Did the CIA Create AIDS?



IDS in America rarely makes headlines anymore. In the mind of the public the disease is still believed to be a sexually-transmitted disease mostly affecting male homosexuals, drug addicts, prostitutes and promiscuous people.

Starting officially in June 1981 as a “gay disease” affecting only a few dozen men, there are now 800,000 reported U.S. AIDS cases and 460,000 deaths, mostly young men. The prediction of a “major threat” to the “general” heterosexual population never happened.

AIDS Activist Dr. Boyd ‘Ed’ Graves (1952-2009) by BOYDGRAVES.BLOGSPOT.COM



oungstown would become Graves’ home, and Graves would eventually become one of Youngstown’s hometown heroes. Graves began demonstrating leadership qualities at a young age and after graduating Youngstown High School with honors as Senior Class President at age 17; Graves was recommended by his Congressional Representative for an appointment at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Graves was one of only 30 African Americans in the country to earn the honor. During his time at U.S. Naval Academy, Graves learned Mandarin Chinese and was a member of the Navy boxing team. Graves became the first African American elected as President of the U.S. Navy Glee Club and was the first African American featured in U.S. Navy recruitment commercials. At a time of extreme racial tensions and as one of the few black plebes, Graves was the object of many hazing, harassments, and racial slurs inside the ranks.His experiences during this time later were featured in several books and articles authored by official U.S. Navy historian Robert Schneller.

Having successfully served President Richard Nixon’s administration posted aboard the USS Buchanan as a Communications Officer, Graves left military life with honorable discharge and began his civilian career entering the work force for IBM in 1977. After experiencing racial discrimination in the civilian work place, Graves’ filed a discrimination lawsuit which he won following his appeals all the way to the United States Supreme Court in 1987. It was to be the first of several case appearances Dr. Graves would make on behalf of himself and others inside the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 1992 Graves graduated as a lawyer with honors earning his Juris Doctorate from Ohio Northern University School of Law in Ada Ohio and during a routine physical exam several weeks before graduating law school, Graves tested HIV positive. With his new diagnosis, law degree and experiences as a minority, Graves went to work as a legal consultant specializing in code compliance and enforcement for the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure people with disabilities had equal access. Determined to understand his new diagnosis with a ‘new’ disease, Graves immediately began researching HIV/AIDS intent on understanding how to best preserve his health and help himself survive.

In 1993 Graves’ research into HIV/AIDS led him to a formerly secret federal virus development initiative coordinated by the Pentagon called, “The United States Special Virus Program.” The program, administrated secretly by the National Institute of Health, published 15 annual progress reports between 1962 through 1978 detailing thousands of human and non-human virus experiments seeking ‘candidate viruses’. Graves soon uncovered what the international scientific and medical communities would later call, ‘the greatest document discovery of the century.’ The document was the 1971 U.S. Special Virus Research Logic Flow Chart. The secret blueprint coordinates every experiment and contract inside the U.S. Special Virus Program and demonstrates the true intent of the secret research.

On September 28, 1998 Dr. Graves filed his first class action lawsuit in the Ohio Federal Court in forma pauperis, seeking immediate investigation into the formerly secret U.S. Special Virus Program, including a petition for make whole relief for the class of members infected by HIV/AIDS. On January 1, 2000 The United States Department of Justice notified Graves, they had named The Office of the President of the United States as the primary defendant in the case. On election day November 7, 2000 the sixth circuit federal court silently dismissed the case, Graves vs The President of the United States. Graves appealed and on April 11, 2001 appeared in the United States Supreme Court. The court quietly dismissed the case without comment and instructions ‘not to publish.’

Determined and armed with the 1971 Flow Chart, 15 years of ‘missing medical history’ and the evidence of the laboratory birth of AIDS, Graves continued filing litigation requesting immediate investigation into the formerly secret tax payer funded program until his death. In 2001 Dr. Graves became the first American and African American to receive an injection of Tetrasil, the U.S. Patented Cure for AIDS (Patent # 5676977). Almost immediately, Graves health began recovering from years of damage inflicted by the ‘special HIV virus’ and he became an outspoken proponent of the Tetrasil treatment demanding immediate clinical trials and world wide accessibility for people living with HIV and dying of AIDS. Soon afterward Tetrasil was recalled by the patent owner/ manufacturer, Dr. Marvin Antleman and Antleman Technologies, Inc. without public explanation. Graves took his experiences and requests to the Congress, General Accounting Office, the Centers for Disease Control, United Nations, World Health Organization, and several Ministers of Health around the world with varying degrees of success including China, the UK, and several African countries where he was widely revered and respected as the ‘Man Who Solved AIDS’.

