RedPillRevolution Introduces us to an expose’ by TheFuelProject a series of video presentations about the New World Order. How it came to be, where it is now and what will follow in the future plans and development of their agenda`s.

I invite you to watch the whole series here: Know Your Ememy


This video segment outlines the connections between the U.N and the New World Order Religion they United Nations Council is developing and setting up. Not only are they pushing this agenda of a new religion within the societal frame, they are developing it to seg-way into the core programs within our children’s school curriculum.


Lets delve a little deeper into understanding who and what this religious basis entails.

The cult following of the individual: Koot Hoomi

koothoomiThis Christ Like Resemblance is fundamental in understanding the false Christ or Anti-Christ.


he likes of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – Fundamental founder and advocate for the Theosophical Society became enthralled with this Koot Hoomi, whom she refers to as Master KH. Their exchange of letters to one another as well as other compatriots within the Society are documented and held at the library of the Asiatic Society in Calcutta. It is not so much the contents of the letter, which although are important it is the means in which they exchanged these letters that is intriguing.

On March 3, 1884 a Charles Webster Leadbeater wrote Koot a letter suggesting his greatest wish would be to assist Koot as a chela (protector and servant) to the Koot. A chela is used during a time of meditation at which time the Koot needs a body guard and servant to tend to the bodies needs while the Koot is gone from it in trance for sometimes months on end. In a description of one of these events Blavatsky is reported to have written a description of this trance experience about the Koot.

K.H.’s retreat and initiation

Mme. Blavatsky in Oct 2, 1881 described this to Mrs. Mrs. Hollis Billings as follows:

K. H. or Koot-Hoomi is now gone to sleep for three months to prepare during this Sumadhi or continuous trance state for his initiation, the last but one, when he will become one of the highest adepts. Poor K. H. his body is now lying cold and stiff in a separate square building of stone with no windows or doors in it, the entrance to which is effected through an underground passage from a door in Toong-ting (reliquary, a room situated in every Thaten (temple) or Lamisery; and his Spirit is quite free. An adept might lie so for years, when his body was carefully prepared for it beforehand by mesmeric passes etc. It is a beautiful spot where he is now in the square tower. The Himalayas on the right and a lovely lake near the lamisery. His Cho-han (spiritual instructor, master, and the Chief of a Tibetan Monastery takes care of his body. M . . also goes occasionally to visit him. It is an awful mystery that state of cataleptic sleep for such a length of time. . .

Master Morya in a letter to A. P. Sinnett described K.H.’s retreat as follows:

At a certain spot not to be mentioned to outsiders, there is a chasm spanned by a frail bridge of woven grasses and with a raging torrent beneath. The bravest member of your Alpine clubs would scarcely dare to venture the passage, for it hangs like a spider’s web and seems to be rotten and impassable. Yet it is not; and he who dares the trial and succeeds — as he will if it is right that he should be permitted — comes into a gorge of surpassing beauty of scenery — to one of our places and to some of our people, of which and whom there is no note or minute among European geographers. At a stone’s throw from the old Lamasery stands the old tower, within whose bosom have gestated generations of Bodhisatwas. It is there, where now rests your lifeless friend — my brother, the light of my soul, to whom I made a faithful promise to watch during his absence over his work.

In anticipation of a reply to his wish Leadbeater asked Blavatsky to deliver another letter in request of a reply to his first request. Blavatsky went on to inform Leadbeater this: Source

Leadbeater :  “it was with difficulty that he induced her (Blavatsky) to read the letter, as she said very decidedly that such communications were intended only for the recipient”. He was obliged to insist, however, and at last she read it and asked him what he wished to say in reply. He answered to the above effect, and asked her how this information could be conveyed to the Master. She replied that he knew it already, referring of course to the exceedingly close relation in which she stood with him, so that whatever was within her consciousness was also within his when he wished it.

Leadbeater talked:

“She then told me to wait by her, and not to leave her on any account. I waited patiently all through the afternoon and evening, and even went with her quite late at night to Mrs. Oakley’s house, where a number of friends were gathered to say farewell Madame Blavatsky sat in an easy chair by the fireside, talking brilliantly to those who were present, and rolling one of her eternal cigarettes, when suddenly her right hand was jerked out towards the fire in a very peculiar fashion, and lay palm upwards. She looked down at it in surprise, as I did myself, for I was standing close to her, leaning with an elbow on the mantelpiece; and several of us saw quite clearly a sort of whitish mist form in the palm of her hand and then condense into a piece of folded paper, which she at once handed to me, saying, ‘There is your answer’.

Every one in the room crowded round, of course, but H.P.B. sent Leadbeater away outside to read it, saying that he must not let anyone see its contents. The letter read:

Facsimile (a fragment) of the second letter from the Master K.H.

