Fort Hood FRAUD

Fort Hood FRAUD



he Fort Hood “mass shooting” of 2009 has been accepted as a real event for years. A careful look at real records, including the unaltered US Master Death File, tells quite a different story. NONE of the supposed ‘deaths’ in the database of victims appears to be real at all. The entire event – predecessor to the 2014 replay at the same military base – is now a demonstrated fraud.

Like nearly all other “mass shootings” of the last two decades, it is a politically motivated fake. In this instance, a reasonable guess is that it was meant as agitation propaganda against Muslims, to re-energize support for continued meaningless destabilization and wars in the Middle East. A second motive was likely the coming attempts to rob returning veterans, of their Constitutionally protected right to have firearms. This second theme no doubt became the major one for the Fort Hood 2014 replay.


The Strange Case of the Fort Hood 2014 Fake Shooting




ould it really be this easy? Exposing the entire fake shooting replay, from beginning to end, is just “target practice” now, for those who reveal the truth.

The modus-operandi or ‘method of operation’ of the mass-shooting stage managers is so well known and repeatable, that this appears to be the case. Research is ongoing, but already there is a flood of dazzling information on the real nature of this event.

And yet, each time they do something like this, new secrets and connections are revealed, showing us who the people behind the scenes really are, and who they work for.

For a more complete demonstration of the Boyd connections to Sandy Hook, the air line business, and the Boyd “camper” murder [in addition to Malaysian Flight 370 and the hiring of Crisis Actors for the Fort Hood event], see —…


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