DC Momma RAMPAGE and 9-11 — The THERMITE Connection – Anniversary Special

DC Momma RAMPAGE and 9-11 — The THERMITE Connection – Anniversary Special


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Few probably believed the “D.C. Momma Rampage” was more than a hoax. The official SSDMF death records show that her “death” was not real at all. But… why did the corporate media NEVER mention who Miriam Carey’s FATHER was? Is it because they couldn’t find out – or because they DID?

Since examining the partially (mostly) faked victims list from 9/11, we realized that many of the same players in the fake death industry who were active then, are STILL active now.


It helps that one of the fake victims from 9/11 – Rachel Elizabeth Hill – was ALSO a victim of the “Virginia Tech Massacre” – https://archive.org/details/VirginiaT… . This indicated that the Crisis Actors and frauds from 9/11 were still active in staging fake shootings.

Should it really have surprised us, then, that Miriam Carey’s hidden father, could have had a role in staging 9/11?


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