COMER vs Bank Of Canada Hearing Oct. 14, 2015

COMER vs Bank Of Canada Hearing Oct. 14, 2015

All Canadians should be taking a hard look at this case. This is Canada’s right to us its own banking system and issue its own currency free of interest. Our nation is being thrust into such deep debt by way of large banks and currency lenders we may never see the light of day. We have to support and become informed on this topic. Please refer to the bottom of this article for more informative articles on these proceedings. It’s OUR Right Canada, lets take it back….



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Oct 14, 2015 In yet another round of appeals the government has moved to strike the amended statement of claim in the COMER vs Bank of Canada law suit. At this point the government is desperately stalling because it does not want this case heard. Prominent constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati Stood up to these tactics today and is steadfast in his determination to see this case though to the end.

Past Interviews by Lawrence McCurry on the BOC Case:

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Lawyer Rocco Galiti addressing a meeting of The Committee on Monetary & Economic Reform (COMER) on the status of their case against the Bank of Canada
Canadian constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati, on behalf of Canadians
William Krehm, and Ann Emmett, and COMER (Committee for Monetary and
Economic Reform) on December 12th, 2011 filed an action in Federal Court,
to restore the use of the Bank of Canada to its original purpose, by
exercising its public statutory duty and responsibility


REMINDER: We will be welcoming Lawrence McCurry on the “Resistance Round Table” next Tuesday October 20, 2015 @ 8pm EST, right here on the so tune-in live to find out more details on the COMER vs BOC Hearing .

Please Join Us, YOU Are The RESISTANCE


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Correction regarding the Bank of Canada being on every corner: In fact my statement was incorrect.

The Bank of Canada was established to issue currency to ALL banks within the Canadian Bank Act. The confusion come in under the many names established to or from the central bank. Much like the Federal Reserve (not being a part of the Federal Government at all) the confusions come in by way of the names appearing to be solely a government entity when in fact they are not. I retract my last post and stand corrected. Such names as Imperial Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Upper – Lower Bank of Canada, as well as many more names not mentioned here. All were built on the ideal of being solely Canadian when in fact this is not necessarily the case. However it must be noted no matter the name the BANK the issuer of the currency was to remain solely from our Central Bank of Canada, which in fact this is not currently the case.

The Bank of Canada, BoC (French: Banque du Canada) is Canada’s central bank. The Bank was chartered by and under the Bank of Canada Act[2] on July 3, 1934, as a privately-owned corporation. In 1938, the Bank was legally designated a federal Crown corporation. The Minister of Finance holds the entire share capital issued by the bank. “The capital shall be divided into one hundred thousand shares of the par value of fifty dollars each, which shall be issued to the Minister to be held by the Minister on behalf of Her Majesty in right of Canada.”

The essential role of the Bank, as Canada’s central bank, is to “promote the economic and financial well-being of Canada.”More specifically, the responsibilities of the Bank are:

  • the formulation of monetary policy;
  • as the sole issuing authority of Canadian banknotes;
  • the promotion of a safe, sound financial system within Canada;[8] and
  • funds management and central banking services “for the federal government, the Bank and other clients.”

The Bank of Canada headquarters are located at the Bank of Canada Building, in the nation’s capital, Ottawa. The edifice also houses the Currency Museum, which opened in December, 1980.

Prior to the creation of the Bank of Canada, HM Canadian Treasury had been responsible for printing Canada’s banknotes. The Bank of Montreal, then the nation’s largest bank, acted as the government’s banker. A major proponent was the Royal Bank of Canada, which wanted to see the government business taken away from its rival. When the central bank was founded, the Government of Canada claimed it was constrained by its foreign debts and it would be less costly to borrow money if it could be repaid in debased currency. The Government also claimed it was constrained by its inability to deal directly on Canada’s foreign debts. The farmers were joined by manufacturing interests and other groups in favor of a depreciating currency, all demanding the institution of a central bank. The original name, the Bank of Canada (commercial), had been a private bank and was therefore renamed the Canadian Bank of Commerce. In 1949, the private banks were ordered to remove their currency from circulation, and the Bank of Canada then became the sole issuer of legal tender banknotes in and under Canada


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    Stan November 18, 2016

    Update on the COMER vs. BOC case On Wednesday, December 7, 2016 the case will be heard at the Federal Court of Appeal, 180 Queen Street West, Toronto.

