Daily Mail Pays 50,000 Euros for CCTV Footage Then Destroys It- Paris Shooting

Daily Mail Pays 50,000 Euros for CCTV Footage Then Destroys It- Paris Shooting


Djaffer Ait Aoudia is a journalist who filmed the CCTV footage deal between the owner of the Casa Nostra restaurant and journalists from The Daily Mail. He appeared on Le Petit Journal to “blow the whistle” on the Daily Mails purchase of the footage and later destruction of the encrypted footage so no one else could verify or report on it. As you will see in the interview The Daily Mail does not discourage the owner of the CCTV footage to enlist the use of a hacker to break the encryption code placed by police on the evidence video to gain access and later destroy the video footage. The interview aired Monday, Nov. 23, 2015.

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Le Petit Journal is a popular French political news and satire program which uses a format similar to that of “The Daily Show”. The program airs on the Canal+ network whose parent company, Canal+ Group is owned by Vivendi, which is owned by Vincent Bolloré. Rue89 is an online news site launched in 2007 by journalists who left newspaper “Libération” after E. de Rothschild bought a stake in it in 2005. Djaffer Ait Aoudia is a journalist who filmed the CCTV footage deal between the owner of the Casa Nostra restaurant and journalists from The Daily Mail. He appeared on Le Petit Journal to “blow the whistle”. The interview aired Monday, Nov. 23, 2015. After seeing Le Petit Journal’s interview with Aoudia, Rue89 did some fact-checking and revealed it’s a messy situation. Rue89 article: http://rue89.nouvelobs.com/2015/11/25… Le Petit Journal interview: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3f7…

The article listed above is a rough translation to English provided by MaxResistance:

The video of Casa Nostra sold? We try to untangle the confused

The boss of the contested pizzeria November 13th denies himself sold images of video surveillance. He accused the journalist, who swung Monday to “Diary” of having acted out of spite. You’ve probably seen these images broadcast by Canal +, on Monday. That evening, “Le Petit Journal” prompt on his tray independent journalist Djaffer Aoudia Ait, who has worked for Arte or Marianne. The latter said to have filmed hidden camera, which he presents as negotiations between the journalists of the Daily Mail, a British tabloid, and managers of the Parisian restaurant Casa Nostra (XI). Faces are blurred. Bundles of 50 euro notes in an envelope, are exchanged. The purpose of the negotiations? A video of the attack on November 13 – where the “terraces commando” will make five deaths – extracted from the pizzeria CCTV cameras. According Djaffer Ait Aoudia, the film was purchased 50 000 euros. Since the release of this sequence and the interview with this reporter (somewhat surreal) in “Le Petit Journal ‘, confusion has settled on the exact conditions of this negotiation. What was Mr. Aoudia with a hidden camera on him at this restaurant? In what capacity would he participated in the dealings? Why journalists of the Daily Mail and restaurant managers do not they ask him to leave? Who touched the money? One thing is certain, the video has been sold to the Daily Mail. <<“He took it badly” The owner of the pizzeria, Dmitri Mohamadi clearly accuses Mr. Aoudia of trying to buy himself video. RTL, the boss assures that he “did not accept the money” and that’s probably a “distant cousin” who did it. In Nice-Matin, he points to Mr. Aoudia:

“It is especially he who asked me to take money. I told him I did not want it. He wanted me to send him by email. He pushed me and told me that it was a shame not to win that money … “

At France 2, he reiterated more or less the same thing, saying he showed the video to everyone, on his mobile, and have first proposed Djaffer Ait Aoudia before changing his mind:

“He offered 12,000 euros. I think what has disgusted, this guy is, is the fact of not having the images first. At first I was going to give him. I said, “I’ll give it to you.” Finally, I did not want. He took it badly.

“It was never about money” Moreover, the journalist all over Algeria, Lounès Guemache, which tells us much about the owner of Casa Nostra, has revealed that he was ready to hand over the video on Saturday.

“He offered to give me the video. It was never about money.

Finally, the reporter will be a hindrance and the owner of Casa Nostra will only orally describe him the video, he will relay on the Algerian news website Sunday, November 17. Since Lounès Guemache failed to reach the owner of Casa Nostra. He had heard of expressions of interest of journalists ‘foreign’ to acquire the video. He claims not to be aware of the details of the transaction with the Daily Mail.

