Ebola drugmaker’s stock soars

Ebola drugmaker’s stock soars


Shares of Tekmira Pharmaceuticals soared Friday after the Canada-based firm said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had allowed potential use of the company’s experimental Ebola drug to treat those infected with the deadly virus.

The stock was up nearly 38% at $19.70 in afternoon trading.

The FDA gave verbal approval to change the status on the drug, known as TKM-Ebola Investigational New Drug Application from a full clinical hold to a partial clinical hold. The action may allow the drug to be used to treat the growing list of those afflicted with the Ebola virus.

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es folks it comes as no surprise Pharmaceutical industry is booming since the latest hype on Ebola is being pushed. We can only imagine the boom the new patented vaccines will bring into the growing monster corporations of big pharma.

What may surprise many is, Canada is the corporate whore for not only big pharma but big Agro as well (Monsanto). Since Harper and his Progressive Conservative Party came into power in Ottawa Canada has been up for sale cheap. (please note: I am under no illusion any other party is any better and may actually be much worse) We are on the leading edge of massive corporate takeovers and massive corporate allowances, while the education and health regions deteriorate. We have one of the biggest lottery foundations who’s supposed 90% income is to go towards children’s programs and sports facilities are being redirected to who knows where. Our fall in education and teaching facilities is on the mass decline along with many long term care facilities falling apart around the elderly s ears. Private corporations are the norm now in Canada and big Gov. loves the big money paid out by big Corp. Yes the Land is Large and the Sky is Wide in Canada and the Wilderness goes on forever, yet a small reminder of the raping of it all comes with events like Mount Polley Breach and Key Stone Pipelines. Welcome to the new world order of things. Everything is for sale however only for a huge buy out by massive companies. As for you and me, we are barely scraping by and its just the way they want us. No! Lets not be surprised, they would like us poorer more so.

The Media was hot and heavy on the big push to pass the patents and push the cure. Now that their stocks are where they need them to be the story has seemed to diminish within the last few days. Its amazing how fast the tide of panic came and went. As though there was really no actual crisis at all. Well why waist a good crisis, get everything in place you can while the story is hot. We need to question more of what these fear mongers put out. Know how to protect your body and mind from these assaults, as we are all in danger of both the info and the cure.



Apparently their miracle drug or vaccine falls far short of the miraculous. The soar is possibly premature in both results and investment significance.


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