Fire and Ice – AMAZING Volcanic Eruption and Lava Flows in Iceland

Fire and Ice – AMAZING Volcanic Eruption and Lava Flows in Iceland

by: Dutchsinse

The beauty of nature at her finest. The fire of the volcano and lava flow mixed with the Ice of the cold climate of Iceland.

Amazing video released by the RUV (Icelandic Geologic Agency). Showing several minutes worth of lava flows occurring at Icelands Bardarbunga Volcano. The first two weeks of September proving phenomenal for anyone who studies volcanism.

Last weeks Toxic Tornado:

by: Tatoott1009


We don’t see something like this every day. A toxic tornado consisting of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2,) emitted from the large volcanic eruption occurring at Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland.

The erupting magma (lava) is producing its own weather, clouds, and now the superheated air is producing superheated tornadoes like one would see in a large forest fire.


This video comes from Nicarnica Aviation, a manufacturer of infrared , and thermal camera components.

The tornado formed on September 3, 2014 – temperatures topping out above 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Quote livescience:

“The toxic tornadoes were spotted in a poisonous cloud of sulfur dioxide gas spewing from Iceland’s Holuhraun lava flow on Sept. 3. One narrow, swirling column stretched 3,300 feet (about 1 kilometer) into the air. A remotely monitored infrared camera caught the dramatic whirlwinds on video. “

“We haven’t seen anything like this before,” said Fred Prata, chief technology officer at Nicarnica Aviation in Kjeller, Norway, the inventor of the infrared camera used for the images. “I was quite surprised to see it.”

volcanic tornadoa
Above: Volcanic tornado (consisting of Sulfur Dioxide gas) forms on September 3 2014 above the Volcanic fissures of lava at Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland.



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