 is the 9th prime, or indivisible,number (1,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23). Being 9th in the series, it partakes of the significance of the number nine,witch is finality or Judgment. According to the Webster’s New International Dictionary 23; in railway telegraphy, a signal to signify a message of the greatest urgency. A number signifying the end or completion:the command to go or move away 2300 This is the number that measures the period during witch the Holy army is to be trodden down prior to the cleansing of the sanctuary:”How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice,and the transgression of desolation,to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot? And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days;then shall the sanctuary be cleansed(Dan.8:13-14)This number marks activities of the nations of Israelas they contend with the tyrannous usurpation and aggression.It applies to various waymarks on the road to world cleansing through extreme tribulation.

    • Avatar
      paul November 03, 2015

      its amazing the depths of the codes…..these are obviously having an effect subliminaly too us all…i think these demonic demented minds know all about consciouness and how it exactly works??

    • Avatar
      Hasan February 13, 2016

      I’ve only got about ten days to burn it to DVD and get it in though, and I can’t send it til mndaoy! I’m cutting it kinda close, but it should arrive on time if I overnight it.

  4. Avatar
    Martha Hanley September 02, 2015

    Hello to all investigators and researchers regarding Sandy Hook,

    Kudos on your great work! [Even after going to websites, I can’t e-mails addresses to you].

    Regardless of any opinions (myself included) about James Fetzer, he has a radio program called, The Real Deal.

    Please take the time to watch the slides and presentations by Australian investigator, ALLAN POWELL. I really think it is worth your while. He has everything from slides of the staging of the “Lanza” home with evaluator’s checklist pages clearly visible and very possible of the school itself to fake documents and the latest bombshell —->>>>> which is *crime scene photos of “Lanza’s” clothing, hat and shoes.* <<<<—– (Supposedly he was stripped naked while still in the school. Yeah, I know. Just things to make you go, "hhhhmmmm".)

    Here are the Program #'s to make finding them easier.

    #80 — New Revelations of SH
    #87 — Staging of the "Lanza" Home as a Prop (and SHES)
    #89 — (Vince Foster/other guest) and Fake SH Documents
    #96 — Lanza's clothing and shoes and hat crime evidence (stripped naked at the school?) and CGI of firearms. Also, why not to fear Leonid "Lenny" Posner (Pozner?).

    If interested he covers the Boston Bombing on Show #83.

    He believes he has matched up several crisis actors between the two incidents.
    I hope this is something that this will be useful for you.


  5. Avatar
    Wayne Costigan March 24, 2015

    Max Resistance, huh. This is my first visit, and so far all I see are more videos and rather neutral comments. I truly resisted the powers-that-be here in the U.S. Namely the Federal Reserve and their collection agency, the IRS. Spent ten years in federal prison, being released last January to a world where naught has changed, save the cars, which all look much better fit and finish wise. I seriously suspect this site to be controlled opposition put in place by THEM. No matter to me, as I’ve nothing to hide.
    However, IF those who subscribe, or just pop in here, TRULY wish to change things for the better, it is really ridiculously simple: STOP PAYING YOUR TAXES. General Alexander Haig said it best during the Vietnam War when he spotted a group outside the Pentagon: “I don’t care if they protest, as long as they pay their taxes.”
    I was a long-time member of Save A Patriot Fellowship out of Westminster, Maryland. A group of like-minded patriots who supported one another with cash donations, from $5 to $15, each month. Not a heck of a lot of money, yet THEY were quite upset! SAPF was eventually shut down, unlawfully, with the violation of the First Amendment and new case law that limits “commercial speech.” It took THEM 20 years to do it. Robert Bork even wrote a piece on how the FED is unconstitutional. “Robert WHO?” most will ask. Ignorance is our greatest problem.
    SAPF’s “insurance” concept/program was/is simple and easily replicated, and would have succeeded had SAPF had, say, one million members, nationwide, in lieu of the few thousand brave souls who joined. With one million members, we could have sent a fellow, prosecuted member who’d lost their bank account, automobile, and home to the IRS, just one dollar each, and they would have been wealthy overnight for having resisted to the best of their ability! Google Save A Patriot Fellowship and try to obtain their, now BANNED (in the “Home of the Brave, and the Land of the Free”) literature, brochures, newsletter, etc.
    TRUE freedom is NEVER free, folks. It requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. My family and I should know. We can’t wait to get out of the nation we were born in, and look forward to emigrating, soon. Just like my hero, Ezra Pound.