Dr. Boyd Ed Graves was a celebrated lecturer and the author several books including “STATE ORIGIN: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS,” and “World War AIDS: The Third World War.” Dr. Graves was working on his memoir and other manuscripts at the time of his death. The final books will eventually be published according to his publisher and long time friend Joel Bales.

Additional information about Dr. Graves’ life, accomplishments and the on going legal cases are widely available on the Internet. Dr. Graves official website www.boydgraves.com will continue on-line as a resource for readers posting news about the continuing legal work, his legacy and as a method to allow others affected by HIV/AIDS communicate, network and contribute to Dr. Graves’ legal fund/endowment dedicated to continuing his life’s work and legacy.

Dr. Boyd Ed Graves was preceded in death by his parents, James and Theresa Graves and is survived by four brothers and four sisters, including; Jesse James Graves III of Cleveland, Jimmy Graves of Cincinnati, Jeffrey Graves of Cleveland, David Graves of Youngstown, Michelle (Graves) Beachman of Youngstown, Maxine (Graves) Jones of Cleveland, Mary (Graves) Thomas of Cleveland, and Theresa (Graves) Wiggins of Youngstown. Memorial services for Dr. Boyd Ed Graves will be held Saturday June 27 from 3-6pm at the Community Room at Mount Auburn in Cleveland, Ohio.

Biowar Conspiracy: CIA-Pentagon Labs Made HIV by SUE ARRIG,M.D.






he CIA was planning on killing him. He was not a defector from the USSR though the Cold War was on. Like Frank Olson, he was a defector from the US’s Army’s Biological and Chemical Warfare Division at Ft. Detrick. He was a researcher, a developer of the HIV virus as a Bio-Warfare agent and wanted “out” after learning that it had been used on human beings to kill them.

He had never intended that the virus he helped make be used; he thought it was just a “deterrent”. This was before the vaccine was developed at the Lab. So, he felt that he had helped build a “doomsday” virus that would kill everyone in the world. Partly, that was due to his black depression after being held in a CIA prison cell in the basement more than 2 months and tortured repeatedly.. I did go down and speak to him over the course of 3 meetings, each of 2-4 hours long. The CIA wanted me to convince him to be a good mind control slave, now that they had tortured him so very badly. They hoped that I, as a “successfully mentally adjusted” slave, could talk some sense into him. They valued his work and wanted him to help make yet another killer virus for them.

The man was part black, unbeknownst to his captors, as he had passed for Caucasian. He was an eighth or a fourth black. He had a complete psychological block against selling Blacks down the river of death, which torture had not erased. He never told the torturers that he was part black and they never asked. I did not want the man to give up his conscience and respected his right to let the CIA kill him, rather that give in.

My own case was not analogous; I was age 3 or 4 years old when the brainwashing and fracturing of my mind began. I survived by dissociating. He did not have that dubious but highly useful skill. In any case, I listened to him as a courtesy, a last request of a natural born US citizen about to be executed by his government for his refusal to continue acting like a good Nazi. Much of his angst was over leaving behind a wife and children who would never know the truth. The CIA was going to smear him as a homosexual when they reported his suicide of having drowned himself in the Potomac. This was not so long after the gay-AIDS scare broke into the US media.

The CIA wanted to convince ordinary gay men that being HIV positive was such a certain and horrible death that a quick suicide was every sane persons immediate response. That was because AIDS was slow to kill people and the Cabal wanted people to die sooner of it. I had been shown the news article the CIA intended to give to the press. They had shown it to him to terrorize him into compliance and it was in his file.

The CIA did not put his body in the Potomac, they saved themselves the effort of recovering it. One of their pathologists wrote up the falsified autopsy.

As I listened to the researcher’s tale of grief, I inadvertently learned a lot about the development of the virus. At the time, I had no plans for that information; my report was on the attempts I made to get him to return to work. I had to document that I had made such attempts in order not to be tortured myself. As it was, I got tortured anyway for failing to get him back to work. So, in essence, I was tortured at that time for refusing to make the Bio-warfare based Final Solution go forward. It would not be the first time, nor the last.

