Evidence CONFIRMING Santa Barbara Shooting False Flag HOAX

Evidence CONFIRMING Santa Barbara Shooting False Flag HOAX


More BLATANT Evidence CONFIRMING Santa Barbara Shooting False Flag HOAX
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Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax FULLY Exposed! Complete Compilation Of ALL The Evidence! CASE CLOSED

Parents of Elliot Rodger’s 3 stabbing victims express frustration amid a search for answers

Washington Post
By Kimberly Kindy June 20

FREMONT, Calif. — Inside a two-bedroom beachside apartment, Elliot Rodger began his Santa Barbara rampage last month by mutilating his two roommates and their friend. The scene, police said, was horrific.

But there were few signs of a struggle, according to the victims’ parents. There was no blood on the walls or ceiling, and the confrontation between Rodger and the three other young men seemed to have been confined to a small space, the parents said on the basis of a visit to the crime scene. They said evidence taken from the apartment makes them think that Rodger may have used a machete, knives and a hammer to kill their sons.

“How did one boy do this? Our sons, there were three of them. . . . We wonder, were our boys drugged?” Junan Chen, the father of George Chen, 19, said in an interview.

After Rodger killed them May 23, he set out in his black BMW and later on foot, fatally shooting three strangers and then committing suicide. Those latter killings happened in public view — in a store and in front of a sorority house — but the first three occurred behind closed doors in the shared apartment, and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office has disclosed few details about what happened there.

The parents of the three college students who were stabbed said it took them weeks to muster the courage to speak publicly about the killings. They said they finally did so in a joint interview to air their frustration with authorities’ handling of the case and the scant information that has been provided.
The three families — all Chinese immigrants who said they came to the United States for a better life — said that they are disturbed by a culture that seems more interested in the killer than in their sons. They also are angered by public-health and legal systems that they say value the rights of the mentally ill, including Rodger’s, over those who may become their victims.

“It may be too late for our kids, but I don’t want it to be too late for other American children,” said Henry Hong, the father of Cheng Yuan “James” Hong. “The system is clearly broken. It should have protected our sons, who were so innocent and trusting.”

In the aftermath of the rampage, public debate has again focused on gun violence, largely ignoring the devastating harm done by the triple stabbing.

James Hong and Weihan “David” Wang, both 20, were Rodger’s roommates, and Chen was their friend. They were students at the University of California at Santa Barbara’s College of Engineering, where they met during their freshman year.

The boys’ fathers visited the crime scene a week after the killings with the help of the apartment manager, and Junan Chen described what they saw. They also shared information with their attorney, Todd Becker, who provided details in an interview.

Police had removed a 6-by-5-foot piece of carpeting in the bedroom the roommates shared. A swath of vinyl flooring around the toilet had been cut away. A few feet of carpeting between the bedroom and bathroom had been cleaned. The limited amount of material removed from the apartment suggested that any altercation occurred in a confined space, the parents said.


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