    • Avatar
      Christopher June 03, 2015


      I saw your work and the Sandy Hook hearings. I appreciate what you have done and since I have a radio show, I would love it if any of your staff can come on my show to talk about all this! 🙂

  6. Avatar
    iamli3 January 29, 2015

    hey is rpr here? is there any way to contact him outside of googletube? im not making an account for that shit and you can no longer send pms with the old account , i wanna do research on the iluminati symbols and beliefs and stuff and he seems to be the most knowledgeable on that out of the group here…..

    i’ve inputted my email for making this comment but idk if it will be viewable so i’ll paste it here too….

    also why the fuck do the forward and back arrow keys not work in this comment box? i’ve never seen something like that before……

      • Avatar
        iamli3 January 30, 2015

        “is there any way to contact him outside of googletube? im not making an account for that shit and you can no longer send pms with the old account”

        yes i know he changed his yt name , doesn’t make it any more contactable….

        the arrow keys on the keyboard , which are used to navigate the courser on the screen when typing stuff , the left and right ones don’t work in this chat box , so im not able to hit it to move back to make a correction , i have to move the mouse on the chat box and click to where i need the courser to be to make the edit to my text…..

        • Avatar
          UpNorthOfThe49th January 30, 2015

          I passed a message onto him you wanted to contact him. I gave him your email as well. 🙂 I have no idea why your cursor is not working. It might be a wordpress problem. Also I think you can find him on Zeekly as well and you can message ppl there.

      • Avatar
        Milan February 13, 2016

        Yeah I get it already, She’s fanaisttc. and she certainly is but could you please post some of the races she’s won or her trophy (& medal) collection. Can you show her some respect for all the training she’s been doing instead of just ooogeling at her? thanks Man, DarrylHarrisburg, PA

    • Avatar
      paul November 03, 2015

      if you wanna know all about how this fake ass reality is run check out channel “”RUSSIAN VIDS””…..

  7. Avatar
    PaulOArtist December 24, 2014

    Trying to get onto the Zeekly main page and Google has already choked the hell out of connecting to it causing time-out issues….a taste of things to come?

  8. Avatar
    ThomasPeter 734 December 22, 2014

    Indication for false flag in the New-York-murder-case

    – The say that the shooter would be a communist AND a religious extremist. It is very unlikely that a communist is a religious extremist.

    You can find many further indications in my previous comments below.

  9. Avatar
    ThomasPeter 734 December 22, 2014

    Leads/ Indications for false flag in the New-York-murder-case

    – What kind of a Muslim extremist would commit suicide? A suicide would destroy his place in paradise.
    – Btw, the high percentage of alleged suicides in such kind of cases is unbelievable/unlikely.
    – The alleged shooter was allegedly a fashiondesigner . How likely is it that a fashiondesigner would turn/mutates into a extremist? Consider what kind of humans become generally fashiondesigner!
    – Although he was seen allways in fine clothings in the previous years, he did his attack allegedly in ordinary militarary clothings and looked comiclike = like the cliché of a “redn.” during the crime.
    – Why do the alleged victims wear shirts without police-signs on their pictures?

    You can find many further indications in my previous comments below.

    As long as media keep us in lies, we live in a dreamworld/matrix like Mr. Truman in movie “the Truman Show”. – Very sad reality.

  10. Avatar
    ThomasPeter 734 December 20, 2014

    2 NYPD cops shot dead ‘execution style’ as ‘revenge’ for Garner

    Indications/leads for false flag or hoax:

    – In hoaxes one of the protagonists usually makes a “perfect” slogan for some future agenda (here the slogan “I’m Putting Wings on Pigs Today”)
    – The cops were allegedly killed through the front window. Meaning: 2 cops saw their killer coming, but could not dug or shoot back or drive the car into the shooter?
    – It is very difficult to hit 2 cops, who wear (usually) bodyamor and who are in motion (= in a driving car), in their heads, before these cops react.
    -A commiter would usually post afterwards and not prior an incident, because he didnt know, wheter he even get the possibility to shoot a cop. .
    – drill = red flag
    – “lone wolf”, “lone gunman” “convert”, = red flag
    – names are being withhold = red flag
    – cops dont work overtime for a drill (= trainig = fiction) , they do that only in real emergencies
    – the Garner-incident was probably a hoax or false flag too.

  11. Avatar
    Bay Bay December 17, 2014

    I treid signing up at the chat room but it just kept spinning and wouldnt let me join in… If you can please tell me where the podcast is going to be posted i would appreciate it. Those dill holes on youtube said it was too long…. LIARS!

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th December 18, 2014

      Yes we are having trouble with Chatango. As for the podcast it received a strike while the show was on and as soon as the show was over they said due to the strike and JeffC’s limit of 15 min it would not broadcast and keep the podcast. Luckily Jeff had his window open so might be able to record and put it up on another channel. Oh the Games Youtube is playing are harsh.