    COMER’s lawyer, constitutional expert Rocco Galati, strongly recommends that we be there by

    9:00 am to avoid entering late and annoying the three (3) Federal Appeal Court Justices

    What else we can do now to support this Action:

    1 -Make plans to attend

    2 -Contact the media and inform them that this 5th Hearing is taking place and tell them exactly where and when.
    3-Encourage as many people to attend as you can – even if they are able simply to

    drop by for some of the time – demonstrating an interest in the proceedings will be

    a valuable contribution

    another way to show your support is making a valuable contribution

    Donate to Support the Lawsuit Against the Government of Canada
    Donations can be made by cheque made out to COMER. Please specify LAWSUIT on the memo line
    Cheques should be sent to:

    COMER c/o Ann Emmett
    83 Oakwood Avenue
    Toronto, ON M6H 2V9
    please pass this information on to your friends

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    John Monroe February 22, 2016

    A judge recently ruled on COMER’s action: Reasons and Order dated 08-FEB-2016 rendered by The Honourable Mr. Justice Russell Matter considered with personal appearance The Court’s decision is with regard to Motion Doc. No. 35 Result: 1. The Plaintiff’s latest Amended Claim is struck in its entirety; 2. Leave to amend is refused; 3. Costs awarded to the Defendants. Filed on 08-FEB-2016 Final Decision Certificate of Order entered in J. & O. Book, volume 1292 page(s) 156 – 157

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    AL January 30, 2016


    • Avatar
      John Monroe February 22, 2016

      See comment above. Comer lost this latest round.

  4. Avatar
    Richard Lewis January 15, 2016

    I strongly believe that we as Canadians should take this act of treason one step further and round up every politician in the government past and present and string them up y the fuckin neck until dead from the tallest trees in this great nation. It started with Trudeau SR. and it should end with Trudeau JR. Canada needs to regain it’s national sovereignty back from the corrupt Rothschild private bankers in such a way that no other politician would ever dare to sell out Canada’s sovereignty ever again for the simple reason of being left to blow in the wind for a few days with a rope around their neck.

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    Tanned Stewie December 09, 2015

    The Bank of Canada was recently successfully sued because they broke their charter by utilizing a European central bank and allowing them to underwrite loans at extortion rate interest. There should be no interest levied on Canadians and their municipalities to develop infrastructure. Some middlemen have taken it upon themselves to make a kings ransom skimming off of these loans. We are getting squeezed bone dry for roads, bridges, recreational facilities, police stations, hospitals, etc. It’s called the Comer lawsuit and their was likely a de-facto gag order media blackout on it despite American news agencies picking up the story.

    • Avatar
      John Monroe February 22, 2016

      No lawsuit against the Bank of Canada has been successful yet.

  6. Avatar
    David Boese October 27, 2015

    Hi Rocco
    When you have won this case for banking reform, I have the solution for the creation and distribution of money.
    Wishing you all the best.

  7. Avatar
    Thorb October 24, 2015

    I so agree with these ideas and always felt it was dumb for our government when our dollar value is higher than we want it to be to just print up some money and use it to pay down our debt.
    This would lessen the burden on our tax payers as well as quickly lower the value of our dollar to a more desirable level for trade purposes.
    Not having this option at hand is dumb bordering on criminal.

  8. Avatar
    Nibs October 23, 2015

    You say: “Bank Of Canada was on every corner, however it’s now taken over by other Banking Institutions” above a series of empty Royal Bank buildings. You are clearly implying that the Royal Bank of Canada is the same as the Bank of Canada, which most Canadians find laughable.

    If you want people to take you and your site seriously, you need to remove these misleading photos immediately and print a retraction.

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th October 24, 2015

      I stand corrected and have remedied the statement. Thank you for your message/comment. I must note as I have stated before within several Round Tables discussions. I am in no way a professional on the issue of banking and financing.

  9. Avatar
    Don Harrison October 15, 2015

    Finally we see some common sense in our country. Your efforst are admired and championed by this senior Canadian. I think the reason the public at large shows no interest is they dont really understand the implications and how a favourable court decision could effect them.

  10. Avatar
    Alan Blanes October 15, 2015

    I urge everyone in the COMER support group to read and promote the Resolution on this matter adopted by the Green Party. I feel that the Green Party has a great deal of value to the future of Canada, but at this time on the existential threats posed to Canada by neoliberal criminal goals such as the Investor-State dispute process in the TPP, it is essential that everyone help with a mass NDP mobilization.

    Bank of Canada
    Resolution Status
    Submitter Name
    Claudia Rodriguez-Larrain
    Party Commentary

    This motion, in calling for legislation that would ensure money borrowed by the government of Canada was through the Bank of Canada and interest free, would create a new policy. Also, the phrase regarding the borrowing practices of the provincial and territorial governments is beyond the traditional jurisdiction of the federal government.

    BE IT RESOLVED that the Green Party adopt Monetary Policy that reinstates the Bank of Canada to a prominent position in the creation of currency and the regulation of credit in Canada using the full range of tools at its disposal rather than just the setting of interest rates. The Bank of Canada would actively regulate credit and currency in the best interests of economic life of the nation and its people and control and protect the external value of the national monetary unit and mitigate by its influence fluctuations in the general level of production, trade, prices, and employment so far as may be possible within the scope of monetary action and generally promotes the economic welfare of Canada for the benefit of its people.
    Davenport EDA, Vaughan EDA, York University Greens, Frank De Jong, Fay Neuber, Marie La Plume, Matt Turner, Stefan Premdas, Bruce Hearns, Mike Nickerson, Tom Eric Halvorsen Jobi, Mike Kenny, Claudia Rodriguez-Larrain, Ingrid Sheriff, Constantine Kritsonis

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