What he told me was that he had spent 4 years of his life making the HIV virus into a Bio-warfare germ. He did not go much into the details of that research, and I did not ask. It was his particular expertise in making the virus virulent that had kept him alive for the 2 months. The Lab had no one to replace him yet. They had set up a partial lab in the CIA’s basement and required him to keep doing further work, between torture sessions. He was not working with live viruses. His work involved making new genetic sequences to insert into viruses. Those genes were needed to make the virus spread better. It was this that tore at his soul later, knowing that he had made the HIV virus spread about 3 times as well by a gene he modified. It was not a simple modification, it required making a sequence of about 7 nucleotides and adding it to the specific gene in question at the right location.

The CIA and the Lab wanted him to make a gene that could be added to any virus to do what he had done for the HIV virus. This was what they hoped to force him to do, be it in the CIA’s basement under torture, or at the Lab “voluntarily”. He never did make it for them. He was tortured to death for dragging his heels.

A Second CIA Report I Wrote Touching on HIV Development This assignment also came to me because the CIA had few mind controlled physicians. They hoped that my mind control would secure the secrecy of what they asked me to do. It did secure it for decades, and it is only as I write that I find out what was stored as memory from decades past. This assignment was to falsify an autopsy. The adult male corpse was HIV positive and the CIA pathology dept. refused to do the autopsy. I was given the job, one that I had to do or be tortured. It was then that I developed a sudden interest in the HIV virus and how it was transmitted. Before I went down to do the autopsy well enough to falsify it, I reviewed what was known about the virus from a CIA’s file on it. That included information on how much it had cost to make, when it had first become “operational”, what Operations it had been used in, and a review of their successes in % of targets killed and time until death. That was the information that the DDO and others needed to plan ops. I spent about 15 minutes reading that file at that time, and several hours reading and taking notes on it about 2 years later.

I want to write down separately what I recall from those two times as my understanding of AIDS and the context of HIV development changed drastically between the two readings. The second time was after I had been out to the US’s Army’s Biological and Chemical Warfare Division to collect documents and before I wrote my report to Webster recommending its closure. At this time I was specifically looking for information on my risk on doing an autopsy on an HIV positive body. But as I was reading the file, I did notice some of the material. Here is what my “take was on it” at the time.

First, I was shocked that the CIA had put this virus into operations without apparently having a vaccine for it. Second, I was shocked that it was being used not to assassinate a particular person as a target, but with the intention to kill widely. For example, the CIA file detailed several operations in which HIV infected prostitutes were supplied to African black troops of the “opposition” and even to their own native black troops. That certainly made it clear that they were not in Angola/Africa “to win a war”, but to kill blacks. Furthermore, the operations were considered to be largely unsuccessful because the transmission rates of the HIV virus through heterosexual activity were low. The immediate death rate due to the operations was essentially nil; one black man got killed in a fight over a prostitute. The CIA did not do HIV testing of those they had tried to infect in those operations, so it gave me no clue as to the infectivity of the virus.

Another operation, again in Angola, I believe, was the use of the threat of the virus—no actually virus was used. A black opposition leader was told by the (covert CIA) physician that he had HIV virus, that it had made him sterile and was causing him to get testicular cancer. He was told to have an immediate bilateral removal of his testicles as his only hope of survival. [Note: testicular cancer affects mostly young males and the treatment is testicular removal of the affected gonad(s).] The CIA planned to use his stay at the hospital to mind control him by removing the testicles by crushing them first in place without anaesthesia. The Nazi death camps had also sterilized people without anaesthesia as a form of torture-mind control. It was one of the CIA’s standard operation procedures. The man did not show up at the hospital later for the surgery, for whatever reason.

The CIA tried that a few more times with about a 50% success rate on a dozen black men in that region, before the scam was too exposed and no longer worked. Another operation in the file at that time was one involving a black woman, the wife of a leader in Africa. The CIA had managed to infect her with the HIV virus and was waiting for her to transmit it to her husband; that had not happened yet and after over a year of waiting the CIA was losing hope. That was all the information on transmission of the virus that I could get out of that file—it was virtually useless to me. I was saddened that the information I needed which was the number of physicians getting it from doing a single autopsy was not in the file. I made a note to the DDO recommending that further data on the risk to physicians be acquired from the Lab, and how to protect them from it. I also suggested that it not been used in operations, if the CIA’s regular pathologists were unwilling to due the autopsy up to falsification standards. The reason I cited for that was that I was not always in DC when an autopsy was needed.

