Ebola Vaccine: Because Getting Ebola Really Blows

Ebola Vaccine: Because Getting Ebola Really Blows


The Ebola Vaccine is here. Consult your doctor and get vaccinated today!

Warning: Severe Side Effects May Include Some Or All Of The Symptoms Listed:

stuffy nose
sore throat
joint pain
abdominal pain
blood in the urnine
stomach inflammation
non-stop crying
bowel blockage
fainting spells
permanent brain damage
allergic reactions
swollen glands
bleeding disorder
lowered consciousness


Call For Your Vaccine TODAY!

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  1. Avatar
    wilma October 09, 2014

    Here is a suggestion.3 weeks quarantine,test,if ok then allowed to fly,travel,cross borders.
    Establish ONE hospital in Europe or USA to send Ebola positive patients to,the one’s that want to return home.
    Stop sending them to different countries – just spreading infection.
    The only problem is-Gates will not be able to sell so many vaccines.

    • Avatar
      UpNorthOfThe49th October 09, 2014

      I agree Wilma: I find it suspicious that Dr. Rick Sacra who contracted Ebola was first sent to the (so called) best equipped Hospital to handle Ebola in Nebraska. Then last week when he became ill again with Pink Eye and respiratory difficulties suffering from pneumonia, they then sent him to University of Massachusetts Boston Hospital. Why would they do such a thing. If suspected of any recurrence of Ebola they should have shipped him directly to the Nebraska hub of operations. The same goes for the fella in Texas. Now they have started a panic of check points in all airports in major cities. How would anyone know the difference between pneumonia or flu just by a temperature reading. There is no way to conclusively conduct these tests at an airport. There are so many health concerns regarding such haphazard testing. Are the instruments cleaned between travelers? Who decides how to transport? Where will they be during evaluation. Is Job security enacted while your under observation? None of these types of questions have been answered. I believe this is just a prelude to restricted travel without calling it what it is. Anyone they deem suspicious or possibly ill or just want to disappear, they now have the rights to take you away. Consider this. A person who the Gov. has on its secretive watch list or no travel list (most don’t even know they are on) can now be detained without contacting any family (as that might infect them) and the family is notified that person had Ebola and the body will be cremated without verification from the family by visual identification due to the risk of infection. No one is the wiser and Wha-La you have a perfect covert disposal of enemies against the state.

  2. Avatar
    willowtree523 October 07, 2014

    *I think I’d rather have the ebola !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

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