Did YOU Know Canada Is A Confederacy?

Did YOU Know Canada Is A Confederacy?


The issue of Confederacy is not just about the Confederate Flag. Obama wants all flags destroyed of all nations and replaced with one his masters have appointed.

UN Flag
During the 2011 national memorial for the victims of 911 Michelle Obama was clearly seen saying “All this for a damn flag” which has since been confirmed by several Lip Reader’s for the National Foundation for the Hearing Impaired.

Yes Michelle: “All this over a damn Flag?”

When they succeed in tearing one flag down you can be assured the next will follow.

torn confed

HeliofantIPetGoatII 03241

From a Scene in I Pet Goat II on www.Heliofant.com



his fight is not against North and South, black or white. This fight is about national history and individual Heritage. If one flag falls so shall they all.

There is blood on the hands of North and South. When Obama or whomever else decides they succeeded in taking one flag down they will begin on yours as well. They will based this destruction of identity on all of our dark histories. The North or America as a whole is not innocent of its treatment against others. The mistreatment of Citizens, Majorities, Minorities and various ethnic, religious and cultural groups. Blood sweat and tears dirty the hands of this nation’s Government, as well as others. They (being this New World Order) will force you to abandon your history based on their beliefs, of peace and security. History in America and other nations shows mistreatment of the Native Americans, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics including families and children, by the KKK, Black Panthers, Gay Beaters, Core Education, Family Services, Brutal Police Forces and Excessive Government. This list is long and dark in all nations of the world. The NWO’s agenda calls for rule of all nations by any means and they will do it through the children. They depend on both your prejudices and your compassion for innocents, to reach their goals of control over the whole of this world.

We must agree, there are crimes and criminals that don’t deserve the right to firearms. Reality dictates criminals will always have weapons while the ordinary individual will have no way to protect themselves. We should fear the result of giving ourselves over blindly to those we know can’t be trusted to Govern UN-corrupted and keep our securities without dictatorship. All of history shows us what happens to those who surrender their rights and freedoms in the name of peace and security, under the guise of “Its for your own good.” The Nanny State never ends well.

Their plan is already in effect and being implemented by any means, lies, deceptions, chaos and war. Especially by way of the death of children, be it false flag, hoax or for real. The end game is disarmament of citizens.


denver child

A scene from the Mural at the Denver Airport

To the agendas goal of using children to relinquish your protections and sovereignty. Notice they are surrendering both weapons and national identities with the handing over of the flags as well.

denver children

Scene from the mural at the Denver Airport


lthough many don’t agree with the Rainbow “Gay Flag” does that mean it should be taken. No! It means you should have the right to believe in whatever you chose, and so should it be for ALL. What makes you any more entitled than anyone else? We all are uniquely individual, with individual beliefs, that’s what freedom means. Freedom of speech, religion, sexual preference so long as you “do no harm” and don’t push others to participate in something they don’t believe in. To each their own so long as no one is verbally, physically nor mentally harmed in the process of your pursuit of happiness, then one should not care.

It’s ironic how people in the street hate when a person speaks of God or Jesus to them, they feel offended. However others are not suppose to feel offended when some parade their lusts of nakedness with chains and leashes for bondage, in front of young children on the streets. These individuals cry for tolerance when they will not give it themselves. Respect and tolerance runs both ways. We should all consider that fact.



The fight for flag, tradition and history.

With debate over the Confederate Flag, many native Americans have forgotten their own history within the battle.

I had family on both sides of the Civil War. North vs South, brothers against brothers. What many don’t remember is the untold story of the native American fight for both North and South. First nations this is your history as well.




he fight over flag is even prevalent in Canada. Recently an East Indian Immigrant (Not a Citizen) being new to Canada felt it necessary to stop all sales of beach towels with a Canadian flag on them, stating it was disrespectful to sit on the flag. How did our nation respond. We still buy towels with the impression of the flag, Canadian tire still sells them and life goes on. We Canadians take pride in knowing we support our Confederate Flag and when your sitting on a towel your not actual sitting on our National Flag. Sometimes a towel is just a towel you love. I hope Canada can keep their common sense alive.

It’s hard to understand the push to stop sales of the Confederate flag, when in fact they don’t stop the sales of Swastika flags nor Black Panther flags. All of which are flags symbolizing and associated with hate against others.



Its sad our national history isn’t known to many Canadians nor immigrants. Many probably don’t even know the age of our Canadian flag this year. It was in fact only 50 years young this year Feb 2015.



Many current citizens and immigrants within Canada and the world don’t understand that Canada is actually a Confederacy. Through the unification of provinces, the Constitution was developed and then the process of succession from the crown began. Or I should state the partial succession from the crown began and never finished. We are still partially under the commonwealth.


In conclusion:

From one Nation with a Confederate history to another nation with a history of Confederacy “We” Support you in holding your history and heritage.

Don’t let them shred your national identity and take your sovereignty. When we give a little “they” take a lot more.

tattered canadian flagI can’t say anything better than this: Well Said Redsilverj


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    Avedon Blofeld September 19, 2015

    Our beautiful Canadian maple leaf flag was born into existence on the very day that I was born, as well. Long may it wave, along with every other flag, freak, or otherwise…

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