Chemtrail Debacle : Landing with switch on

Chemtrail Debacle : Landing with switch on
An Exciting Catch on Video of a Chemtrail Plane With Its Drop Switch Engaged While Landing.




Sir The Switch Is Stuck What Do We Do? I tell you what we do, we stage an emergency landing and blame it on engine malfunction even though the spray is clearly not coming from the engine the general public are sheeple and will eat up whatever excuse we give them without question! I give credit for this find to which was the original upload as far as I can tell. Finally caught!
Disclaimer – Used under fair use act section 107 for purposes of reporting and educational awareness.


Unedited Version:



Debunkers will be frustrated with this one… trying to claim it is a fuel dump…. every worked doing some concreting and sprayed atomised diesel ? (very similar to jet fuel) or even just sprayed a water hose….? Does not leave a trail like this plane does….nor is it smoke from a fire…. so what can do this to the atmosphere…? We know there are hundreds or even thousands of various chemicals, particles and gases used for cloud seeding been in development globally since WW2… is this a chemtrail… we cannot know unless we had some lab tests done or some honest inspections form experts brave enough to speak out of they find something the establishment want hushed up….!!! Our governments have a very long list of deceiving and LYING to the people so why would we expect them to turn a new leaf now..? GOVERNMENTS LIE…. we need people to speak out en mass….wants the genie is out, there will be no putting it back… please be brave….expose the truth.
this was passed on to me by Sivano Lo Lacano, thank you for your permission to post…. PEACE 4 ALL


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