Clandestine TED – Writer Tom Clancy Tried To Warn The World In 2013?

Clandestine TED – Writer Tom Clancy Tried To Warn The World In 2013?

In an amazing outline of information Monograph shows the connections between the latest Ebola outbreak and current events, the warning seemingly given to the world a year ago by the famous renowned author Tom Clancy. The connections made in the following videos are markedly beyond coincidences. Was this information the reason for the mysterious death of Tom Clancy? Watch and you decide… Once you see the connections within his book, latest role playing game and last movie release, it is hard to deny he was not trying to warn us of coming chaos.

As the saying goes: “If you still believe in coincidences, then your simply not paying attention”

Please review all of the material below and see if these are not in fact valid connections and a viable preplanned Conspiracy against the citizens of the world. There is a Conspiracy here. The Power Elite have been conspiring against the people and this conspiracy was designed and developed by the controllers of the “New World Order” your bought and paid for political representatives.


The full Trailer To Tom Clancy’s “Shadow Recruit”

Tom Clancy’s The Division Official E3 2014 Gameplay Demo


I Pet Goat II Full video by Heliofant

This video by Heliofant is basically a step by step of all the current events unfolding. It is far beyond the imagination the creator of this video is not in the know regarding the ‘NWO’s” plans in play happening now.

Liberia Flag

Liberia Flag: The Liberia flag was officially adopted on July 26, 1847. The flag of Liberia bears close resemblance to that of the United States.


The Connections are astounding and undeniable.



NYC health department sends Ebola ACTORS to hospitals

Donate To Cure Ebola – Sea Of Toxic Green




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  1. Avatar
    timbo October 12, 2014

    Also Tom Clacy wrote Rainbow Six, I remember from the game at least, it was a wealthy rich bio tech corp that was going to release weaponized Ebola at the Summer Olypmics in Austrailia. But in order to do so, the owner funded terror groups around the world and he was able to get his own security firm as security for the games. His firm was the one who was going to release the virus while he went to a facility to wait out the aftermath.

    When I heard about the ebola I thought about this game/story and it sounds familar to the events now.

  2. Avatar
    cherifleury October 11, 2014

    In re-watching “I, Pet Goat II”, I noticed that, at 1:47 (or 107 seconds [in numerology, the number 8]) when the American flag rips and flies away, only one star is left, as in the flag of Liberia. In the same scene, the clock is set to midnight, and Psalm 23 (“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures,” first stanza of Psalm 23:2) is in graffiti on the wall.

    • Avatar
      cherifleury October 11, 2014

      I forgot to include that midnight is 00:00, military time, and that the term “zero hour,” a military phrase, is the “time set for the start of an attack or the initial stage of an operation,” as well as “a critical time, esp at the commencement of an action.”

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