Clipboard Man Ebola Hoax EXPOSED Big Time!

Clipboard Man Ebola Hoax EXPOSED Big Time!

Oops. Guess they forgot the cameras were rolling.  Now here is where it gets weird.  Did you know that the CDC has a patent on the Ebola virus?  That’s right.  The US government owns it.  As reported on NaturalNews, The U.S. Centers for Disease Control owns a patent on a particular strain of Ebola known as “EboBun.” It’s patent No. is CA2741523A1 and it was awarded in 2010. You can view it here.

Patent applicants are clearly described on the patent as including:

The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Services, Center For Disease Control.

The patent summary says, “The invention provides the isolated human Ebola (hEbola) viruses denoted as Bundibugyo (EboBun) deposited with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”; Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America) on November 26, 2007 and accorded an accession number 200706291.”

Why the patent? Patenting Ebola seems as odd as trying to patent cancer or diabetes. Why would a government organization claim to have “invented” this infectious disease and then claim a monopoly over its exploitation for commercial use?

Does the CDC hope to collect a royalty on Ebola vaccines? Is it looking to “invent” more variants and patent those too?

Readers of Max Resistance are aware from our past articles each time a change is made to a strand of a virus within a lab the number is also changed. Thus H1N1 changing to H1N5 and so on, and so on for the number course we witnessed during the push for vaccines during the Swine and Bird Flu shots.

Name changes and patent applications indicate a manipulation of the originals code or structure, thus allowing for patient applications to be awarded. They are manipulating the original makeup of this virus to receive monetary gain in their designed vaccine cures for their designed virus strains. That is the whole of why they actually are allowed and awarded these patients. Period.

Bundibugyo (EboBun)

EboBun – Its reminiscent of I Pet Goat II (a short film made in 2012 that shows a lot of events that have occurred since the films release) when the ribbon is taken from the pregnant girls stomach. Notice in the segment at the beginning the child’s eyes are lit up and when the ribbon is released the child’s eyes are out. So it would seem that after the release or birth of what maybe represented as a disease, (which by all indications of the Heliotrope Ribbon it is manufactured or controlled by those releasing it).



What appears to be happening in these two pictures, is an apparent release or birth, (by design) of something that will cause death. The lights in eyes always indicate life and death. Her lights going out would indicate death, out of war torn Africa. The one releasing this ribbon is both Satanist and Skull & Bones by his body markings. So those would be the controllers of this release.

 New Update: EboLIE: Clipboard Guy is Explained By CNN – ROFLMAO! Ebola Hoax


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