Donate to Cure Ebola – Sea of Toxic Green

Donate to Cure Ebola – Sea of Toxic Green

It didn’t take long for the donation plate to be dusted off, given a new color change and again passed around to an unsuspecting public, after all “Why let a good crisis go to waste?”


We  expected a ribbon designed and t-shirts at the ready (as many are tired of the cheap ribbon campaigns) as t-shirts bring in a larger set rate of donation, than a ribbon can. We see new designs/slogans and promises to share the profits with the Ebola foundation. Did you even know there was an Ebola foundation? I didn’t.


Compliments of we have designed a ribbon for the “Cure Ebola Campaign”

 BTW the symbol used on the ribbon is a biological weapon symbol not a bio-hazard symbol and if you notice they us biological weapon symbols as well on most of their commercial marketing

Well there is such a foundation now. Guess who fronts the operations for this newly umbrellaed foundation? Well if you couldn’t guess its the Gates Foundation who is now funding Ebola vaccine development that might be forced upon us all. Bill and Melinda Gates will spear head, coordinate, develop and collect funds in an effort to find the cure. (profit profit profit pure profit)

However competition is fierce in the vaccine industry, so Bill and Melinda will have to beat the competition by asking for your donations. <free money) According to the news here in Canada, a Canadian Halifax, Nova Scotia-based company said four monkeys received their vaccine called  Immunovaccine and later survived a dose of Ebola virus that normally would have been lethal. Two other animals that did not receive the vaccine died within a week.

Immunovaccine, which had a market capitalization of about C$77 million as of Friday, is one of a handful of companies involved in testing potential vaccines for the Ebola virus, which has killed nearly 1,500 people in West Africa.

Its Ebola program started a few months ago, after the U.S. National Institutes of Health asked Immunovaccine to apply technology from the company’s anthrax vaccine to Ebola. The work was part of NIH tests on possible antigens, substances that cause the immune system to produce antibodies against Ebola.

Unlike antigens in some other early-stage Ebola vaccines, Immunovaccine’s antigen does not use a live virus to carry the vaccine into cells. The company has not disclosed the nature of its antigen.

Source: Ebola outbreak: Canadian company says its vaccine looks promising

If that’s the case then why would Bill and Melinda need your donations? Various companies are well ahead of the Gates Foundation in research and development of a so called viable vaccine. Yet Bill Gates rather than support a solution outside of his control he would rather throw $50 million at a project of his own making to gain full financial benefits from the resulting possible cure.

We find it suspicious that these foundations receive a huge tax exemptions by way of donating their massive contributions (which in fact are actually seed money to create another revenue or income by the resulting business design and development) while the generated donations never return any benefit to those who in fact donate to these causes. Those who donate only receive a small tax deduction under these foundations who then take these accumulated donations and make claim that they the foundation has contributed the large financial philanthropy, therefore they can write the tax exemption off. Rather than be in large taxed for the new business, these funds have now built a long term profitable business for THEM.

 Warning Strong Language

Its all in the marketing and making money off of fear and desperation. Bottom line Don’t Let Them Vaccinate YOU or YOURS

Interesting how fast the NFL jumped at a chance to get its take of the pot from the donation band wagon.

Some of the last within the North American population to have funds available to tap, would be those who still have money enough for the big tickets for entertainment of the Games. The NFL launched its heart wrenching campaign to raise funds (or like Bono who pocketed all the donations to poverty awareness) to cure Ebola with the hash tag of TackleEbola.

As well just search Ebola t-shirt and see what images and various sites come up to profit off the dilema. It will surprise you how many are actually making money from t-shirt sales not sanctioned by any foundation or varification the funds actually go where you want your donations to be directed. A scam a minute.

We here at MaxResistance could design some t-shirts for this fear and drama much like these: Although some good sayings we decided not to.




Important Information Lets Revisit This Article : Georgia Guidestones – 2014 Cube Deciphered

In the article the author indicated a connection between the Simpson’s cartoon and Curious George with the man in the Yellow Hat.


As others have already noted, there has been an episode of the Simpson’s where a book cover is shown having the title: “Curious George and the Ebola Virus”. This might seem insignificant but it has already been proven that there were also hints to other events in Simpson’s episodes, the most famous being 9/11.
However this could have been a coincidence but there is more. This particular episode of the Simpson’s was aired on September 11th , 1997. A date that raises a red flag obviously.

So let’s take a look at the character of the monkey George. Wikipedia writes:
The books feature a curious brown monkey named George, who is brought from his home in Africa by “The Man with The Yellow Hat” to live with him in a big city.”
Just like the Ebola virus, George was ‘taken’ from Africa to the USA. His name, George, could hint to the Georgia Guide Stones.
In the last of the original series of books (1966), George ends up in the hospital, just like the first Ebola victim, Thomas Duncan.