  12. Avatar
    Mitch Conner December 17, 2014

    How to I get the chat to come up? No chat here, none when I click on that little link at the bottom left of the video feed. This sucks.

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th December 17, 2014

      You must have a plugin on the possibly stop or block flash or ads if so then the chat does not come up.

      • Avatar
        Mitch Conner December 17, 2014

        I’m tech dummy. I put the site on teh exception for popup blocker. I don’t know what plugin I would use if that does not work. Oh well.

        • Avatar
          UpNorthOfThe49th December 18, 2014

          We have been having trouble with Chatango they have been going down a lot since the last browser updates. Possibly us another browser if your using firefox, try chrome or Explorer. Otherwise it might need an update to your flash plugin. I had to update my flash to keep up with Youtube lately. They are messing with the system that’s for sure.

          • Avatar
            Mitch Conner December 23, 2014

            Opera browser doesn’t work with it chat. IE does fine.

  13. Avatar
    paul December 17, 2014

    every where i go now i look at the folk around me knowing what i now know i find it so sad that they have no idea about the nature of this world we live in once aware there is no going back even if i wanted too my whole feeling is this”AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  14. Avatar
    ThomasPeter 734 December 05, 2014

    Part 2:

    Further indications for a hoax in the garner-case:

    – How is it possible that he can talk, but not breath?
    – Usually nobody dies so fast, if one chokes him for just a few seconds.
    – Garner delivered the perfect slogan (“I cant breathe.) for the successional protests. Coincidence?
    – The governments wants to make every policeman wear a camera right now. And they justify it with the Michael-Brown-case and the Eric-Garner-case. These cases happened just in time. Coincidence?

    You can read below part 1, which contains further indications.

  15. Avatar
    ThomasPeter 734 December 04, 2014

    Is the death of Eric garner a hoax? Indications:
    – Why was the conversation between the Garner and his antagonist (the cop who chokes him) recorded (with a camera and a microphone) from the beginning)? Coincidence?
    – Why looked the content of this conversation so sureal / unreal?
    – Why was the cantagonist/op dressed like a football-player and held his head like an football/egg? Why did he wear a T-shirt with the number “99”, which is shown in the press upside down as “66”? Coincidence?
    – Why would he choke someone in public in front of a big audience and in front of a camera, if such measure/choking is forbidden in New-York-for cops?
    – I have never seen so many cops with tattoos at one place. Plus: they do everything to show the cameraman their tattoos. Coincidence?

  16. Avatar
    Shaggy DA December 02, 2014

    Notice TED in large red letters under the screen in RPR’s video about the FSU student and her mind control background. This TED in red letters is also under the screen in the chemtrail presentation by climate change advocate Dane Wigington. Could this be the same TED who brought us the Ebolie?

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th December 02, 2014

      I totally agree TED is in large part associated with many crisis actor events in various areas these staged events take place. It is important to view or watch the TED site for TED gatherings in your area. They are very suspicious.

      • Avatar
        Erlin February 13, 2016

        The type of physician I would like to work for is a Pediatrician. Pediatrician’s secliapty is to work with children. I have been working with children for a long time mainly because I work at a daycare facility. I’ve got to a point where I feel like I can handle anything that will come my way with them. It would also leave me feeling good at the end of the day to know that I have helped in some way to make a child feel better.The type of physician I would not care to work for is a Epidemiologist. Epidemiologist’s specialize in epidemics caused by infections agents and also work with sexually transmitted diseases. I feel if I were to work in this type of secliapty I would be putting my self at risk of exposure to these infectious agents. Also I would be focusing a lot of my time on trying to not get infected instead of having a steady mind on what I was actually supposed to be doing.

    • Avatar
      Aksay February 13, 2016

      Please explain about the viidneog of the race. I noticed 2 different cameras focused on Michelle. Why was that? Did her parents hire someone to video tape their daughter for prosperity? None of the other runners were video taped. How did the taping come to be edited and plubished to the web? I am just curious of the process.Sincerely,Mike

  17. Avatar
    Ann November 10, 2014

    Check this out about Nathan Cirillo Lmao

      • Avatar
        Radina February 13, 2016

        I couldn’t agree more about geactrriis. I miss sitting with some of the elderly individuals I used to help and they would tell me stories for hours about the things that they witness when they were younger, and the lives that they lived up to the point that they needed care. I have always felt that the elderly know how to live their lives better than anyone, and they for sure never take it for granted! Sometimes the people taking care of them are not good people though, and it always breaks my heart to see someone talking badly to an elderly man or woman.I like how you made a switch from little tiny babies that have no real experience with life, to elderly men and women who have lived life to its fullest and still have more life to share with others. Such opposites!

