Confronting The Enemy – With Style

Confronting The Enemy – With Style

David Icke Gorilla199 Hyde Park

The conversation occurred with permission as is proven in the video at 0:20 David Icke agrees, on camera, to answer questions from Chris Constantine aka Gorilla199 and then has a change of heart, makes excuses and calls Gorilla199 a few rude names. Comedy ensues.
To view the original unedited version of this video visit this link……
By Chris Constantine
youtube channel Gorilla199

Admiration and applause for our boots on the ground reporter and member of “The Resistance” participant Gorilla199.

With class and dignity the Gorilla199 gathers his thoughts, while confronting a charlatan like David Icke, who’s logo’s are lions like those of the illumiati he claims to reveal. Stepping forward prepared for the brunt of attach, he show how best to confront the enemy. Gorilla Uses the words of his component against him while never losing site of the goal. Today so many consider a Jerry Springer fist-to-cuff the best approach, however sometimes less is so much more. When you can keep your composure and a smile on your face, it hurts or enrages the enemy more. I am all for attaching those who you feel are wrong or misdirected, but you have to do it in a civil manner. Remember you should always treat others how you would like to be treated. There is a time and a place for a harsher manner of confrontation. Not in a public park and not in an invited conversation as it will make one look the fool as in the case of David Icke in this confrontation. I admire your tact and confidence Chris, you have set an excellent example to us all on how to best conduct yourself during a hostile interview. Nicely done Gorilla199.

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