A moral argument never worked at the CIA, so one always had to give some other plausible reason not to go along with what was blatantly immoral. By that time I had already done about 2-dozen autopsy falsifications at the White House under Reagan-Bush. Some of the autopsies I ended up doing were on CIA officers killed to prevent them from testifying to Congress in the Iran Contra Scandal. That is, they were interviewed first by the Bush, Sr. loyal CIA people and even by Bush, Sr. himself at the White House and quickly “dispatched” before they could testify. In most cases, it was not necessary to kill them directly as the White House and their bodies could be run through the CIA or the Pentagon or the Walter Reed Hospital morgues.

Most people do not even know about the White House morgue. It is called a Meat Locker and some of the time it had sides of beef hanging in it while I worked. In that case, it was officially a “cold room”. It was always kept pretty cold anyway.

[See Al Martin’s The Conspirators. He said that 400 CIA officers that he knew of died under clouded circumstances right before they were due to give testimony at the Iran-Contra Hearings.] That CIA file on AIDS in the DDO’s “Special Operational Tools” Library was not something that CIA analysts had access to, except by special authorization. So, I was surprised to frequently find one CIA analyst’s name in the log in the front of it of those who had read it. I paid him a visit after not finding what I wanted in the file, in the hopes that he knew the information that I wanted. I spent almost two hours talking to him before I went down to the morgue. CIA

He was a CIA analyst devoted specifically to making sure that the CIA was using the HIV virus most efficiently to kill people of color in its black ops. He was a racist of the John Bircher type and he called blacks “niggers”, though I asked him politely not to in my presence. His motivation in doing his work was abundantly clear—to kill as many blacks as possible, as quickly as possible. He did know a lot about HIV and the risk of killing black people with it. He had written a layperson’s pamphlet on the dangers of killing black people infected by HIV. It was officially supposed to be a guide for CIA officers in Africa. But when I looked at it the type of language in it made me think it had been written to disseminate to the Ku Klux Klan. When I asked him about that, he didn’t deny that. He quickly amended his bragging to include that the manual had been officially declassified by the CIA prior to his passing it out at the White Supremicist Meetings he said he went to.

When I asked him what meetings he meant, he said the Council on Foreign Relations. I said that I didn’t see why they needed to know the hands on details of the best way to kill blacks, such as to wear goggles, gloves, and a meat cutters plastic apron underneath a white shower curtain outer robe covering the face. He said that they did need it, because they had a special “After Hours Club” for terrorizing the black neighbourhoods in DC. I suggested that it was hardly likely given that this was in the 1980’s that the KKK was still operating. He assured me that I was dead wrong and invited me to join them at their once a month “Get a Man” fundraiser. This was an invitation that I definitely wanted to miss without being very obvious about it. I said that I was not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and so couldn’t go. He allowed as how there was a special exemption for CIA officers. That gave me an excuse, since I wasn’t a CIA officer on the books, to ask whether there were other exemptions. He pulled out a rule-book written by the Council on Foreign Relations and looked at it. There were other exemptions listed, FBI and local DC police. They were allowed to participate in the monthly man-hunt, if they agreed to also get paid for it on their regular salary time. He said that enough security always came out for the event; that no private security needed to be hired for it. I asked him if people still wore the white KKK pointed top robes. He said that they were most often going out in the Black Robes. He showed me a picture of them. They had a white cross on the forehead and a Skull and Bones underneath that or on the chest, or over the gonads. I said, “Gee, that looks like no one would want to be so blatant. He assured me that most men went out in the gonad sign post display of “I want to rape you” outfit. He pulled a picture out of the file to prove it. It showed about 18 black peak hooded figures, all but two of them with the Skull and Bones emblem on the gonads, one with it large in the chest, and one elsewhere, I think on the forehead. He said the one with it on the chest was the leader of the group, but that was not always the case as not all leaders wanted to take the greatest risk of being shot at.