  18. Avatar
    Aliyahu November 04, 2014

    So all of troubles of the world are because of the Jews REALLY! True they (zionists) are PART of the problem, but to say that they are the ONLY problem is so ANTI-SEMITIC its’ incredible and the rest of the round table agreed with you, how sad. You obviously don’t believe in a Creator, the REAL problem is spiritual, a war between good and evil, since you believe Satan is a mystical figure you’ll always be deceived. Just in case you have a bible lying around, read Rev. 12:9, in my opinion you’ve all been BUSTED!!!

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th November 04, 2014

      No you obviously didn’t listen nor hear what was said. I said those Jews who are NOT JEWS are the problem. Zionist yes they to are a problem (political association/party). I said if you are actually Jewish I have no problem with you. I have a problem with those of a specific agenda to infiltrate and compromise countries, creating their New World Order. The NWO is based on Talmud principles that we are all cattle. If you agree with that then you are the problem from conditioning. Why are you here then? You using the old cliche’ Anit-Semitic and then emphasizing it with Capitals, you BUSTED yourself. I have many Jewish friends who agree with me. They have a real problem with Zionist Ashkenazi Jews who claim they are what they are not. Your ears shut off as soon as you heard the word JEW. Your conditioned to turn deaf if anyone outside of yourselves say the word Jew. Sad! I have no delusions about Satan, he is very real I have no doubt. You base a lot of assumptions on one statement your mind closed to, didn’t you? Your BUSTED!!! What a childish remark. If you want to get biblical read Amos to find the judgement upon those who claim to be Jews and are not. I am entitled to my opinion and you will NOT bully me into accepting what both the Bible and History has shown to be facts.

      • Avatar
        choose2know November 09, 2014

        I was an early supporter of this site, one of the first, and I was initially excited and pleased to find what I thought were kindred spirits. I watched most of the videos, came in every week for the chats, and also frequently chatted with other visitors. That is, until I encountered a continuously rude verbal assault by someone who was obviously an antisemitic in the chat room. It seemed that every time I visited he was either in chat or lurking about waiting to come into the room and insult the “Jewess” as he called me. Not one of the monitors ever stopped his hate speech and he was allowed to post the most outrageous lies. I assume he is a child, or very immature, as his name referenced a video game in which the last SS stronghold turned into vampires to defeat the Jews. I objected and nothing was done, at least as far as I am aware. He used terms such as “kike” and monopolized conversation with his spewing of filth. Perhaps you no longer have chat, I don’t know, I only dropped in tonight to check on a new video when I saw the previous post. I get your claim that you don’t hate Jews, but only the “synagogue of satan”, or those who pretend to be Jews but who are not. I also understand the role of bankers in the global scheme of things. The truth is that they have exploited Israel for their own evil intentions and Jewish people are collateral damage. It is their desire to encourage and increase the hatred of Jews as it serves their Zionist machinations very well. Be wise. The holocaust did happen as verified by the careful record keeping of the Nazi’s themselves who could not resist their own compulsion to record everything. I won’t debate you the numbers killed because even 1 was too many. I’m a Christian who may or may not also have been born a Jew, but I personally felt that the hate monger’s voice was allowed to flourish on this site. It’s wonderful to allow different opinions, but allowing hate speech is another matter. I was hurt and maybe I should have talked to you about it more but it seemed pointless as you were obviously friendly and welcoming to him. Just my two cents, probably too late. When the time comes it ultimately matters not, because then we’re all just Jews to them.

        • Avatar
          UpNorthOfThe49th November 11, 2014

          choose2know it is very hard to full moderate everything in the chat while the show is going. I will state again we do not condone hate here. I thank you for your honest accounting of the differences between Jews and Zionists and I personally understand the dilemma of those not knowing all the facts of the matter. I 100% agree any life lost is to many. We do allow free expression in the form of education. Not in the form of bulling and disregard of others feelings. NO ONE should judge based on any race. Thank you for your comment. Those of you who are rude will be banned. Please be courteous and considerate to other listeners, do not make negative or derogative comments on the site. We are all in this together to learn and find solutions.

        • Avatar
          rhondakelly07 November 24, 2014

          Sorry you went through that God bless you. People are rude. Don’t let people get to you darling.

          • Avatar
            Raj February 13, 2016

            Thank you, I’ve recently been seianhrcg for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the source?|What i don’t realize is actually how you are now not really a lot more smartly-favored than you may be right now. You are so intelligent.

