G.I. Joe & X-MEN Cartoons: Blatant NWO Plots & Themes – Predictive Programming


Predictive Programming is everywhere now, yet never so prevalent than in children’s cartoons and comics.

We come to realize the most in your face agenda’s are outlined in the most unsuspecting places. Our Children are being bombarded by images and agendas via the cartoon networks.

We as children were subjected to these images and ideals while growing up. We have come to understand the full extent of the propaganda machine now. However do you take the time to explain to your children exactly what it is they are seeing within their regularly scheduled viewing, on their Saturday morning line-up.

Take the time to monitor and explain what it is your children are viewing. This tactic via the propaganda machine has lead to the total disregard by most individuals to truly understand what they are being subjected to. We have a “asleep” population out there who have been conditioned by the media to accept the principles these so called mild influencing programs are teaching.

It is easier to explain to the children now than the adults later. Better yet shut the machine down, don’t participate and get out and spend time with your children. That box is a horrible babysitter.

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