In the gonad covering position, it was possible to gather the emblem into a fold of the robe and hide it. That was not the case in the chest and forehead versions. I then said something along the lines of “those guys must be the real losers on the Council on Foreign Relations”. He frowned and then he started telling me who was in the photo from reading off the back of it where they had signed their “get well messages” to him. The photo had been a card taken to him in the hospital when he missed one of the monthly meetings. I asked him if he always went. He said no that one was allowed to go on more than one a year unless one was a really bigwig. How big? I asked him. “Like the President”, he said. “President of a company, the Council on Foreign Relations, or the country?”, I asked him. “President of the country, probably,” he said. I asked him if he knew of any cases where a sitting President had done it more than one. He said that he knew of the President taking 3 turns in one year, in the recent years.

I asked him what it was like to hunt a human to get him to talk more. He said it was more fun than a “duck hunt”. I then enquired about their methodology of hunting a man in a city the size on DC. He said that they picked a black person by name, and used satellites and sophisticated equipment to track him through the city as he left work. Then after their meeting they went out to a bar and got loaded. Then they went out and “painted the town red”. I objected and said that he had said one man. He said that one got more points if one killed that man, but that one could get points for killing any black person, less for a Hispanic, or Oriental. He pulled out the scoring sheet. It gave more points for killing with a knife, and more points for biting into the heart. I asked him about the risk of his turning HIV from that. He said the virus was safe for a “blow job” and for “big cherry picking” (the euphemism for cutting the heart out of the chest to perform the ritual cannibalism that supposedly allowed you to gain the personal power of the victim). He quoted me a 2% risk of getting AIDS over a lifetime of doing this. I asked him how that figure was arrived at. He pulled out of his files the scientific looking paper out of Ft. Detrick on it. I asked him if he had read it. Then he pulled at a layperson’s manual on the Skull and Bones ritual and how to do it. Not much of it was on the medical risks; they seemed to be downplaying that part. There the risk was listed as 2% if it was the person’s “regular sexual outlet”. I took that to mean about a 3 times a week habit. But the medical style of report from the Biological Warfare Lab figured the 2% risk from a once a year cannibalism of a person with known HIV positive status. I wondered how they had arrived at that figure, but didn’t want to call them up and ask.

Later, after reading that material in my office, I returned and asked him about that discrepancy. He said that he had written the manual based on a talk that he heard. He figured that since the members of the Council on Foreign Relations could usually only go on one DC Man hunt a year that it was fair to list it that way. I pointed out that they might have “extracurricular” habits. He then launched into a series of stories of DC VIPs “going it alone” and how hard that made in on the DC police and the FBI. It was hard on them because they often forgot to call in their hunting ground area in advance to have all the police in the area the right ones. He said some of them were in the habit of getting drunk and then starting their hunting in an impromptu fashion, sometimes before even leaving the bar.

He told me one cover-up horror story in which the VIP was not wearing a mask and because of his position in the White House was recognized by about 20 people as he shot a boy and then sodomized him as he was dying on the street under a street light! He said it took the CIA and FBI a couple of months to kill all the witnesses and most of them were not even black. The VIP was coming out of a DC Party on an estate in a nice section of town. The fallout was truly massive. A lot of DC socialites got listed as committing suicide in short order. It was remembered in the CIA as the Summer of Blonde Suicides. He said it wasn’t all bad; a handful of men got “new wives”. I did look into it a bit later, mainly by asking others in the hallway to tell me. To lead into the conversation, I asked them about how hard all that overtime was for them back then. Some of the men in the Dept of Ops (renamed Plans) said that is was “a blast”. Others of them said it was a PR nightmare for the CIA. I asked why. They said because the VIP was known to be associated with the CIA and that a lot of the blame flowed down hill. I asked him what he meant by that. He said that hits were put out against the CIA officers who didn’t cover up their hits on the socialites “up to standards”. He complained that was unfair given that that White House VIP had dropped his drawers and sodomized the 9-year old kid right outside to front gate of the estate. I asked him if there was a “ritual” going on that night. He said yes, but a smart man in the intelligence business should know the difference between inside a gate behind the house, and outside the gate on the street.

I later found out that the excuse the VIP gave was that he had let the kid go after terrifying him in order to have the fun of the chase. Then the kid had gotten away for him and gotten to the street before he had caught up with him. I did look at the cover-up file, the file on the incident that lists all the loose ends in order to cover them up. The VIP’s blood alcohol level was safe to drive on; it could not be used as an excuse for the murder. Whether he was on CIA designer drugs was not mentioned. I later heard that they pulled one drug from the bag of drugs that they used at those parties. Whether he had taken such an agent voluntarily or at all was not in the file. Given his position in the power structure, it was unlikely that he was man-handled to force a drug into him. But drugs were often added to the food and punch as well.

