COMER vs Bank of Canada – Interview with Lawrence McCurry

COMER vs Bank of Canada – Interview with Lawrence McCurry

The video below is one of THE most important interviews we have done. Lawrence McCurry joined us October 20, 2015 to go over various particulars of the COMER vs The Bank Of Canada lawsuit.

If your not familiar with the case, a Canadian independent think tank developed by the name of COMER (Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform). COMER is a combination of citizens who took it upon themselves to rediscover why Pierre Elliot Trudeau our Prime Minister in 1974, meet with private banking interests and without any oversight rubber stamped actions to circumvent or side step Canada’s Banking Charter. The Canadian Banking Charter was never disassembled nor was it taken out of effect, it was just ignored from 1974 to date.

COMER vs BOC contends the damage caused by the switch to monetarism (private banking interests) and the economic hardship of debt and the insecurity of living in a neo-liberal economy DOES violate the Canadian constitution’s right to life, liberty, and security; equal protection under the law; and equal opportunity, economic development, and public services. COMER come at the court with both public standing and a constitutional claim concerning economic rights, which is as close to revolutionary as you can get in a federal court system.

However as we discuss on the video, many politicians and officials are not above ignoring the laws and embedding admittedly created (made up) laws of their own, as we witnessed during the G-8 G-20 in Toronto. The police and officials did in fact implement by way of inventive city ordinances fake laws that resulted in approx. 300 or so innocent private citizens arrests and mistreatment, many of which were not even protesters during the event. This is a whole other topic, however we must realize the current Government in Canada is not above dirty tactics to get their way.

Please listen in for more on this issue and of course feel free to share this information everywhere.

OH CANADA – Lawrence McCurry Oct 20 2015 MRRT from Max Resistance on Vimeo.


Big Banks Wrap Themselves in ALL Nations Symbols, To Hide The Fact They ARE All Owned by The Same People, No Matter What Nation Fights Against Them. Self-Interests Are All These Privateers Are Concerned With. Your Nations Well being Mean’s Nothing To Them. Profits, Power and Domination Are Their Only Goal.

not intimidated

Back COMER and Back The WIN That Could Set Your Nation FREE Of These INTERNATIONAL Pretenders.

A History on Money Creation in Canada:


Understanding Money

If you can assist please consider doing so. Over a period of 5 years this is the amount raised to continue the fight. Assistance is needed.

gofundcomerCLICK HERE or go to.

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