“Fast Track Authority” – Silence Is Compliance

“Fast Track Authority” – Silence Is Compliance


Regardless of if you believe your vote counts or not. Action is resounding. You need to take action to stop this current power grab from Obama and Congress before they pass unbridled power onto the ruling oligarchies through sneak tactics. Your action does count, silence is compliance. Don’t let this go unchecked.

Now is not the time to sit passively by.


The “Fast Track” Skinny on TPP

No lover of democracy can hate the Trans-Pacific Partnership enough. While the reasons to detest TPP–and above all TPP fast track–are abundant (see appendix links), no prior article has captured its full loathsomeness by scrutinizing its context and pinpointing its deep political significance. Nothing short, that is, of rapidly streamlining the slow, ongoing political castration of the U.S. public. Metaphorically speaking, a project worthy of Dr. Mengele.

From flickr.com/photos/13948420@N00/4979221060/: Dr. Mengele's surgical ward--where fast track mass castration was dreamed up?

Dr. Mengele’s surgical ward–where fast track mass castration was dreamed up? (image by Benno Hansen)

Dr. Mengele’s surgical ward–where fast track mass castration was dreamed up?

See, anyone vaguely acquainted with our nation’s founders knew they were virtually obsessed with staving off tyranny. To do so, they enshrined a system of power-limiting checks and balances in our nation’s Constitution. Nothing could sin more deeply against their thinking than “hush, hush, rush, rush” trade deals like a fast-tracked TPP. Simply by appointing Wall Street insider Michael Froman, former executive of Citigroup–itself a “fast track” to Obama cabinet posts–as chief trade negotiator, Obama has grievously betrayed our founders’ checks-and-balances thinking, entrusting still greater policy input to those with far too much. Forbidding Congress to read most of the draft treaty only exacerbates that betrayal.

And fast track authority would simply be the last straw: Congress’s outright abdication of its Constitutional checks-and balances duty to give “advice and consent” on foreign treaties entered into by the executive branch. It would announce a new era where government, with vastly too much power already in global corporate hands, won’t even pretend to defend us from escalating corporate power grabs. For most Americans, by sacrificing popular sovereignty to global corporate interests, it would amount to an act of political mass castration.

Leaving most citizens politically impotent is the royal road to tyranny. At this point, mass castration is only a political metaphor. But as any close student of history knows, unchecked political power–like plutocratic power in our day–opens a virtual Pandora’s Box of unforeseen horrors. If we don’t resist increasingly brazen power grabs like TPP fast track, full-blown tyranny–not excluding literal castration–could appear, perhaps even shockingly soon, on our nation’s menu.

From Chemically Induced Impotence to Blitzkrieg Mass Castration

Greed is a hideous monster that grows by what it feeds on. Perhaps the best proof is the morally repugnant Koch brothers, fully as entitled to be branded “enemies of humanity” as any genocidal war criminal. Scarcely content with being two of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful moguls, the Kochs sleeplessly sabotage democracy to augment levels of wealth and power long ago exponentially exceeding what any individual should be allowed. Allowed, that is, for the sake of the common good–a term conspicuously absent from Koch vocabularies.

Though perhaps the most conspicuous and dangerous case, the Kochs are hardly the only example of greed growing by what it feeds on. In fact, careful academic studies like economist Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century and political scientists Gilens and Page’s “Theories of American Politics” provide overwhelming evidence that the rich–above all, under rampant economic inequality–predictably use their excess wealth to consolidate their political domination. Nowadays, that domination is so fatal to the common good that, in the case of climate change inaction, it menaces civilization itself. In a sense, Piketty, Gilens, and Page offer striking empirical confirmation for the time-honored biblical adage, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Never did civilization ignore that adage at greater–conceivably apocalyptic–peril.

In almost perfect lockstep with the Kochs’ political rise, the initially near-imperceptible subversion of democracy by plutocrats has been under way. For the rich, this has meant a gradual uptick in political potency, obtained at the cost of what has amounted, for the rest of us, to slow political castration. It’s almost as if plutocrats, facing a somewhat robust democracy, initially had to accomplish that castration by slow, chemical means, stealth policy victories that gradually, imperceptibly reduced the rest of us to ever-increasing passivity and impotence. As if to prove the adage that greed grows by what it feeds on, they’re no longer content to find themselves virile and We the People impotent; they now insist on castrating us outright–and even in plain sight. Such is plutocrats’ push for fast track authority on the TPP.

With most citizens’ worsening political feebleness as backdrop, it’s as if some brutal high school bully–or better yet, Dr. Mengele–now had his hated, deeply debilitated victim fully in his clutches. And as if Mengele, long since bored to tears by the obvious success of his stealthy, impotence-inducing drugs (smuggled, perhaps, into prisoners’ food), suddenly opted for an open campaign of blitzkrieg mass castration. Which is, politically, exactly what fast track passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership will amount to.

Source: OpenNews


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