FOIA Corruption in Connecticut

FOIA Corruption in Connecticut


ts becoming blindingly obvious there is a consorted effort by Monte Frank of Cohen and Wolf as well as the Connecticut FOIA Commission Office of conspiring to commit Obstruction Of Justice. At the very least (after review of the information below) one should come to the conclusion, laws and statutes set forth by the very same Connecticut FOIA Commission Office are being circumvented or blatantly ignored in favor of Monte Frank and those he represents. This obstruction is not towards just Wolfgang Halbig, it is central to understand these hearings are on behalf of all citizens. The laws, orders and statues set forth are specifically outlined in the FOIA Order and should be in favor of the public’s interests rather than personal interests of representative Monte Frank of Cohen and Wolf.

On March 30, 2015 1 day prior to the hearing date. A concerned citizen went to the Connecticut FOIA Commission Office to gain access to the files on the official FOIA request, made by Wolfgang Halbig 18 months prior. The citizen wanted to visually confirm and record the documents within the formal FOIA request files, to ascertain if a formal notification was issued to all parties concerned regarding the cancellation of the hearing date of March 31, 2015. Upon investigation it became very clear an official order was neither agreed upon nor formally sent to all parties concerned in the ORDER. (It is important to note these files were never given nor made available to Wolfgang Halbig, Complainant.)

The information within this video is critical to acknowledge Monte Frank is in fact in a position to becoming the next appointed (by succession) President of the Connecticut Bar Association. Currently Monte Frank is in fact the Vice President of the Connecticut Bar Association.  That being noted we can see that favoritism might play an important part on the considered agreement of continuance for Monte Frank, contrary to the state FOIA regulations and the ORDERS outline Statutes NOT allowing continuances.



onte Frank also has been identified as taking this disallowed continuance on the premise (revealed to Wolfgang by his then lawyer Paul Spinella as important/pressing business) of a vacation. While in fact it is a sponsored Bike Ride to Washington to collect donations in support of Gun Control on the American population, contrary to the United States Constitution. This continuance now appears on the surface as though preferential treatment was allowed to Monte Frank possibly based on his Connecticut Bar Association position.

Ignoring the regulations by the Commission on both the ORDER and the FOIA Statures, for a Donation Ride For Gun Control should be at the very least considered as failure to comply with regulated laws. Consider also further charges of conflict of interest, obstruction of justice and preferential treatment…etc… by both the Commission and Monte Frank?  As current Vice President on the Bar Association of Connecticut these recent events seems to indicate preferential treatment by the Commission on granting the continuance outside of stated law.


March 30, 2015 18 Hours Prior To Hearing.

also view here:



olfgang was not dually nor official notified of the Connecticut FOIA Commission granted a continuance on behalf of Monte Frank of Cohen and Wolf to attend a bike ride to D.C. for Gun Control. Wolfgang Halbigs flights were purchased guaranteeing his attendance at the set hearing date. Mr. Halbig attended do to mistrust between Wolfgang Halbig and  the Connecticut FOIA Commission as well as Monte Frank of Cohen and Wolf.

March 31, 2015 Date of Set Hearing.


ttorney Paul Spinellas failed to provide Wolfgang adequate documentation of the case and state his objection on the continuance (failed to OBJECT on behalf of his clients orders on this continuance). If Wolfgang Halbig were to place a complaint with the Connecticut Bar Association, it would be suffice to say that its very likely a complaint would be thrown out, by the current Vice President of the Connecticut Bar Association Monte Frank. Wolfgang has voiced his concerns of Paul Spinella and Monte Frank working in tandem with the Commission to delay these proceedings.


e believe if Wolfgang Halbig had not attended the set date, regardless the Connecticut FOIA Commission might well have held the hearing and contended Mr. Halbig had failed to appear.

We have made an effort to contact all parties involved in the cancellation of their hearings on the set date, without avail. We wanted to investigate how others parties with their FOIA requests were dually notified of the status of their hearings and/or cancellations on the date of March 31, 2015.

We must give special thanks to the film crew who took the time to attend the hearing with Mr. Halbig for the truth to be revealed to our great nations concerned citizens.

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