Google Map Search: I Pet Goat II and CERN Appears

Google Map Search: I Pet Goat II and CERN Appears

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The title say’s it all. I can’t believe this is actually true. It just shows that – as expected – Google is in on this conspiracy as well. Thanks to ukpropaganda for tipping me off on this crazy Google Maps search. My thoughts are now answered CERN and I Pet Goat II are connected.

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When you begin to investigate further it seems our names on Youtube are connected to Google Maps.

I want to thank Nicholson1968 for pointing out when he puts his name either Nicholson1968 or douseewhateyec  the return result will be.


When I search my youtube name UpNorthOfThe49th I get this location: I believe the reason for this location is due to my work on the Hoover Dam video called Boom



If you place other Youtube names into Google Maps you come up with this:

Enterthe5t4rz or ProfessorDoom1







The same goes for those researching Cern:

RedPillRevolution however not so with TruthMediaRevolution


So try your YouTube name in Google Maps and see what comes up for you.

Wolfgang Halbig:

googlemaps wolfgang halbig

Yes even those we love to hate:

C.W. Wade



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    saved May 18, 2015

    Press Reset: Google Map Shows Conspiracy Researchers Reside At CERN (Explained) They Know Us Better Than We Do!

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    Peter Klein May 18, 2015

    I posted the following in response to someone else experiencing the same thing using Google maps…

    I’m posting this only because I hate seeing anyone caught up in a fruitless pursuit. When you use Google Maps or Earth, you usually type a full or partial address because you’re looking for a specific place, agreed? OK, so then it IS unusual to search with words or phrases and it must then be handled in a way slightly differently by Google.

    What Google seems to have done is to treat those searches using words or phrases somewhat like they do with Internet searches. My guess is Google figured MOST of these words/phrases are likely to be relating to a location or place. For instance, “Safeway Longbeach.” So, they needed a solution that would factor this in but also accommodate when the search is impossible to associate with any location or place. So, they begin to use similar algorithms as their search service when words/phrases are used.

    Web searches through Google are tailored to the person searching. They do this through a combination of your search history, your web traffic and use of other Google services. Some of this information is actually stored in Cookies on your PC. The key factor though is identifying you, which is done by comparing your IP address, MAC ID, cookie data and login with their records. This only takes less than a second.

    Because of this association being made between who you are and your search results, your results begin to become familiar. This would then apply to word/phrase searches in Maps or Earth. If you happen to have been searching “Illuminati” and the pages you visited in relation to that term made reference to Stonehenge more often than any other place, Maps and Earth are likely to show Stonehenge for the word “illuminati.”

    To prove this theory, after you find one of those odd results described above, empty your browser cache and delete all cookies. Then, log out of all Google based services and close your browser. Now, open the browser and attempt your search again. I will bet the results will be very different. I hope this is helpful to some.

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