This is an important outline of the Ebola ad campaign being rolled out on the North American Public.

 Part 1 Ebola Vacc Ad Campaign?? PT1 Sell It Like Pepsi!

Description: I am pretty sure all the hype about fast tracking, scarcity of “Z-MAP” and all that is BS..It is part of an ad campaign .. And these links prove it!! And thanks to stongtower0914 for a great find!


“The Strategic Power of Vaccines Report” – “The Center for Strategic International Studies” –  Research and Development is the precedent in the new ad campaign being put out by this group. They are possibly the new hidden group much like the Council on Foreign Relations. The whole of these Private Public Partnerships should be considered in the Z-Map of a guaranteed market for these new vaccines. We at Max Resistance have explained in various other articles that Bill Gates is creating a public donation campaign to create a business development draft to 1. create a market for the vaccines and 2. New Research and Development to continue researching NEW possible contaminates 3. Assure a business viability and profit margin for a continued market.

The Daily Observer in Monrovia outlined the information about the United States making designer Ebola virus’.

Cultchaser lays out the ad campaign and the psyop reading the public for the roll out of the new push of vaccines on the public and the profitability on this new money making scam by big Pharma. They want a guaranteed market. Thus the universal need is created by releasing a designer virus on the masses.

Here are the The Strategic Power of Vaccines, From their own mouths.


Part 2 EBOLA AD CAMPAGIN PT2 The Value Chain??

Video Description:

Part 2 discusses 2 gals with VACC backgrounds that twist some interesting info and Gina is a spokesperson for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She talks about 2010-2020 being the “Decade of Vaccines”



These are the videos in discussion:

Part 1: Source: CSIS

Description: The second CSIS High-Level Forum on U.S. Leadership in Global Health will place a focus on vaccines as instruments of U.S. global leadership in pursuit of security and economic interests at home and abroad, in close enduring partnerships with corporations, foundations, multilateral organizations, and other countries. This conference grows out of the remarkable surge of interest in vaccines in public health efforts worldwide. Last year, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation committed $10 billion to help research, develop, and deliver vaccines over the next ten years, which it christened the Decade of Vaccines. Recent analyses in The Lancet, Nature, Health Affairs, and elsewhere have portrayed vaccines as a ?best buy,? a cost-effective global health tool in a tough fiscal environment. In June, at its first pledging conference, the GAVI Alliance received $4.3 billion in commitments from governments and private donors, surpassing its $3.7 billion target. Along with this growing awareness of the value of vaccines, there has arisen a heightened grasp of the complexities of global immunization efforts. There is uncertainty about continued funding and sustainable programs, shoring up public trust in immunization, bringing current campaigns to a successful conclusion, creating the market conditions for the research and development of new vaccines, and guaranteeing their availability and delivery to those most in need, particularly in unstable and insecure environments.


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5



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  1. Avatar
    Cultchaser October 17, 2014

    Thank you SO MUCH for this share! I hope my video will encourage folks to learn more about the CSIS. I hope to study them more and find out their connections. I hope other people will too! Please, folks! if you will share ONE vid off this blog today, Share CSIS pt 2 of the conference and ask people to insert the word EBOLA for any other disease name and THINK about the mapping against us!

  2. Avatar
    Jones October 17, 2014

    OMG thank you so much for blogging my vids! This conference was so important to get out there, as many will see. The csis conferences all show subtle mapping to the next few crisis, in my opinion, and because of their relative obscurity they can be laying out a lot of information that are missing! Please folks,share info on the csis to any one you can.

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