Flight 370 Search Area In MAN OF STEEL MOVIE!


Here we go again! More hidden foreshadowings in movies before the events happen. In the movie Man of Steel, we are given coordinates of the world engines deployed to earth. There are two and they are at opposite poles. We see a screen display with one of the coordinates. It’s Langley AFB in Virginia. The opposite point on earth is the exact search area of where flight 370 went down! To add insult to injury, the coordinate is -37 degrees and we see the actual ship hit the location at exactly :37 seconds!

They tell us what their plans are. It is up to us to understand them…

Remember, controlled reality is the ultimate deception. You create both sides. The good and the evil. Then, those who believe they have a choice, choose the good option, though it is exactly the same as the bad option. I.e. Republican vs Democrat, citizen vs immigrant, black vs white.

DO NOT FALL FOR THE DECEPTION. We are programmed to like Superman for a reason.

Krypton is a Crypt or place of the dead. It’s right before our eyes.


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