Doctors contracting Ebola has made headlines on Youtube as well as the Mainstream Media. Do we allow these American citizens back into our country when they full well knew the risks of contracting the disease. These are questions we will address in our next Resistance Round Table. One of our special guest will be FixedByDoc Ryan Lipinski who will help us address many of the concerns associated with this outbreak in Africa and what it might mean for North America. Please join us Tuesday Aug. 5, 2014 @8pm EST.



8/03/2014 — UNPROTECTED Cameraman HIDING just feet from Infected Ebola Patient


What Ebola looks like:


ALERT! ‘Unprotected’ Cameraman Caught Hiding Near ‘Ebola’ Patient In Atlanta!


Tennessee Doctor In ‘Self-Quarantine’ After Returning From Ebola Hotspot of Liberia!

A Tennessee doctor, working at the same Liberian clinic as Dr. Kent Brantly – the Ebola-infected American who was flown to Atlanta yesterday for treatment – has placed himself in quarantine as a “precaution for [his] family.”





1. The government knew this Ebola outbreak was going to happen.

2. The government has an experimental vaccine made with rabies and mutated Ebola

Prospective grant of exclusive license multivalent vaccines for rabies virus and ebola and marburg.

3. They knew in advance they were going to bring someone here with this disease.

4. They let in all these 1000’s of illegals and stage them in major metropolitan areas like Atlanta, Pitsburgh, and others.

5. The government needs a test subject for the vaccines.

6. They give it to these illegals who wont complain because they want citizenship.

7. The movie 28 days later, exact same thing happens. they use exact same vaccine and it mutates creating zombie disease.
Smoking gun 28 days later zombie virus Govt. licensing, live rabies based Ebola vaccine

8. Now there is a potential zombie like outbreak.

9. UN comes in and martial law is called.

10. Gun confiscation and FEMA camps and the complete removal of the constitution.

11. Agenda 21 becomes into full effect.

LIVE Rabies Based EBOLA Vaccine Half A Million People Without Water.

Rabies, influenza, zombie virus science.



Observational theory By: FixedByDoc: https://www.youtube.com/user/FixedByDoc (please sub his channel)
FixedByDoc is a Medic in the US Army, teaching off grid first aid and medical training.


Ryan Lipinski aka FixedByDoc

– 1st BS community health education :focused on health, nutrition, fitness
Minor in EMS
-2nd BS outdoor recreation leadership and management
Both from Northern Michigan University
Also graduated from Military Academy of Health & Sciences as a medical specialist in Ft Sam Huston TX
-Combat medic in army
-Taught CERT teams for FEMA and Red Cross
-Community Emergency Response Teams
-Developed NREP Neighborhood Risk Education Program
-Teaches all levels first aid and wilderness first aid and cpr
-Teaches blood-borne pathogens prevention
-Teaches Chain of Infection Models and how to break them
-As well as wilderness survival
-Featured on a Double Header of “America Unplugged” on the Sportsman Channel Season 1 Episode 4.

Ryan Lipinski will join MaxResistance this Tuesday Aug. 5, 2014 at 8pm EST on the “Resistance Round Table” via Telephone to discuss the current Ebola controversy and protocols.




Project BioShield – Sponsored By The U.S. Government


Ebola False Flag: Must watch this video!!


Ebola infected Dr. in Atlanta why you all should be very worried!


EBOLA IS 88!!!! Viewer Discretion, Graphic Images



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