Dead Babies In Your Food, Drinks & Makeup Illuminati Exposed! 2015

Dead Babies In Your Food, Drinks & Makeup Illuminati Exposed! 2015

Video Description:

This is what you get for murdering your baby by abortion in the first place. How ironic is it that you end up eating, drinking, and wearing the babies you murdered America. Talk about a harsh punishment, but it gets worse on judgement day. What is it 60 million abortions in America so far?


More and more the products you buy are packaged with various appealing colors and logos. They are called exotic names and promise miraculous claims. You need to find out what those names and manufactures are actually putting into the products their selling you. Read the labels and if you can’t identify the ingredients then ether research their contents or don’t purchase the products. Promises of lasting beauty and delicious tastes are far from what you might in fact be persuaded into purchasing. Consumers are just that, massive consumption regardless of the mass negligent content or ingredients. Labeling is critical.

Call to action on bills pro-labeling identify your products. You never know what they’re selling you. Do you know what your money is buying you? You might well find that the term Labeling People has a whole new meaning. The reports are real and the investigative research has been confirmed. Do you know what your consuming.



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