Exclusive: Richard Gage Interview on 911- The Big Plantation

Exclusive: Richard Gage Interview on 911- The Big Plantation



Richard Gage fresh off CSPAN blows the lid off on 9-11 on our show tonight. We start out with the Rand Paul/Ron Paul lawsuit and legislation push on abolishing the IRS. Richard Gage deflects a handful of skeptics expressing their disposition to the 9-11 movement, and after addressing a stream of callers.

Are you a slave? Is the USA a corporation? Is the USA a plantation? Do you sometimes feel like a cow being led to slaughter? How can there be debt and no Money? Is Fort Knox Empty? What happened on 911? Give up on the political process? Look into Anarchism Yet? Many questions, many answers. Give our show a try. We will break News in the Freedom Underground and share truth as soon as we can. We are a group of Admin Heavy Hitters in the Activism Scene.

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A note from MaxResistance: We do not necessarily agree with the facts presented pertaining to aircraft that may or may not have been present. Those facts are still questionable and open to debate. Also note the guest disregarded any mention of the possibility of directed energy weapons. Mr. Gage also made note of iron being the structures core, while in fact the core component was steel. The tensile strength of steel is much higher than that of iron. No current structural building is constructed out of iron. Although it is possible for thermite usage there is also great evidence of another outside source of energy being utilized. The point being the ubiquitous dust sample being created during the event seems preposterous unless this substance was actually a part of the whole structural overlay. Again the topic diverts short of actually addressing the circumstances of the steel columns being turned to dust. There is no known elemental nor manufactured destructive component that can cause a steel girder to turn to dust, neither thermite, explosives, fuel or kerosene molecules that can create enough energy/heat to cause free standing exposed steel beams to dustify.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:



Overall the interview is informative and the topic of 911 needs to continue to be brought forward for all those individuals who are not yet aware of the false flag event perpetrated on the American public.



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