Evidence of Demons in Music/Magic Industry – Demon Magicians Series

Evidence of Demons in Music/Magic Industry – Demon Magicians Series


Our continued feature of Xendrius Channel on Possession and demonic dabbling of the Music/Magic Industry. **Warning** Some of the content may be disturbing to some viewers. We are only showing this series to confirm much of what we have attested that their are in fact entities being presented as good and creative when in fact they are not. Demonic Dabbling is not recommended, Scriptures tells us we are not to become familiar with such spirits or entities. The various outlets who practice contact with these types of entities and promote them as benevolent, are only there to seduce you into participating. Be Aware What They Really Are.

Our Previous Articles are Here for:

Episode 1Demons behind “Magicians”? Criss Angel, David Blaine, Copperfield, Dynamo

Episode 2 -Demon Magicians: Episode 2 – Reveal THIS – (Yif, Hans Klok, Cyril, Dynamo)

Episode 3 -Demon Magicians: Episode 4 – Reveal THIS – (Water to Wine, Street Magic, Levitation)


Demon Magicians: Episode 5 – Evidence of Demons in Music/Magic Industry

This episode shows but a fraction of the large amount of evidence that shows that demons are behind this world’s top artists/magicians by influencing, possessing or channeling music through them. This evidence extends for 10 hours in a documentary called “They sold their souls for rock n roll”.


Demon Magicians: Episode 6 – Derren Brown Demon Channeling, Mediums, Possessions, Mind reading

This is the last episode in this series that will cover “magicians”, there’s simply too much content ID blocks going on for me to actually be able to make videos about magicians. If people want to see more demon magic, youtube is full of them.

I may be able to make shorter videos about it, we’ll see.

The new series will be called something else and go into how the UFO, ghost and channeling phenomena are connected to eachother and the Illuminati/NWO conspiracy. I will show the best footage I have come across in all my 8 years of research.

Demon Magicians: Episode 7 – Conclusion and Outtakes

The conclusion is simple – some magicians get help from demon spirits in their magic performances.

Some people ask for more evidence, here it is, they admit that they do the supernatural with the help of spirits, demon spirits.

If non-demon magicians claim that it’s not done with demons, then they are free to put a link in this video showing how they do it naturally. Extraordinary claims require evidence.

Full 10 Hour Documentary Location: GoodFight





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  1. Avatar
    Dave June 22, 2016

    In the first video, during the interview of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page at about 12:33, it looks like Page mimics exactly what Plant is saying by mouthing it, as he says it.
    Maybe he was just moving his mouth but it’s odd, nonetheless.

  2. Avatar
    Dallas Spas May 25, 2016

    Eye Opening topic on this site. I was just speaking about this subject. Thank you

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