Feds Use The BLM to Gain Control of Local Resources – U.N. AGENDA 21 Land Grab

Feds Use The BLM to Gain Control of Local Resources – U.N. AGENDA 21 Land Grab



s some of you may or may not know, the “United Nations” thru a mandated program called “Agenda 21”, have been very active in accumulating various properties under the guise of the “World Heritage Foundation”. What the foundations have proposed under U.N. directive and the Agenda 21 outline is to protect various national, state, local and residential areas from further human access.  They have over the past decade introduced this program in order to “Protect” lands, animals and water ways from any adverse effects of man. These protected lands are taken from the control of the Bureau of Land Management and placed into the hands of private and some times nefarious groups or companies to protect. What has been transpiring from many of these allocations is the land is in fact no longer protected (as it was through state and local control) and is being used for corporate gains to individuals we know not who they are.

National and Historical locations once under the control of state and local authorities were managed by locals and protected for future generations. Access was limited however allowed to these parks. In other words you could use them, camp, fish, picnic, swim and access them for casual use. Now however under the proclamation of Agenda 21 ALL human access will be restricted. The dirty secret of course hidden in the deep recesses of these lands is the fact large corporations are drilling water, fracking the land and mining various areas that prior to now were never accessible to any corporate interests.

Currently there are witness testimonies indicating that massive trucking and fracking operations are going on within our treasured lands. Once was thought to be a good idea to protect lands for our children and grandchildren are now being raped by corporations for profit. There are no royalties paid to the public regarding these underhanded business deals and the profiteers are destroying our heritage lands.

Let me remind the reader that Agenda 21 was brought in and proposed by and through the ratification of the Kyoto Accord. An accord that no nation in North America ever signed nor ratified. The only way they could circumvent this limited access was to purchase or be appointed as oversight representatives for the lands by the United Nations and National Heritage foundations as the guardians of the lands. The U.N. could not secure the ratification to this agenda so instead have gone into state and local areas like the B.L.M and secure it by misrepresentation.

Propaganda has been rampant to obtain by way of consent through locals area un-educated officials. These officials are either blind to the agenda or ignorant to our future. They are however allowing this national take over of our inherent parks and national lands.

Here is an interview by Wardo Rants regarding his chance to sit down with one such official whom of which seems to know of the initiative. As you can see many locations are beginning to see the pinch to the U.N. Land Grab, and ignorant/uninformed  officials who are willing to go along with it. They are nothing less than traitors to the public they pretend to represent.



After the Federal government forces Oregon Counties into insolvency .. uses a Proxy company who’s sole purpose is to find Opportunities .. lands especially with water resources connected to them .. then to turn around and sell these lands to the BLM / FEDERAL GOVERNMENT .. Article 1 Section 8 clause 17 of the Constitution Restricts the Federal Government from the ability of owning land .. this is 100% UN AGENDA 21 in action .. all of the proof in the world ..

This video is packed with 4 interviews that more than prove my case .. Everyone must know what is going on .. We have anonymous eye witnesses that know that O.D.O.T. was responsible for the “CABLE CROSSING fire” .. just like we all know that the EPA was responsible for the Colorado River Catastrophe a few months back .. in this case .. the Government “NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE” Seizes the opportunity to devalue the land .. GO FIGURE
This Fight is not over .. I will be fighting to kill the sale ..

I want people to know just exactly the crimes going on here .. just like all of the playbook shit .. fits the mold perfectly

Purposeful CRIMINAL LAND MISMANAGEMENT, Illegal STRAW BUYER .. VIOLATIONS TO THE CONSTITUTION by the FED .. Potential Corruption at the local level .. Three Commissioners Unanimously Approve This Sale .. Luckily we can still save the loss of our Land and water
Arson ..


There’s a real David and Goliath battle unfolding in drought-stricken Oregon.