“Since your intuition led you in the right direction and made you understand that it was my desire you should go to Adyar immediately, I may say more. The sooner you go the better. Do not lose one day more than you can help. Sail on the 5th if possible. Join Upasika at Alexandria. Let no one know that you are going, and may the blessing of our Lord and my poor blessing shield you from every evil in your new life. Greeting to you, my new chela. K.H.”








he connections to this Koot are paramount when evidence suggests the Anti-Christ will be based out of London and rumor has it (from those who reveal information out of the occult organizations) many know who this Anti-Christ character is and that he does indeed currently residing in the city of London.

Based on the idea this Koot can put himself into a type of hibernation (if you will) for up to several years, could it not be possible this individual may well be the influence and future false Christ the Bible speaks of. It is not outside of the realm of possibilities that those of the Elite have been seduced by such evidence of unexplained power, from one entity to be fooled into believing this person to be a spiritual leader to the New World Order. A Saviour or angel / entity to bring about world peace. The Bible does indicate “Even the Elect Shall be Fooled”

When we review the short film “I Pet Goat II” We see in great detail the resemblance to this Koot Hoomi. It must be noted that many cultures indicate this Anti-Christ to have one eye. Therefore the idea behind the pyramid with one eye. His good eye to watch over us all.

The New Christ shall replace the Old…

It is almost like the whole of the world is preparing for this new leader or the coming of seperation between those who believe in God and those who believe in the Anti-Christs false salvation. These are the times we are living in.



ith the emergence of Astana as the New World Headquarters in Kazakhstan and the World Churches commitment to a One World Religion at the top of the tower, upon a globe of dedication.

Those who look forward to the new religion and the new joining of all churches brag of the new church in Astana.

“I’m glad knowing that nowadays people don’t have to hide any more. Moreover we have “temple of all religions” in capital city Astana. People call it “pyramid”. Every three years the leaders of word confessions (about 200) will be gather in this palace to take a part in Forum.”

“Pyramid”, Astana”

This is the globe with 17 parts where signatures of religious leaders were left, Astana-Bayterek

Source: BBCBlog



wareness of strange events and a pubic push towards acceptance of strange ideals are emerging. While listening to a radio show on CBC Sept 25, 2014 on Q it was interesting the references to a new leader evolving out of Burma who is an astrologer and a convict with one eye, he is forecasting the future of Burmese politics. Burma’s politics are based primarily on astrology.

Of NOTE: In a Panic to Move the main city did you know Burma moved it’s whole Capital based on the number 11, Listen and find out why this is so significant in bringing in the New World Order all around the world. There is no escape from the constant world bombardment of this New Order.

(What is so interesting about this move are the numbers based on numerology and the change of Burma’s Capital into a deep jungle location. Also of interest is only a year ago Burma arrested in mass many decedents who proposed Democracy) The move was on 11th Month Nov 11, 2005 on the 11th hour, with 11 ministry members and 11,000 military trucks with 11 government battalions. It was all based on the Occult Numerology for the move.


How ‘astrology pundits’ in Burma are shaking up national politics

Religion and astrology are weaved into everyday Burma’s society. It’s very common to see an astrologer before making an important life decision. (Sukree Sukplang/Reuters)


In Burma, also known as Myanmar, astrologers wield great political influence. The country believes so strongly in the stars that it once changed its currency on the advice of an astrologer.

Now, sweeping political reforms have given rise to a new class of astrologer that doesn’t parrot the position of the ruling elite. For insight, guest host Brent Bambury checks in with journalist Nicholas Kohler about the rise of the astrologer pundit, and their rivalry with the old guard.
This is a very interesting listen:

What is the name of this new religion?
Lotis Temple    lotusipet


Lotus Temple in White Light

“…the purpose of places of worship and edifices for adoration is simply that of unity, in order that various nations, divergent races, varying souls, may gather there and among them amity, love and accord may be realized.”

– Bahá’í Holy Writings


The Bahá’í Temple in New Delhi, however, occupies a unique position. Not only does it embody the spiritual aspirations and basic beliefs of the world-wide Bahá’í community, but, significantly in a land of myriad religions, it has begun to be seen as providing a unifying link, bringing divergent thoughts into harmony by virtue of its principle of oneness – of God, religion, and mankind. This, perhaps, is the secret of its unabated popularity.


Construction News, a technical journal from the United Kingdom, was the first to give the Lotus Temple the appellation of Taj Mahal of the 20th Century’ in its April 1986 issue, a description that has been subsequently used by many other publications. The comparison brings to mind the words of the famous Indian poet and philosopher, Rabindranath Tagore, who described the Taj as “a teardrop on the cheek of eternity”.


For those who want to see its Geographical location, see the details on the Map in the Hybrid and the complete zoom in position to enjoy this place beauty too.



Make no mistake the agenda is in place to reform to a new religion that is based on a very old and ancient foundation. There is nothing new under the sun. The only Conspirators here are those who conspire against the hard working people of this world for total domination under one rule of law. There will be no sovereignty, if this plan succeeds.

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