Hidden In Plain Sight – Nuclear Blackmail?


An Interesting look at the possibility our Nations “collectively” may be under Nuclear Threat via factions who have penetrated our Governments. Based on information posted on jimstonefreelance.com.
This video takes a look into the possible components that could be set in place in order to perpetrate a nuclear threat.
The idea of Hidden in Plain Sight is relative to this possibility. Are WE being held hostage while the N.W.O uses our citizens as human shields to get what they desire?
Could this be the meaning of Urban Shield? Taking our citizens and using them to secure their (New World Order) demands.

Helium 3 is in media detailed as “Critical Shortage” Most individuals don’t understand the severity of this situation when considering security. Many think of Helium as a filler for party balloons yet Helium 3 is critical to our very security via used in the detection of nuclear bomb insturmentation. The Helium component is a detecting factor in our shipping ports and air transport facilities to detect any radioactive and nuclear residue. Due to this shortage and the restricted us being wasted on so called scientific exploration and exhibitions like “The Red Bull Stratos” project, we are putting the very security they tote as necessary in jeopardy. Is it possible these Spiders are nuclear? How could we tell without the components we deem critical to detect them.

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