Crisis Actress Returns? Train 188

Crisis Actress Returns? Train 188

Hello Dear Reader: I’m currently out of town, as I explained in our June 2, 2015 Resistance Round Table with Fixed by Doc. I will be away for sometime taking care of family during the summer.

I had an opportunity to access MaxResistance’s email and a viewer sent an interesting message to us.  I will try and post this article from my phone. I’m not that familiar with how to do this so please bare with me while I give it a try. I have no internet access other than traveling to the nearest city 85 miles away, so I will only be posting from time to time when I can during the summer months.

In a recent message sent to our email account a loyal viewer Sean Mac shared with us something interesting he came across. We want to recognize his contribution to this article.


s many of you might recall during the Boston Bombing incident we had a crisis actress show up for the second time. This crisis actress first showed up at Sandy Hook as Nancy Lanza’s so called friend. Then she showed up twice in the news during the Boston Bombing, once while at a cafe on the Boston streets to give her news account. Then again this actress showed up during the massive search for Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. She appeared once again during the Albuquerque New Mexico church stabbings. This woman appears to be a media plant and shows up as a witness for many of these apparent False Flags.

Language Warning:

Video Description:

Whenever and wherever there’s a false flag event of the US government, you will probably see her being interviewed by the News channels, using fake names and giving a scripted version of the facts that fits any specific agenda of TPTB. But NOW she’s fully exposed.……

Thanks to our viewers keen eye, this crisis actress has been spotted yet again in another recent event. New York bound train 188. Here is her testimony once again, only this time they took the interview from the side, as well as changed her hair color. Its obvious she is the same person and they hope you don’t see it.

Here she is at the 0:53 second mark.

Let us know what you think. Please comment below and tell us if you think this is in fact the same woman once again. We tend to believe this is indeed the supposed Adriana Victoria Muñoz once again.

crisis Actress2


e want to clarify we believe the incident occurred with the train obviously, however we do not believe this witness’ testimony is factual. These types of interviews from Crisis Actor’s accounts are used to dramatize an event in which others will not interview for. Therefore these types of interviewer’s are purely used to push or press some type of public opinion and or agenda for regulation.

We believe it may well further the opinion the rail system is not safe for transporting people let alone Oil & Gas commodities. Thus a pipeline like that of Keystone should be implemented. (This is purely my opinion due to the fight against rail transport and the pipeline deputes). It is not beyond the Corporations to sacrifice people for an “agenda of progress” towards their wants and needs for money or profit. We witnessed this in Canada over the rail/oil/gas dispute with the loss of the town of Lac Mégantic of 7/6 2013.

Read More: Canadian Rail Disaster

Sorry I could not get the video to set right in the box from my phone.


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  1. Avatar
    KissMyWookiee June 28, 2015

    Though she does look like her, I don’t think it is the same woman… look at the side view of her nostrils. The one from the derailment has a distinct “up tick” half-way along the rim of her left nostril. This feature is missing from the others. Could be due to cosmetic surgery of course.

  2. Avatar
    shocker June 25, 2015

    The stuff that happened on this site… hardly anyone wants to talk about it

  3. Avatar
    saved June 16, 2015

    Good catch.
    The train derailing had too much of the ‘thumb print’ of the dark source, so glad you brought this out.
    These people have no regard for what they’re doing to con the masses, just like the ‘puppet plants’ in the fraud gov.
    Just window show and dressing while other things are gong down to bring in the Nimrod – back to the Tower of Babel mindset.

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