Erect-ed Devil Statue – Vancouver

Erect-ed Devil Statue – Vancouver
A Devil Statue Erected In Vancouver:

A statue of the devil erected along the Grandview Highway at Clark Drive near the Skytrain line early Tuesday was turning heads all day.

Skytrain riders couldn’t miss it.  After the sightings blew up on Twitter, dozens of people came by to have a look.

“As enjoyable as it is, it is going to offend a lot of people,” said Nick Davis and Sarah Koverstein just before it came down.

The large red statue, with black horns, yellow eyes and a tail was anatomically correct in every respect right down to its long, red “extension.”

The City of Vancouver says it didn’t put it up, but it was on its property so it had to go.

“I’m going to have nightmares tonight,” said one city worker who removed it around 3:15 p.m. PT.

No one has taken responsibility for the statue, or came to claim it, so it’s headed for its new permanent home—buried deep in the city dump.

Source: Global News

WARNING: Video contains images some viewers may find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised.

Question is: Where is the Columbus Statue that was in this ones place prior?


This is happening more and more: The removal of historical marks in our time to be replaced by this. Listen to KJ from TheScariestMovieEver while he explains the spiritual implication behind these various statues appearing and being put in the open.






It seems that when these statues come to the publics attention the country in which the headlines focuses on, begins to fall apart and troubles begin to arise. Is this a sign of whats coming to Canada?

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    willowtree523 September 10, 2014

    Sign of the times and the world will wax more and more of its evil nature but God WILL have HIS way when all is said and done. We who believe in the rightly divided WORD OF GOD must remain FAITHFUL and UNAFRAID.

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      Luca March 08, 2015

      Most resources are in the hand of the elder geraention . Young people are never independent because they are not financially free. Accomodation cost exceeds the wage of an average professional because the capital gain will skyrocket in the market bubble. You can still say you need more data to prove it.What I can tell you is more traces of Japan have shown in HK. I could even tell you is that teenagers nowaday has lost ‘hope’ when they understand education has become a game to those who can pay for it. No matter how bad a student do in public exam, they can still enter university by sending them to Australia , Britain and USA. When they come back , they are often armed with a title that they speak fluent English or whatsoever. That’s what my tutorial students told me. How desperate they are. If you say Hong Kong Has never changed, I could tell you it has become a playground for the rich but not a ‘dreamland’ like before. I won t leave any comment . So please don t mistake any other anonymous man to be me.

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