Conspiracy Guy Ep. 1 – CHEMTRAILS!

‘Chemtrails’ or ‘Chem Trails’ or ‘Bioweapon Trails’ is a massive global spraying operation using a large fleet of many hundreds of aircraft which seem to operate over most countries of the world. This outside-of-big-media worldwide aerial aerosol-discharging operation became severe around the year 2000, and by now must be severely damaging all life on Earth. There are, according to a large number of reports over the past several years, babies, children and adults going to hospital with breathing problems and chronic and acute severe sickness all over the world because of this massive, aerial discharging of bioweapons, chemicals and metals.

Don’t you think pets refusing to go outside on bad spray days is an important message? (2008 note: pets were refusing to go out-of-doors in many parts of the USA in approx 2001-2003, perhaps nowadays animals have had to accept the sprayed poison as ‘normal’, or at least as the only option, just as humans are also forced – for the present – to accept this awful situation.) Video by Joy Camp

The Conspiracy Guy takes on beer loving patriots. By Joy Camp

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    2dogarage February 21, 2014

    Is this Golden Gate Park? (I lub Joy Camp…)

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