Giffords FAKE III – Her Absurd Gimp Act and Treason EXPOSED

Evidence is presented here, that Gabrielle Giffords sustained no injury at all in the supposed Tucson “shooting.” Then we take a look at REAL shooting and head injury victims… and see how her acting compares. Inportant material, since the future and freedom of your nation is jeopardized through such treachery.

The government run media did very little investigation into the real background of Giffords – nor did any seriously investigate the veracity of her “bullet wound” story. Unverified information propagated through the media echo chamber, as has been usual in the past. The intention was to deceive; and nearly everyone was deceived.

See “The Fake Death Industry” on YouTube and other sites for more information on how death can be faked by criminals within government structures. See “Navy Yard Investigation Leads to the Truth About Stockton” for background on the possible connection between the Arapahoe “shooting”, and the supposed Stockton school shooting in California. Who and what Gabrielle Giffords really is, finally being revealed.



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