The HIV positive man that I did the autopsy on was a homosexual CIA officer who doubled as a Vice Squad cop on the DC streets. His file showed that he was a pedophile who was stealing kids from bathrooms, if they were good at giving him a blow-job with his pistol cocked to their temple. He had “accidentally pulled the trigger once too often” and caused the CIA’s clean up teams to come out to public bathrooms. The man was into his next kid and still getting a blow job when Clean Up came. One of the clean-up team members had perhaps taken things in hand and shot him with the intention to kill him. But the shot had been poorly aimed. The man shooting him wounded him in the thigh and killed the kid behind the thigh. It is possible that the Clean Up man thought that it was unfair for the Vice Squad man to have a witness in the bathroom that might be able to identify the Clean Up people.

In any case, the wounded CIA officer was taken by the Clean Up crew back to the CIA’s infirmary. There he underwent surgery. But with an entrance and an exit wound, he was not released for fear his girlfriend would know he was involved in a shoot out and report him to police not under CIA control. He was put in a prison cell in the CIA’s basement, while his fate was decided. In the end, he was tortured, though the reason for that was unclear from the record. Meanwhile, his HIV test came back positive. He “died from suicide” officially, but the torture record extended over several pages. I did not read the transcript of the interrogation, as I had no “need to know”. He did have a large hole in his chest made by a knife and the heart was missing. That meant that I tried to track done who had likely bitten into it, to warn them that that 2% risk might be per incident, not per lifetime.

It was a bit awkward, because it was not a single person but a group of about 7 men in the CIA that had eaten that heart raw as a “bonding” ceremony. They were the men that had tortured him.

They were not all torturers officially at the CIA. One man had come down from the VIP’s section on the 7th floor, and one from the DDO’s office. I managed to get them to request the information I wanted from the Bio-warfare lab on the risk of “contact” with HIV infected “meat”. That information did not come until some weeks later. I did not see it for about 3 months, until I returned to the CIA and my HIV result had come back negative. So, I felt fairly safe by the time I read it.

Their report was largely made up nonsense. They really didn’t know the risk but were afraid to admit it. That 2% had no scientific basis. I wrote a memo to the DDO and the CIA infirmary, asking for the Bio-warfare Lab to “tighten up their reporting”. That did not make me popular with them. They were not in the habit of having any peer review of their reports.

There was one other minor report that I wrote bearing on the CIA’s use of HIV virus in an African war zone. This was another prisoner case in the CIA’s basement. The man was not known to be HIV positive but his result had not come back yet. He was considered by the CIA to be at “high risk” of being HIV positive because he was a black from Angola that had been one of “their own”, a CIA agent. He had fallen from grace at the CIA due to taking a $2 bribe from a KGB officer.

No mention was made in his file of the tens of thousands of dollars he had taken in bribes from the CIA. He was most nearly in the “puppet leader” category in the CIA. He had been something like the Minister of Defense in his country, again, I think that he was from Angola.

The CIA wanted to kill him quickly to fly his body back to that country to plant it for the suicide report. They were holding off killing him because they were waiting for his HIV report. They were worried about eating his heart based on my previous warnings that it was unlikely to be as safe of the Lab made out. They wanted me to write up the autopsy findings before he was dead!

I pointed out that his risk of being HIV positive should be known to them because they had done the experiments in that area. They said, no that was not the case because the file in the DDO’s Special Operational Tools Library was only the tip of the iceberg. They said that the CIA had released the HIV virus into the war in so many dozens of ways, that no one anymore had a clue as to which groups were the targets.

Some people had been targeted more than once, and even more than three times, e.g. they were labour union leaders, and members of a particular political party, and had turned out for a demonstration, etc.. I ended up writing up an autopsy on a live man, and they ended up sending him back to his country to use some more.

One of the CIA officers had given him a copy of the autopsy, perhaps to frighten him. He got drunk one night and passed it around a local bar. The CIA killed him for that. The fact that prior to that he had killed innocent people by the village full, raped women, and sodomized young boys was irrelevant to the CIA, because that was what they wanted him to do.

