Follow Monte Frank To D.C To Avoid The Sandy Hook F.O.I.A Hearing

Follow Monte Frank To D.C To Avoid The Sandy Hook F.O.I.A Hearing

Monte Frank from the Law Firm of Cohen and Wolf along with the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission have been caught in what may well be a conspiracy to participate in obstruction of justice.

The story unfolds like this. Wolfgang Halbig hired a lawyer named Paul Spinella AND HIS Law Firm to represent him in the Freedom Of Information Act request, put forward to the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission.

Mr. Halbig has been waiting 18 months for the hearing to happen. Finally Mr. Halbig was scheduled to appear on March 31, 2015 and present his request formally in order to find out more details on the Sandy Hook Shooting incident. However opposition lawyer Monte Frank from the Law Firm of Cohen and Wolf has stalled once again by indicating he had in fact been called away on an urgent business meeting he must attend out of state. (Mr. Halbig’s lawyer Paul Spinella informed Mr. Halbig it was urgent business) when in fact it was a booked holiday.

The FOIA request has been postpone several times, questionably so. The postponements have been for various menial reasons and that has thrown doubt on ALL the lawyers involved, for allowing such frivolous claims to allow the delay.

On March 24, 2015 Mr. Monte Frank from the Law Firm of Cohen and Wolf now indicates that he will not be able to pursue the issue before the indicated final date allowed for the request. However it has come to the attention of Mr. Halbig that Monte Frank from the Law Firm of Cohen and Wolf in fact is Bicycling in a Fundraiser across to D.C. The fundraising events focus is for the Sandy Hook Victims in order to raise more funds to place GUN CONTROL into law.

This supposed urgent business was then revealed or rather released in the below letter to Mr. Halbig indicating it was a HOLIDAY and not what he was initially told as and important meeting. Obviously this fundraiser would have been scheduled well over a yr ago as it is an Annual event.

We have proof all dates indicated by Mr. Monte Frank from the Law Firm of Cohen and Wolf would not be available were actually shown on a document by way of sticky notes attached to a predated letter, which were delivered to the commission from what we can see 1 year ahead of time.

Here is a picture of the letter sent to Mr. Halbig of the dates after the fact. Its important to understand this letter was photographed within the FOIA document obtained by a concerned citizen checking to see if a FOIA request had actually been made.

Make note of the date the commission received the letter was March 23 of 2014 and the actual letter date is March 23, 2015. Mr. Halbig was not informed of this prior appointment of Monte Frank.

Foia Photo1


Now here is the letter Mr. Halbig received regarding the date being taken off. If you notice under the received corner his lawyer was issued the letter on March 26, 2015. Yet the handwritten date on the letter below the stamp indicates the letter was received in 2014.



This brings up the questions. Why did the commission wait to release this letter to Mr. Halbigs lawyer, or was it his lawyer who may have waited to release the letter. Either way full disclosure was not in play here.

The main concern still weighting on Mr. Halbig is how does the bike ride to Washington supersede the importance of the order and how can it trump a Connecticut FOIA commission hearing?


Cohen and Wolf represent the city of Newtown, the Newtown public schools and the Newtown police department. Cohen and Wolf is a large firm and although Monte Frank would like to presume his presents is required at the hearing it is not. The FOIA and ordered subpenas are not directly at Monte Frank they are at individuals who were named in the FOIA request. Therefore the Hearing should not be postponed.

Also of note: The only way to postpone such a hearing is if both sides agree in writing prior to such an event or urgent business. The notification was never presented to Mr Halbig nor his representative in order to object. Therefore the urgency of a bike rides and promoting gun control should never superseded representing clients ordered to attend the commission hearing.


Another important detail is Mr. Halbig is in fact suspicious of with his own lawyer Paul Spinella Law Firm for requesting Mr. Halbig for
1. Requesting Mr. Halbig no longer contact him via email and all conversations must be by phone only. (in other words no paper trail) 2. Mr. Paul Spinella has never properly billed his services for the last 9,000.00 he received and is requesting more funds to proceed before continuing the motions forward.


In conclusion Mr. Halbig can substantially prove there is an joint effort to circumvent these proceedings with delay tactics, and a consorted effort to drain all funds from Mr. Halbig so these proceedings will not continue. Mr. Halbig has suffered great financial loss in pursuit of these requests and it is seeming to him that those with the most money may well win through illegal dealings and delays.

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