Don’t Accept The Initial Narrative – Cops DO Lie

Don’t Accept The Initial Narrative – Cops DO Lie
Here’s a good example of why I reserve my position when it comes to a Cop’s narrative.


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You want to see why I question everything and am unwilling to just take the official story at face value? This example will explain best why I keep digging into a story. Why I refuse to take a position one way or another until I AM SATISFIED that what it is I am believing to be true is in fact truth! Hence the name we have received truther.



Great advice from ProfessorDoom1
We can’t always take the initial narrative by police, it has come to light all to often they hide evidence and cover up their illegal activities while on the job. Most often they hide their activities off the job as well. Using their positions to cover for one another seem to be the new norm for these gangsters. In the end the department found there was no wrong doing by these hoodlums within their own departments. If that is the case then what would be classified as wrong doing? Answer seems to indicate “Nothing” they have a free ticket to do whatever, whenever so long as they hold the position of officer. Its a sad state of affairs when they have carte blanche over your lives with no avenue of justice. Its time to purge these departments. Right at the head seat on down.

We have to hold them accountable and not just the specific officers but the department as a whole. If they find no wrong doing and there is then the chief faces the same charges as the police. If the judge finds no fault when in fact their was then he also faces the same charges. The need to be held accountable from the top down. Money pays them off and instead we should make them pay in time. Time is much more valuable then money.

We can take back control and make things right!

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    Scott Anthony November 26, 2014

    Excellent article… And believe it or not, I’m very familiar with Bloomfield, NJ and NEVER heard of this story until just now. This is where dash-cams in personal vehicles actually come in handy. Also, NJ may be one of the first states to mandate cameras to be worn by all Police Officers… I have some research to do on that, but sources are telling me that it will either be mandatory to record all interactions or whenever a firearm is drawn (camera will automatically start recording). Im hugely in favor of this. It will keep officers accountable, and will level out the playing field. It will quickly identify “troubled cops” from the good ones…

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    Qjuantum November 26, 2014

    What I find very odd is, why didn’t the cop call dispatch right away after he shot the kid? One of the dispatch guys interviewed said they hear of the shooting from people calling it in to 911. What was the cop doing? Punching himself perhaps to make it seems there had been an altercation?

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