Two years later when I read the same file in the Operational Tools library, that HIV file was much fatter, it was in 3 volumes. Knowing this time that it was the tip of the iceberg on the CIA’s use of HIV, I asked the main file room to send me up their HIV related files. That came up on 3 trolleys—chalk full of files.

The DDO accused me of trying to get out of useful work by reading. I had already spent a couple of hours on the 3 volumes, I spent about another 4 on the trolleys. By then I realized that I might someday need the information in them in my mind. So while reading them I took notes. Often that helps me recall things again later.

The operational files now said in the front of them in an official overview of HIV as an operational tool. That said HIV was of little use in operations except those directed towards long-term population reduction. By then it had been tried in a wide variety of location including on the Eskimos, American Indians on reservations, and even on South Sea Islanders. It had also been used on US citizens in David Koresh like settings. Children had been used to try to infect black leaders in the US with it, and even their own physicians had sometimes been recruited for that purpose.

In one notable case, an important black man, along the lines of a famous sports hero had been rammed by a car, and given the virus on the ER to discredit him as a hero for black children to look up to. He himself would be unlikely to ever know how he had gotten it. It was a move to demoralize the Black community and deprive them of moral heroes.

There was another scam as well that I want to mention in passing because it was along the same lines of “damn lies” for propaganda purposes. In this case, the CIA had infected a number of black and Hispanic Miss America contestants with HIV, to make it appear that they could not be virgins. In the end analysis, the CIA was not able to get the media to print the story because the corporate sponsors didn’t want the Miss America pageant sullied. But, per the CIA’s file, about 20 girls had been infected in that year out of about 100 when one included replacement girls. Others have reported on the fact that the CIA took a large interest in the Miss America contests. [Aside: In some cases, the CIA tried to mind control some of them as sex slaves and as breeders for them.VIP’s sometimes got a night with such a young woman at the time that she and her husband were trying to conceive a child. The CIA’s amnesia induction methods were used to prevent the woman from knowing that the pregnancy was not due to her husband. The VIP wanted to have beautiful children. Those could then be stolen back, usually after age 3 and raised as Presidential Model slaves or White House male slaves.]

I want to mention a “concentration camp” that the CIA had in Africa in Rhodesia, if I remember correctly. It was a camp to study HIV transmission. It was a terminal experiment and it had ended a couple of months before I read the files. Not all of the autopsies of the victims were in the file yet. That was not true of the Jonestown experiment—that record was complete by the time I was reading these files. Jonestown files made up most of one trolley full of files. I did not have time to read it all, I read a review by an analyst whom I trusted to be fairly objective. He said in that review of the Jonestown experiment that much of the utility of the experiment was lost due to the experiment being terminated two weeks too early, due to “necessity”. That appeared to be the arrival of Congressman Ryan. The CIA had planned to kill him but their hand had been forced into it prematurely. Instead of an arranged accident, the murder was “blatant and unprofessional”.

Congressman Ryan had returned to his plane before there had been time to rig it to explode after take-off. It was a technical problem and a CIA officer was expelled from his job “with extreme prejudice” for that snafu. The point of the CIA experiments at Jonestown were not really what Meier’s suspected. He wrote in his book that the experiments were mind control and to develop AIDS as a Bio-warfare weapon. The Lab had already done studies in Africa along those lines. Not that they were well-controlled. They were done on villages where people were free to migrate in and out of them and did so.

The studies that required the high barbed wire enclosed concentration camp settings involved torture and sexual perversions perpetrated on people against their will with foreign objects inserted in their orifices. The foreign objects were modifications of cheap common household items. They were designed to be used in place of French ticklers—but instead of increasing pleasure they caused bleeding and pain. In some cases, they ruptured bladder, rectum, or vagina. It was a dumb idea of some pervert and it hurt. It did increase the transmission rate of sexually transmitted diseases. It did not catch on as a fad in Jonestown, people did not want to have pain with intercourse. That appeared to be a Bonesmen’s fetish, not a black or indigenous person’s fetish.

The CIA ended up torturing people and mind controlling them brutally to try to get them to adopt this practice and propagate it as a way of spreading HIV. It didn’t work. There were a number of variations of this theme that were tried at Jonestown and in that concentration camp in Africa. None of them were useful nor worth repeating. It was a testimony to the perversity of US leaders that two such concentration camp loads of people were expended in terminal experiments of this kind.

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