Germanwings Flight 9525: Another Illuminati Hoax

Germanwings Flight 9525: Another Illuminati Hoax

To further their agenda the Illuminati operate in a subtle and consistent manner. To influence change they need to consistently create crisis and exploit them to manipulate the masses and fulfill their agenda of a NWO. Germanwings crash story is just one of those unsuspecting crisis that looks normal on the surface but for anyone following the details will quickly see it`s staged.


The crash site is not accessible by helicopter nor is there any place suitable for a helicopter to land. These realities make the search and rescue process cumbersome and painstakingly slow. And yet they recovered 400-600 body parts in two days and now just over a week, according to investigators, recovered 2854 body parts from all 150 on board. That is pure Hollywood fiction. Take a look at some pictures of the terrain. You see the 45 degree slant of the mountain making it very treacherous requiring experience and the utmost caution. The rescuers are mountaineers with ropes and rigging equipment to ensure their safety. And with this landscape all the body parts from all 150 passengers and crew in a very timely fashion? This is simply not plausible.


The media reports that the aircraft was “obliterated“, “exploded“ and one politician who saw the crash site described it like, “confetti“. How did it explode into “confetti“? What “obliterated“ the aircraft? This suggests an incendiary explosive source. Witnesses reported hearing to a loud boom and then a pause, approximately 30 seconds, and then another boom. They said it sounded like an avalanche. Whatever the source of that sound it was not, in my opinion, an actual A320-200 with 150 people in it crashing into the side of a mountain. If there were multiple explosions it would have happened in quick succession.


The reality is more of a scene where debris was scattered with a few chunks that resembles a plane crash. I have seen enough pictures of legitimate plane crashes that I no longer doubt what I see. I’ve deliberated on this one and this crash site is staged.

Then you have the crisis actors. The father of the victim, Robet Tansill Oliver, is not emotionally upset whatsoever and in fact states he is more concerned for Andreas` Lubitz parents. This reminds me of Sand Hook. Then there’s Mahsid Eslami who lost a brother. She said that her brother told his friend that, and I`m paraphrasing, “…if the plane crashes it would be alright because it will only be for a minute and you`re gone and you are in the sky where your soul will go.“ This is Sandy Hook psy-op human re-conditioning zombification. This is not normal behaviour and there is no explanation for it. Philip Bramley also lost a son. He states that the co-pilot was ill and it’s irrelevant his motivation. He does not want to hear it even if the motive for the suicide was known. What’s important to him, in the midst of his grieving and recent dramatic loss, is to focus on making sure this never happens again. To reiterate, this is not normal behaviour to a sudden loss of close family member. It’s a neural re-wiring of human behaviour.


There is much more but these 3 points, 1) crash site and the obliterated plane, 2) implausible efficient recovery of all body parts in a very short time, and 3) inappropriate and bizarre behaviour and comments of family members who lost a loved one are enough to suggest this was staged.


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