Corrupticut – Caller Shares Amazing Information

Corrupticut – Caller Shares Amazing Information

The following video is segmented with the name of the caller beeped out. The caller did in fact give permission to have her name allowed to stand. However not on Youtube. The caller has since contacted us and confirmed the audio can stand as is, for our use unedited outside of Youtube.


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    MM June 17, 2016

    Need more truth please.

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    Chuck October 08, 2015

    Is this the part where CIA blames “The Mafia” for the Newtown Treason? China & CIA joined forces to stage Sandy Hoax and disarm 300 Million Americans. If FBI/CIA wanted to shut down “the Mafia” (in Newtown or elsewhere), they could do it — but they don’t. “The Mafia” doesn’t control DHS — the White House does.

    The Newtown Treason was planned by the Regime, scripted by Obsidian, then executed by DHS and corrupt CT State Police. Local Newtown cops are probably Feds (DHS). Even CT newspapers are controlled by the Feds, since they print the same scripted crap and staged “Sandy Hook School Evacuation” photos that were manufactured/altered in Photoshop. Harry Reid’s plan is “blame the Mafia; haven’t you seen my black eye?”

    But after the lid gets blown off 9/11 and Boston Hoaxathon, it’ll be crystal clear “the Mafia” isn’t staging these historic acts of State Terror. If someone wants to tell me “the Mafia” shut down Boylston Street to blow up fake bombs during the Boston Hoaxathon, or “the Mafia” demolished the WTC, I’d LOVE to hear their pitch b/c it’s absurd.

    Does CIA use the Mafia for cover, while doing unsavory things? Sure. During WW2, the US Government paid the Mafia to watch the NY coast and report U-Boats and any suspicious activity at the NYC docks.

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