Cyberconsciousness – Radical Life Extension

Cyberconsciousness – Radical Life Extension

A truly gifted video creator Nicholson1968 has put out a recent review building on a TED presentation.

The presentation promotes the illusion of the romantic thought of living longer or possibly forever, without pain or disease. This segment outlines the very creators of these diseases, now giving us a solution to fix the ills they have given us. They have poisoned us through chemtrails, GMO’s and other wicked means to many to list. The seduction or lure to the public to accept this Cyber-Consciousness is in the prolonged life promise.

In our nature we have an inherent will to live and survive, however how far would you go to accomplish a longer life through artificial methods. Would you sell your soul, give it up, relinquish it? IF you were actually given a choice to give up your soul to live longer, would you? Your soul the very essence of who you are for an eternity of suffering for a longer life on earth. Lucifer builds on your inherent nature to try to live longer and survive. This was not the intention of our creator. What would you give up for a longer life? Actually the choice is coming very soon and in fact the warning of this WAS given to you. Whether you believe in the Bible or not, you can’t deny the words in the Bible are very prolific regarding the times we are in. Long ago our Saviour “A Man” told you not to pick the wrong path. So you have been given a choice to accept this. Will you, regardless of the cost?

It is so interesting to see the public deny the Bible however they don’t deny soothsayers like Edgar Casey, Nostrdamus and many others. Yet you dare to deny the written word, without the codes or twisted enigma’s to come to the truth the Bible has explained to us plainly. It is there for all to read. Even those soothsayers told you the very same information of these so called Elites creating this deception, yet ears continue to be deaf to the truth. With so much evidence how can you deny its real? Here it all is again spread out for you in the following videos.


DoUseewhateyec AKA Nicholson1968 brings us this interesting look into what we have known for some time. DNA manipulation and manufactured particles are being made available to us on the public.


Building the Perfect Beast
The Real meaning of the Cube Symbolism

1968 ironman

What sounds good about editing DNA to cure Cancers and other illness within the body will ultimately be a disaster and used to be programmed DNA, just listen and read between the lines of how it could be used against humanity and it will!
Those who thought Genetically modifying Food was a great idea so that it last longer…it last longer alright..but kills us in the process!
Same principle…trying to improving what God made and then blaming God for allowing Cancer…man caused it..NOT GOD!
Watch Video Below by Jennifer Doudna
The technology is called the “CRISPR”
Can’t make this stuff up..


programmable matter
Part 1

Part 2


e have known for sometime this agenda has been tested on the public. Please watch both of these informative video presentations that shows you exactly what has been introduced to the public for testing.

Part 1

Video Description:

THIS WILL ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT CHEMTRAILS AND REALLY NEEDS TO GO VIRAL BECAUSE THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Definitely worth your while to educate yourselves. Special thanks to Sofia Smallstorm and youtube user, IonUCanada for leading me down this road.


Part 2

Video Description:

Filmed at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference in August of 2012, Sofia Smallstorm connects the dots between the modern radiation era and the creation of synthetic biology.

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