But wait, there is more. In the above quote from Wikipedia we read that George was brought or taken to the USA. This means a deliberate action. He was taken by “The Man with The Yellow Hat” after he caught George. If George represents the virus (originated from monkeys?), then the man with the yellow hat represents the carrier, Thomas Duncan. This is what Wikipedia writes about this mysterious man:

The Man is never mentioned by name in the original adventures, or in any subsequent content over more than six decades. He is always called either ‘the Man’ or fully ‘the Man with the Yellow Hat’. When people speak to George about the Man, they often refer to him as ‘your friend.’ However, in the Curious George film (2006), the Man is referred to as ‘Ted’ throughout the film

So it was not until 2006 that the man who brought George from Africa got a name: TED. Let us now look at our man who brought Ebola from Africa: Thomas Eric Duncan. His initials spell: TED.

And yes, I could not help of think the many men in yellow that we see on the news so often now, even in the cleaning of the very apartment where Thomas Duncan stayed.



All in all quite a few coincidences I would say. I am not suggesting that everything has been necessarily carefully planned as such. As I stated in the previous article, there are evil forces at work.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. – Eph. 6:12

What we see is often but a manifestation of the things that are happening on a spiritual level. Let’s keep our eyes open and see how things develop.


We took note of the name TED and began to check if TED as in the TED Conference were ever involved with Ebola. Going on the WaybackMachine we found that a study had been published in 1999/2000 by TED in regard to TED EBOLA STUDY

Reading over the study this story took a strange twist.

What does the popular show “Game of Thrones” and Ebola have in common?

First of all the TED Study quotes a Dr.  from the year 1849. His name “John Snow” Biography, was a well known Dr. at the time of the cholera outbreak in London and gave pivital advice in its containment and source or epidemiology.

Last Paragraph under the heading History of Virus

  • The Ebola virus may be spread by people as they travel from one place to another, although it is very difficult to know this is being done. It is also highly unlikely, because, if a person does not have any of the symptoms, it is very difficult for the airport to detect the existence of the virus. It has been obvious that other diseases have spread through migration of people. “John Snow wrote in 1849: Epidemics of cholera follow major routes of commerce. The disease always appears first at seaports when extending into islands or continents.”(23) It is necessary to be on the outlook for the possible spread of Ebola in this way. Also, because we do not know where the virus resides, we will not know if it is spread through airlines or any other form of transportation.

Quite a surprise to read the name “John Snow” in regard to epidemic’s and outbreaks of virus’. A popular character reference to hidden knowledge, of what will occur and the connections those in the know might pick up from the Television shows dialog. However it gets stranger there are other connections to the show and the outbreak. (I am sure your thinking about now I am crazy for making such a reaching connection) However, if we visit the CDC’s website and look for educational material in relation to protection and avoidance of Ebola we find this.

cdcwintercomingSource: CDC Website

  • The CDC’s direct reference to “Game of Thrones” famous saying of “Winter Is Coming” on their website. When you consider what the slogan “Winter Is Coming” implies it would come across both on the show and on the website as a warning of dire times and a trying period for men. Great darkness and a cold warning of famine, pestilence and plagues.

As you can see on a closer view it is a DIRECT reference to the show “Game Of Thrones” not just a reference to cold weather in the coming months. The WALL is shown which is in direct relation to “John Snow” of the nights watch.


These references to the subject or topic materials are not just coincidences. For those in the know they are being warned on a grand scale of what is about to take place. They know from their long hold on History who “John Snow” was and what his name was associated with, Death and Plague.  Be Ready may well be a silent warning to them to be ready to (as you can see in the picture) drive to their mountainous sanctuaries in the “Deep Underground Military Bases” or D.U.M.B’s

Whether or not you believe a conspiracy is upon us or not one thing is for sure, the connections are far beyond coincidences.

swordthroneobamaMeanwhile Ebola is Back and the Surge is ON:



We are currently drowning in a sea of green to represent Ebola: We are at the Solvent Green point.

greenipetFrom the short film I Pet Goat II A film of insight on the future: It has been very true so far, leaving many to believe its creator is an insider to the NWO.

Thank you for reading.





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    Tim Mackin October 11, 2014

    Engineering the Eschaton? In the Book of Revelation, the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, commonly called the Pale Horse, signifying pestilence is actually the Greek word Chloros translated into English as “Pale” but more accurately “green” or pale green as metaphorically describing someone who is sick as “green around the gills”. The green meme associated with Ebola, if accurate would suggest a effort at mind control or at least a psyop to relate the Ebola plague of fear to the eschaton. The fear of Ebola at this point is certainly more impacting than the actual disease and the threat of forced vaccinations would certainly preempt the actual disease with sickness brought on by the mass inoculations. The semiotics of Curious George and Game of Thrones is really too creepy. Keep linkin’

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