Flight 370 landed at Diego Garcia military base and later relaunched into Indian ocean

Flight 370 landed at Diego Garcia military base and later relaunched into Indian ocean


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Most recently Monty produced a video detailing the possibility that the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 was landed at Diego Garcia, a top-secret military base controlled by the U.S.

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — Monty, who is also the face behind the popular “Montagraph” YouTube channel, is known for his thought-provoking videos. In his most recent video titled “Flight MH370 Is At Diego Garcia – Here’s The Proof”, Monty laid out a brief timeline of events that really make sense. In fact his theory makes more sense then any of the mainstream media’s recent conjecture.

In fact, the video details how flight 370 departed Malaysia’s Kuala Lampur Airport at 12:41am on the Mar. 8, disappearing from radar and tower communications around 1:21am after making a rather sharp turn-back to the west. This is key information which led Monty to the next part of his investigation.


According to Monty and others, the plane was seen flying low at the southern tip of the Maldives Islands around 6:15am, on the morning of Mar. 8, 2014. After referencing flight times and distances, Monty concluded that the plane would have been in the vicinity of the Maldives around 6:25am. “That’s only a ten minute difference”, stated Monty.

Monty then stated that MH370 most likely landed at Diego Garcia and the plane may have been ushered into a massive “Faraday cage” style hangar to avoid passengers from communicating with the outside world.

Monty speculates that the plane will later be crashed into the ocean for press coverage and none of the passengers will be retrieved as they likely are still being held at a military facility.

Heartbreak for relatives as officials say they believe Malaysian Airlines flight DID come down in the southern Indian Ocean

Relatives of passengers and crew have been informed of the ‘heartbreaking’ news that Flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean, the Malaysian Prime Minister has announced.

Najib Razak told a press conference new analysis by the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch and tracking firm Inmarsat indicated the flight ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished from civilian radar screens less than an hour after take-off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 people on board on March 8.

No confirmed sighting of the plane has been made since, but much debris has been found in remote waters off Australia which might be part of the missing plane.

According to Sky News, the families of the passengers on the missing plane are now due to be booked on to flights to take them to Australia. – dailymail.co.uk

.BLOCKBUSTER: Pilot had Diego Garcia programmed into his simulator

We are most likely looking at pilot cooperation to get this plane to Diego Garcia. The pilots may not have resisted. READ THIS LINK, the guy needs credit for this. I will cache this article on this web site later.

Ha ha ha – NSA recorded ALL CALLS from one nation, and can retrieve them from a month back? REALITY: The NSA has every call in America permanently stached on ultra high density digital magnetic tape and can recall anything back to 2003. It’s so densely stored that tens of millions of calls can fit on a single 50 pound tape and just be filed in a giant room with hundreds of thousands of reels. Yes, the NSA still uses tape, it’s still the best for ultra cheap storage.
Remember the Boston bomber? the patsy? Remember that? Here’s proof of what I am telling you – they were able to recall ALL PHONE CALLS MADE BY EVEN HIS WIFE going back 3 years that they admitted to and he was never suspected of anything beforehand. A MONTH? are you KIDDING? on a SINGLE country? The latest from Snowden was a pile of B.S. the size of Mount Everest.

And about magnetic tape – how big are the platters on your hard drive? Three inches across, and there is usually only one or two. What about a giant NSA magnetic tape? It’s two inches across and usually 15 miles long or more. How much can THAT store, especially when digitally compressed? And what if since I have been there they came up with something better? what they had was already good enough to do it ALL. The only problem with magnetic tape is it is sequential access only, meaning that you may have to wind through 10 miles of tape to get what you want. But they have time for that . . . the machines use 3 2 horsepower motors (2 reel and 1 capstan) for a total of six horsepower and are actually quite fast at getting through a 50 pound reel. An operator could spend a lifetime listening through only one tape. God forbid them anything better.

The “latest” from Snowden was a psy op. Next thing they will say is they can only do a few million people and go back a week, after that a few thousand and a day. FOR THE RECORD: The NSA has everything on EVERYONE for a FULL DECADE and NOTHING LESS, PERIOD END OF DISCUSSION

Posted to Jim Stone at Jimstonefreelance.com

March 22, 2014

Hi Jim,

Have you seen the news reports of a National Guard exercise near Charleston, NC four days after the disappearance of MH370 in which a commercial aircraft was escorted by fighter jets?

