Confirmed Obama IS Smuggling in Unvetted Syrian Refugees

Confirmed Obama IS Smuggling in Unvetted Syrian Refugees

We have had many reports by various sources, indicating Syrian refugees have begun to be smuggled in under darkness. Many took the reports as being possible fear mongering or mis-information. However Bill Still has confirmed through his government sources this is in fact the case. Please read his video description following these video reports.

Many of you may remember this first report by JustinWoolee

Video Description:

Covert human trafficking of a large scale is underway.
Could be UN storm troopers or Israeli Secret Intelligence Service or maybe ATF armed drug cartels.

Justinwoolee’s follow-up report:

UPS working in collaboration with the U.N. to filter unvetted or without the proper security clearances needed for access to the United States.

Video Description:

The Terrorist Importation Was Planned 8 Years Ago by the
New America Foundation –…
The original report of UPS terrorist trafficking into the US –…
UPS admits it’s affiliation with UN terrorist trafficking –…
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For additional proof of US criminal elements conspiring with the Chinese
skip to 17:24 of this video –…
There is even a conscious effort to destroy your jobs & the US economy –

In a separate investigation into the possible free access to the United States without the so called security measures needed to allow these refugees in. Bill Stills releases this report.

Video Description:

Last week the Pennsylvania Senate joined the battle against the covert importation of Syrian refugees into their state on chartered UPS jets.
This passage of Senate Resolution 248 is a rebuke to Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf who said after the Paris Friday the 13th attacks that refugees fleeing war-torn Syria were welcome in Pennsylvania.
However, despite the Resolution passing by an overwhelming 37-to-13 margin, it is completely symbolic.
According to the Refugee Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-212), the states do not have the power to reject refugees because it is a federal law. The 1980 law raised the limit from 17,400 refugees admitted per year, up to 50,000 refugees, and provided “emergency procedures” for when the Attorney General determines that even higher numbers are needed.
However, a significant backlash is developing in the state against the huge influx of these undocumented refugees because of the future dangers they may represent.
Alert subscriber Ed S. sent me a link to a syndicated radio show that ran yesterday called the JJ McCartney Show. The host interviewed Pennsylvania State Constable Mark Kohan.
In Pennsylvania, state constables are like US Marshalls in the federal system; they can arrest anywhere in the state. But they are elected to 6-year terms.
Constable Kohan confirmed that undocumented refugees were being flown into his state covertly on chartered UPS flights:
“They have been coming in at night – the wee hours of the night – on UPS planes.
“A week and a half ago, there were actually – two UPS planes actually flew into Harrisburg airport. 30 busloads of refugees were picked up and scattered throughout the state.”

Constable Kohan then explained where they go, and how local mayors are convinced to take them by the provision of money from the federal government:
“Most of these refugees are actually being brought in and given to different faith-based organizations within the state.”
“They take the tax dollars and they set the refugees up for housing at different locations throughout the state.”
“From our investigations and talking to other law enforcement officers within the state, the mayors are actually on board with this.”
“The mayors that have signed on to it are padded with tax dollars also.”
Then a caller from Michigan explained that many of the refugees that have come into Michigan over the last year have been Syrians.
“Yeah, hi, this is Dick in Michigan and the update I wanted to give you from Michigan is that we now know – only because of Freedom of Information – that 180 unvettable Syrians are now living on the taxpayer dollar, but living in Michigan.
“And in my opinion, that’s a problem that sheriffs should be notified about.”
Constable Kohan then explained that so many of these undocumented refugees have been pumped into one town that they now have completely taken over the city government.
“One of the small towns in Pennsylvania – it’s called Whitehall. It’s just north of Allentown. It used to be just a local mill town.”
“Now, from what I understand from talking to some of my colleagues, the town has basically been taken over by Middle Eastern refugees over a period now of about 2-and-a-half years, and the whole town – in fact, the government, itself, is made up of Muslims.”
Constable Kohan then offered an alternative solution:
“Ultimately, what we believe in the law enforcement community is something that Donald Trump and some of the other politicians are coming around to is that we are putting so much money into bringing some of these refugees here, it would be better if we would developed safe havens for them in their own country.”
“So, when things subside, they are in their own country and then they are in familiar surroundings.”
Currently, 31 state Governors – all but one are Republicans – have informed the State Department that they do not want Syrian refugees to enter their state.
Although state opposition is not binding, states can make the process for immigrants much more difficult.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good Day.

It is becoming more than obvious the coming invasion is well underway into North America. Most of these immigrants have the opportunity to gain access without the proper documentation then apply to local and state government positions. By this covert method to overtake local legislations they implement by way of majority vote Sharia law into our nation. They dominate cabinets and local county positions and begin to change the overview of our nations mandates. This is a covert method to delete the Constitution and bring down our countries foundation from the inside out.

Understand that America was not founded by a Democracy however it was based on a fundamental right through a Republic. A Democracy is by majority rule, of which the nation was not founded. All fundamental laws have been stepped over and trampled on to place a covert Democracy into place. Using Propaganda to brainwash the citizens of the nation the foundation was build from a Democracy is the biggest lie the public now believes as truth. Please for your own information find out the differences of an American Republic to a Democracy.


These refugee individuals should not be able to hold any position on any council either state or locally, if not having been born in this country to begin with. By this means our nation is assured those running the country were actually born, raised and understand the fundamental principles of our nation and what our people stand for. However this is not the case. Many are able to take up positions critical to our local levels without actually being a citizen. This has become blindingly apparent after the Obama administration was appointed without naturalization. They are taking our sovereignty away, right out from under our noses. Other than citizens who are patriotic to our nations foundation take these positions over it may well be to late to recover.

Welcome to the New World Order.

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