A Deeper Look Into MILITARY VEHICLES Moving Around The U.S.

A Deeper Look Into MILITARY VEHICLES Moving Around The U.S.


TiffanyM presents a good argument regarding the manufacturing and moving of Military Vehicles around the United States. She digs deeper into why we see them being transported and where they are manufactured.  Here is her series of debunking Jade Helm 15.

We like to present rational outlines on both sides. This gives you the opportunity to make up your own minds.


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Sick and tired of big channels pumping out dis info without researching the validity of what theyre saying. This is reckless and potentially dangerous.

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This may not be as strange as some might think. Especially since people have been saying this is happening since 2008. Dont hold your breath people. Just some more fear porn for views.

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Sweet Home Alabama Again we have the flamboyant claims of the threats of war, because military tanks are seen right next to the only place in the world where they go once they are out of service. The Anniston army depot.


Sorry for the long intro. Im changing my video handle and playing around with ideas. This one means, useful idiots in Italian.



reat points by TiffanyM on the reason these vehicles are being transported to this location. A point missed in this series is, the focus on WHERE these vehicles are being stored or transported to after their repairs. These vehicles which may well be returning from overseas are being refurbished and relocated to local police departments. That point has been well published in both Alternative Media and Mainstream Media.

police get military equip1Source: Here

police get military equip2Source: Here


TiffanyM does call for all those who are preparing to make videos and show what they have done to prepare for Martial Law or what you have done to prepare in these sorts of chaotic times. We however, don’t condone you broadcasting your preparations to others. We suggest you share tips and tricks to prepare or maintain food, supplies, survival techniques and tactics, however don’t broadcast detailed information of your sites, amounts and overall value. Many preppers have had this result in them being targeted and robbed.

I can honestly report in our area of Alberta, some of those preparing did share critical information with others and the result was in their homes being robbed for specifically firearms. Gun Clubs have reported an uptick in breakin’s and we believe its due to criminals who can’t obtain firearms, focusing on those they know are active in Gun Clubs. Don’t broadcast details.


We have received many emails asking to counter the point of Wave Technology Weapons being ground based, regarding this article.



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