For your reference:


Here’s my take, copied from my comments to lesser-known bloggers:

Based on ACARS network data transmissions until at least that Sunday, and a ping response near the Maldives (and witness accounts), it’s reasonable to suggest a landing at Diego Garcia (DG).

Storing a highly-sought Boeing 777-200 at a suspected landing site (DG) with limited hangars for any extended amount of time is foolish. Presumably, the plane could be chopped up and transported-out in a C5-Galaxy, or flown-out after removing or painting over MAH decals.

***It has been revealed in an public statement that the National Guard near Charleston, North Carolina was engaged in an exercise in which a commercial airliner was escorted by fighter jets***

If MH-370 was repainted and flown-out on a direct flight to Charleston, NC from Diego Garcia, that would be suspect, so it would be logical to employ a “layover” in an allied country.

There’s a little mentioned side-story in the account of events, that I find hard to believe is coincidental. Please follow me for a moment: Prince William, a member of the RAF, and Dutchess Kate went on a surprise, baby-free, vacation to the Maldives on Thursday, March 8th. It had been noted that they had a large security detail and departed to a nearby Atoll upon landing. This unplanned vacation, for which Will missed classes for, was supposed to last a week, but nowhere can I find a confirmed return date. If it is possible to hide in the radar signature of another plane, as is suspected with MH370 following SIA68, then it’s logical that MH370 could have hid in the radar signature of Prince Will’s aircraft back to the UK. From the UK, a trans-Atlantic flight would raise little suspicion other than the fighter jet escorts to Charleston, NC.

Also, without being too verbose, I’ll summarize the following.

There are only 3 reasons to so brazenly steal this plane: 1) forced-dissemination of intel passengers, 2) high value cargo (intel hardware, Ukraine gold theory, or suspicious Alabama Maersk cargo) and/or 3) covert weapon(s) transport.

The plane itself has no logistical value for a future attack simply because too much time has elapsed since the disappearance which raises too many questions and if a plane was needed for a terror attack, it’s not difficult for a Government to find one. Secondly, the passengers are likely alive especially if #1, forced-dissemination of intel workers was the objective. Therefore the 49,000 foot altitude-forced depressurization asphyxiation theory of all passengers is highly improbable as the 20-26 intel personnel would be affected as well, unless oxygen levels were set to a non-lethal minimum to induce unconsciousness and forced cooperation.

A couple last things that may fit into my working theory, Prince William is due to make a trip to New Zealand/Australia in 10 days which may be related to the return of “Aussie Passenger” and Boeing 777-200 Engineer and former DoD employee, Paul Weeks. The Pentagon announced today that they’ve consumed $2.5m of the $4.0m allotted for the SAR effort that’s projected to end the first week in April. Essentially, that indicates the official story will say this plane is the greatest mystery of ahem, 2014, or it’s been found on the ocean floor but is too deep to recover. – Jimstonefreelance.com


Jim Stone Response:

Fairly credible rumor has it now that the plane somehow landed in the Maldives (the reason it was flying so low) and was then flown to Diego Garcia with new paint. But I have to check on this rumor, which could be inaccurate (Ihave not even verified if the plane could land there at all) and it would have, within a short time frame obviously continued on to the U.S.


If the plane flew on for seven hours and landed safely, a fact made ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN when the engines checked into Boeing’s maintentance program via satellite, which they only do upon successful and safe landing of the jet, you can TRASH all theories of fires or anything else happening to the plane because the post landing log in by the engines would have been flatly impossible if ANY OF IT was true.

AND THEY KNOW IT, all the liars and scammers out there, this is a fact that could NOT BE MISSED. Here we enter the perception management phase of a failed “secret” hijacking, where they are grasping at everything they can to shut reality out of people’s minds. NEVER FORGET.

Related links




Though they state no foul play was involved, and claimed it was a “cargo jet”, it’s not every day that a 777 airplane flies unidentified straight towards a nuclear summit where all the world’s leaders are. I am going to say it like it 99.9999% likely is – THEY BLEW IT, FLIGHT 370 HAS BEEN FOUND AND STOPPED FROM CRASHING THE NUCLEAR SUMMIT, THE SAME TARGET EVERYONE GUESSED IT WAS DESTINED FOR.