“Not a penny”

Contacted by Rue89, Djaffer Ait Aoudia ensures, for his part, he sent a few text messages to request images, but “after broadcast” on November 18th by the Daily Mail, Thursday 19 and Friday 20. But he has not told the “Petit Journal” that the hard drive containing the images had been destroyed?

 “I knew that he still had the videos on his mobile phone.

He assures that he never offered money, “not a penny”. And objected: “You have this money to your account, you? “At most, he remembers having said something like:

“My boy, no images to take you 50,000 euros.

The figure of 12,000 euros would come out of the mouth of a journalist from the Daily Mail. The English daily does not confirm the amount but said to AFP:

“There is nothing in the acquisition by the Daily Mail this video that can be controversial. […]

 It was achieved against a backdrop of strong competition between the French and international media and provides an essential perspective. Early blow Djaffer Ait Aoudia explains that he left in search of evidence “for the Tribune de Genève and RTS” (Swiss television radio) the day after the attacks. He meets the owner of Casa Nostra. But the sound is bad and he decided “to go back on Sunday,” November 15. There he would have fallen on journalists from the Daily Mail. He was asked to come back on Monday to finish the portrait. Contacted by Rue89, Michel Beuret, Paris correspondent for the RTS, confirms that it is a beer “on Sunday, memory,” Mr. Aoudia before from him via his cameraman:

“This is where I learned that the Anglo-Saxon media was willing to pay for video surveillance cameras. I immediately put a cross on it. There is no question of pay.

He then discussed denounced these practices that ruin the trade. We had pictures of the restaurant could have been used to coat such a subject, but it would have taken to incorporate evidence, namely a hidden camera in the negotiations. But we do not do this, for ethics, because would be against-productive and because the hidden camera is a prohibited practice and condemnable in the Swiss legislation. In short, Mr. Aoudia had anticipated his move. What he does not hide, either.

“Union Tariff”

Djaffer Ait Aoudia says the boss began a little wary of him at the beginning of next week, Monday, November 16:

“This is where I opened my jacket.

He wants, he says, prove that it has no hidden camera and ensure the confidence of the boss of Casa Nostra. On Tuesday, November 17, after “rented” adapted material, it is up to film the negotiation, while the afternoon and part of the night. He then contacts the “Petit Journal” that tells him that nothing will be done if it is not supported by a prod box ‘. So the company Yemaya who will look to sell Mr. Aoudia video Canal +, “the union rate freelancing”. Yemaya confirms that it has worked with Mr. Aoudia and praised him for a hidden camera. At the “Petit Journal”, we consult all the rushes before selecting the few passages that support the place of the subject. Europe 1, who could not view blurred images, ensures that they are “overwhelming” because they show “clear the manager, in the basement of the restaurant, with its” cousin “”

 “It is he who speaks and negotiates with the British journalists. Besides, the boss hesitates but finally accepts the deal. It even offers a discount if the British are buying the video of lower quality, recorded on his mobile phone.

Encrypted video? Not really Some questions raised by the version of Mr. Aoudia, however, remain unclear: what, exactly, the “encryption” allegedly carried out by investigators? A police officer who wished to remain anonymous, does not see too what it can match:

 “Normally, it makes a copy on DVD or USB key and that’s it.

According to Mr. Aoudia, police reportedly asked the technician CCTV business protect data to ensure the secrecy of the investigation. And where does the “hacker”, mentioned in the discussion, which had managed to bypass this protection? Europe 1 speaks of a “computer called to make sure the data transfer”. The Daily Mail ensures that the images were not “encrypted” but that “computer whiz” has just set a password problem. “Defamatory About» Mr. Aoudia argues his capacity as field reporter. He has made a documentary for Arte in Baghdad in 2009, and articles in Kabul or in Kurdistan for Marianne. On Google, its name appears especially in a high profile case. In 2008 he had quarreled with the Capa agency. This famous production company filed a complaint against him for defamation after an interview with Closer, in which he complained of mounting one of his stories. On the phone, he insists that he never heard from the complaint. In January 2011, the Paris Court of Appeal sentenced Mr. Aoudia and Closer to pay 2 euros in damages to Capa “following the publication of an interview containing defamatory comments Mr. Aoudia” ( 1 euro for paper, 1 euro for the web version). Until the matter is cleared up, the City of Paris has decided, according to Europe 1, to suspend payment of aid 40 000 that had to collect the Casa Nostra, like all the institutions affected by the attacks. Source: http://rue89.nouvelobs.com/2015/11/25/video-casa-nostra-vendue-tente-demeler-lembrouille-262259

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