Creepy PROOF Illuminati Witches are Opening Portals NOW??

Creepy PROOF Illuminati Witches are Opening Portals NOW??

Video Description:

Creepy and unexplained things are happening. Are these glimpses that the veil is lifting? Signs the Dimensions are slipping? Or maybe it’s all just birds and swamp gas?
Paranormal PROOF the Illuminati are Opening Portals NOW??


Still pictures from the footage of the original video:





Hoax or Not – You Decide:
Original video:


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  1. Avatar
    Che Lank December 05, 2014

    nick is right, it’s just a balloon. You can see from the pictures that it is nothing like a real horse and is most definitely an object shaped to look like a horse. thus the fact it moves nothing like a horse, and has the proportions of a cartoon horse.

    Do the military have technology invested in holograms and drones?

    Do culture jamming artists also have innovations in holograms and projecting grafitti in the sky with laser lights and putting messages on skyscrapers like “f— the police”?

    Do daemons exist, and can you thin the fabric between reality and nonsense with ritual? Unfortunately, absolutely yes. I can attest to witnessing this on multiple occasions.

    However, this is most definitely some kind of toy or balloon.

  2. Avatar
    nick December 05, 2014

    It’s a ballon yin the shape of a horse you fools.

  3. Avatar
    Dayna December 03, 2014

    This could very well be witchcraft, or it could be the beginning of Project Blue Beam???
    I know there is witchcraft out there, and the Illuminati and Freemasons are using it, But they are also the ones that created Project Blue Beam. Just something to think about. Still fascinating to see, and eerie at the same time.

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