        • Avatar
          Sel February 13, 2016

          Hi, and sorry if my english is bad. I wish to ask. What can I do to rcvieee your autographed photo? If I have to send a fanletter to you, will you let me know an address for you in Australia. Please, it will make me so proud if I’m the lucky one.Have a nice day michelleYours sincerelyAnni Pia Jensen

  19. Avatar
    My Info November 04, 2014

    I got the live video I dont get the chatroom what do I gota do?

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th November 04, 2014

      You might have adblocker on you can turn it off to accept Chatangos window. It is in your browser settings. You can choose to shut off adblocker on one site if you like. I hope that helped.

  20. Avatar
    Catherine November 02, 2014

    To whom it may concern,

    The chat room for 11/2/2014 is not working.

    God Bless

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th November 02, 2014

      You just have to refresh the page and it will reload and allow you to see it.

  21. Avatar
    ThomasPeter 734 October 31, 2014

    If you want to find / define the location of the chest of Nathan Cirillo, then you have to interpolate from his head. Doing this, you have to consider that usually someone’s head is not bent during CPR. By interpolation you will find that the chest and the hands of the man, who gives him CPR, match.
    If his chest would be at the same location, where the white gloves are, then the head would have another position. In other words: there is no way that the chest and the gloves are at the same location, because in this case the head would be bent angular / aslant (someone have not 3 degrees of freedom to bend his head).

  22. Avatar
    ThomasPeter 734 October 24, 2014

    Everybody mourns and cries over the alleged death of the alleged victim Nathan Cirillo.
    – The Jews and intellectuals mourn, because his name sounds Jewish and intellectual.
    – The women and the gays mourn, because he was handsome.
    – The Latinos mourn, because Cirillo was Latino too.
    – The friends of dogs mourn, because he had a dog.
    – The friends of guitar-music mourn, because he played guitar.
    – The conservative guys, soldiers and policemen mourn, because he was a soldier.

    Was all this just coincidence or was he a very well chosen actor or did they at least rewrite/reshape/retype the story a little bit to maximize the outcry of the audience?

  23. Avatar
    onlyequity October 19, 2014

    Hi Jeff C.

    I’ve been following your videos for a while and just love your style and what you are doing to wake up this planet. Just watched a few of your recent youtube videos on ebola and had a ball (until I recalled how the rest of the sheeple are being culled into their corrall).

    Keep up the good work of exposing lies and deception. It’s bound to take effect someday.

    The absurdity and idiocity has now gone so far, that I know it won’t be long anymore until humanity is through this phase, and entering a much more wonder-full one!

    Great to have you on the team!

  24. Avatar
    Antonio-Sylvio September 17, 2014

    HI, from Gaspe coast. Love the video you put on Bonton Maraton Fake.
    Continue yout good worck. Excuse any misspelling or syntax error of my part because English is not my primary language.
    Till nex time take care and God bless you all.

    • Avatar
      Chairul February 13, 2016

      Thanks man! I’m glad people like the traleir.I went ahead and started a script for a full version of it. It’s the kind of thing I could film with a budget of about twelve dollars, so who knows.

  25. Avatar
    Ron Stimey September 17, 2014

    Free Radio Revolution and this whole crew are all Seth Mcfarlane and his buddies.

  26. Avatar
    Cat August 26, 2014

    what is that noise; ‘poing poing’; interference ?

  27. Avatar
    thebigstir April 16, 2014

    Hi from Saskatchewan. Intrigued am I in this forum.

  28. Avatar
    Briscoe April 11, 2014


    • Avatar
      Netha February 13, 2016

      Hi all only stumbled acorss this side today and I am really glad I did! And thank you so much for triggering this discussion.I am a crafter but I am also a baker in my free time. Recently due to popular demand I set up a part-time baking business. For me the most difficult process was and still is the pricing of my cakes. My prices are probably still not quite on the right level and rather on the low side but it is incredibly challenging finding a fair price structure fair for yourself that is to get paid what your work is worth but also fair to the customer and not to overprice the products.At some point I also considered to sell my cakes via Etsy but very soon I felt that I would never be able to compete with some of the prices and decided not to take this route, I felt like being forced to lower my prices just to be able to sell my products. And I didn’t want to diminish myself and the quality of my products by doing this.I believe there needs to be more education, more help for consumers to understand the quality and work which goes into a handmade product but there also needs to be more support for the artists/crafters selling their products to understand how to price the items not in business management terms but in real figures.

  29. Avatar
    Shake Man April 08, 2014

    hey what’s up?

    • Avatar
      treed_85 April 23, 2014

      Sure glad I found this place. Looking forward with chatting with ya’ll.

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