What’s The Scariest Movie Ever Made? The one you’re living in and don’t even know it!


KJ Ozborne is a gypsy, jack of all trades, and a researcher. He created The Scariest Movie Ever Made over eight years ago which started a following. The movie is free to see online now and is all about the Illuminati and their satanic control over our fabricated reality. He then created Rigged Reality, a website covering everything from the paranormal to occult language hidden in our pop culture. After five years he let the site go and began focusing on his Youtube Channel (The Scariest Movie Ever), which at this point is approaching fifty thousand subscribers and sixteen million views.

KJ is an eight year veteran of the Armed Forces. He also worked several years in Hollywood as a writer, and worked in production on multiple Reality Shows (Hell’s Kitchen, Big Brother, America’s Best Dance Crew, etc). His last “career” was Bounty Hunting in Texas. KJ has been a licensed Private Detective twice, and is a currently registered Bounty Hunter (but is no longer working in that field).

KJ has also had a lifetime of interesting spiritual experiences, which is where he got his love of the paranormal.
His favorite quote in regards to faith is “No Religion, just relationship”. He is well studied in religions, as he’s an avid reader and researcher. KJ covers multiple subjects in his research, as he genuinely seeks the truth in all things. He has had multiple careers, and is also a “jack of all trades” with his knowledge.

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