And to the Dutch: Great job finding flight 370! Remove whatever mock ups were installed to hide what it was and return it to Malaysia airlines. Then start asking the pilots (if there were any) serious questions about where the passengers are.

Simple law of probablility nails the intercepted jet as flight 370. Out of hundreds of thousands if not millions of flights annually, jumbo jets flying with their transponders off to avoid identification virtually never happens even once a year globally, let alone towards a nuclear summit where all the world’s leaders (sans Israel’s) are and the fact this was a 777, the same plane that is now missing, CINCHES IT.

They can bag whatever spin they put on this and throw it straight in the trash, how many times have you heard of the Air Force being scrambled to intercept an unidentified jumbo jet, let alone the Dutch air force?

Malaysia Airlines, your plane is found. Demand it back, remove whatever mock ups were installed to hide what it was, make them pay to repaint it, service it, and put it right back in your fleet.

The story is that this was a cargo plane. Interesting, because the Jews now own Fedex, DHL, UPS and a majority of other carriers, and only high class carriers will fly 777 jets. If this jet ends up belonging to anyone’s military, that’s equally bad. If you want to know who the enemy is, just look to see who ends up being identified as the owner of this “cargo plane” and if it ends up being Arabs, THAT would also be a set up.
The original article posted by the Dutch has been preserved. This cannot be silenced, if anyone tries I will put the original right back online in the form of a mailable Jpeg.

Supporting information we found:

The Hague did have a summit during this time, go to:


More supporting info, again we can not confirm but we are reporting as we get it.

This is a translated link

Original Link  (no translation) http://www.powned.tv/nieuws/binnenland/2014/03/f16_onderschept_vliegtuig_1.html

New World Order – Blueprint

The question arises as to who would have the power to pull this whole scenario off. Who could set it up and who could pull it all off. Lets review this prospect by revisiting the “New World Order – Blueprint” detailing the family’s relationships to corporate complex’s and those in power to design such an event.

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    Joseph Wenrich December 04, 2014

    As a pilot with Civil Air Patrol search and rescue , we have been trained to ask the questions and follow the trail of witnesses. I have been researching a minute by minute profile and know the plane flew on or about 1,000-1,500 feetof altitude in a controlled manner. The pilot was not incapacitated nor were the passengers unconscioous. This was a planned out mission and each leg left witnesses. The most impressive being those in the Muldive islands who saw the jumbo jet fly over their homes in a SE direction. The photo from Phillip Wood proves the plane did land at Diego Garcia with a landing escort of military planes seen by witnesses. A picture of the aircraft indicates the 777 with a new paint job being readied for takeoff. I’m also quite certain the plane was later flown to Charleston S.C. USA where it was again given a miliatry escort. Now the real question is what happened to the people? Is the plane still in Charleston? Where is it’s next destination? How many other nations are involved in this and have been aiding to the covering of details pointing the search in the wrong direction? Keep listening my friends. There are more witnesses and more answers out there. Former CAP pilot Search and Rescue Chaplain Major Joseph Wenrich

  2. Avatar
    Goldfrog August 31, 2014

    It appears that the only people left in the world who do not have a clue where this landed are the experts who are being paid a mountain of money to find it!

  3. Avatar
    willow April 08, 2014

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    Shepard Ambellas April 07, 2014

    Best Regards, Shepard Ambellas

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    Reveille Soul April 04, 2014

    According to “THE REVELATION METHOD” the last stage in mind controlling the masses is revealing that they have been lied to by all the authorities they trusted. Through the passivity of the people and their apathy you then have made them a double bound slave.

  6. Avatar
    Will March 31, 2014

    If the authorities now claimed that the flight ‘s path is 1000 km North of the search areas west of Perth because new calculatons had it that the faster speed of MH370 will make it run out of fuel faster than originally anticipated. It meant that it crashed faster and further north but there is supposedly definitive evidence of satellite lings which indicated that it flew for seven more hours?

    There’s the rub. One can’t be true with the other, mutually exclusive.

    Get your lies straight , governments ,must have conspired!!!

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    max franceal March 29, 2014

    Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this web site before but after going through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m certainly delighted I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

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    Rhonda Clark March 26, 2014

    SEnd me up dates LOVE YOU. GOD HELP US . My friends will like this CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOU GO TO TEA PARTY and post this page web site and info about the plane info please

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