For years, giant multinational Nestlé has been bent on pumping fresh water out of Cascade Locks, Oregon, to bottle and sell for profit — a plan that local residents have been fighting for the last six years.
Now, Nestlé is closing in on the deal. And local residents, tribal leaders, and regional NGOs have come together to stop the water-pilfering corporation in its tracks.
They’ve launched a historic ballot initiative to prevent any major bottled water company from commercializing water anywhere in the region.

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Your States Water Pilfered For Their Profits – Do You Get Royalties?

A Warning from 2002:


U.N. land grab in the works

Posted: October 12, 2002

By Henry Lamb 

© 2002 WorldNetDaily.com

For reasons that defy common sense, some congressional Democrats insist that the United States rejoin UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The State Department appropriations bill has $60-million included for this purpose.

President Ronald Reagan withdrew from this U.N. organization in 1984 because of its “gross financial mismanagement, anti-American bias, and anti-freedom policies.” If there has been any change at all in UNESCO, the situation is worse now than it was then.

Congressman Ron Paul has introduced a concurrent resolution, HCON 489, urging the United States not to rejoin UNESCO. So far, the measure has only four cosponsors. Every congressman should support this resolution.

Among the reasons cited by the resolution for not rejoining, is the fact the UNESCO is promoting a global tax on the Internet, among other global taxes; the organization continues to actively influence school curriculum in the United States, and other, equally valid reasons.

One reason cited by the resolution is of particular interest: ” UNESCO, through a memorandum of agreement with the Department of State, has designated 47 United Nations biosphere reserves in the United States covering more than 70 million acres, without congressional consultation or approval.”

This agreement, reached in the late 1970s, is the basis for the Wildlands Project that is spreading across America like a plague, gobbling up private property and restricting the use of public land, as well as the private land the government cannot yet afford to buy.

The Everglades is one of the 47 biosphere reserves designated by UNESCO without congressional approval. The Everglades is also a U.N. World Heritage Site – “In Danger” – and a U.N. Ramsar “Wetland.” All of these designations impose land management policies, established by UNESCO, with which the United States is bound to comply, either through treaty requirements, or by executive agreement.

The U.S. Constitution clearly designates the U.S. Congress as the manager of federal lands. The U.S. Constitution clearly specifies what lands, and the purposes for which the federal government may purchase land. Private land was never considered to be the responsibility of the federal government.

The U.S. Constitution, however, seems to be a lost document, as far as Congress is concerned. In recent years, there has been a mad rush to use your tax money to buy up private property for open space, wilderness corridors, wildlife refuges, scenic viewsheds, heritage sites, and other purposes never anticipated by our founders. Rarely, if ever, are state legislatures asked for permission as is specified in the U.S. Constitution.

The 47 biospheres reserves in the United States, part of an international network of 411 such reserves, serve as the nucleus of the rewilding of America as envisioned by the Wildlands Project. The function of each biosphere reserve, as specified in the management documents prepared by UNESCO, and amplified by the U.S. State Department’s Man and the Biosphere Program, is to continually expand the core wilderness areas, and connecting corridors, as well as the buffer zones surrounding the reserves.

In 1993, Science magazine described the Wildlands Project vision, as “nothing less than the transformation of America to an archipelago of human-inhabited islands surrounded by natural areas.”

This vision ignores the constitutional principle of private property rights. Environmental extremist organizations are pushing this agenda, and fully support the U.N. policy that declares “public control of land use is, therefore, indispensable.”

UNESCO exerts enormous influence over U.S. policy, even though we are no longer members of this organization, simply because past presidents, and certain members of Congress agree with the UNESCO philosophy and objectives.

Ron Paul’s resolution should be adopted with an overwhelming majority, and the United States should stop yielding to UNESCO and the U.N.’s policy directives.

The United States is a sovereign nation. No foreign power – including the U.N. – can dictate U.S. policy. But then, they don’t have to, so long as we keep electing people to Congress who are willing to surrender our national sovereignty through membership in U.N. organizations such as UNESCO.

UNESCO should be a litmus test for every candidate in November. Candidates whose backbone is not strong enough to stand up and say “no,” should be retired for a new crop of representatives who have the gumption to put America first.

Source: U.N.WATCH

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