FMR. Sergeant Dan Page of the St.Louis County Police Department participating in a CNN Psychological Operation mainly targeting black Americans. What is more interesting is a lecture Page gave in 2012, where he gave in good detail plans of the NWO takeover. Obviously he is STILL involved in Military Intelligence/Psychological Warfare, but now, within the St.Louis Police Department. Once again the Most High reveals all that’s done in the dark. The Matrix continues to unravel.

 NOTE: WE Present both sides of the story and reasonable presentation of materials and viewpoints In an effort to present this material in an unbiased and fair manner we have decided to include multiple sided and you can decide for yourself.


A video has been presented that is claiming a person I have presented on my channel as being a CNN Crisis actor. I call in to question his source. Furthermore, this alleged actor made it quite clear the job he held at the time he presented his video, so to claim that he now works for the police department is misleading since he did in fact reveal that he worked for the police dept then.


Remember This One?????


Are They Recycling Her AGAIN?



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