Gun Grabby Gabby – Repeating Yogurt Jokes Hoax

Giffords is using the exact same speech and even “fake slip ups” act all across the country.

So, some people might say: “The reason her speech is the same is because she reads it over and over again” but that is not the case, most of her staged act is memorized, as she doesn’t read her script more than half the time.

Also, do people think it’s a “funny coincidence” that she happens to read “Physical therapy.. then trip over Yoga time and time again, saying “Yogurt.. err Yoga”, and then looks at Mark Kelly for him to correct her?

It maybe was a slip-up one time, but not twice, that’s an obvious little “bit” to an act.

Not only is her well rehearsed speech identical time and time again, even her mannerisms are the same, and pauses. This is obviously an act, and a not very good one at that.

The sick part is, most people think they’re hearing an original genuine speech from a woman actually shot in the head, when in fact it’s just the exact same well rehearsed speech from a fraud never shot in the head heard all over the country.

Gun Grabby Gabby with Hoaxer and Thief



Here’s how the speech goes time and time again ver-batum:

“Thank you for inviting me here today.

Stopping gun violence takes courage, the courage to do what’s right, the courage of new ideas. I’ve seen great courage when my life was on the line, now is the time to come together.

Be responsible.

Democrats, Republicans, everyone.

We must never stop fighting, fight fight, fight,

Be bold, be courageous, the nation is counting on you, thank you.”


Gabby Giffords was supposedly shot point-blank in the head- a bullet tearing through her skull, and then out the back of her skull through the entire left hemisphere of her brain. – If you believe that bullshit

Her recovery has been called “remarkably fast” and her comprehensive ability is considered “normal”.

Her intern of just a few days- Daniel Hernandez allegedly picked her up and put her against his chest to keep her from “choking on her own blood” he then said he applied pressure to her head wound until paramedics could take over- But in the pictures we see, Daniel has absolutely no blood on his hands, or on his shirt, and he is not applying pressure to her head wound- in fact NOBODY is applying pressure to her alleged head wound!

People do not get shot in the head point-blank with the bullet passing through the entire head and then survive.. It just does not happen- Especially if no pressure is applied to the wound (which it clearly wasn’t in the pictures).

Remember what happened to Kennedy after LEE Harvey Oswald shot him- His head blew apart like a ripe watermellon.. When Jared LEE Loughner shoots Gabby Giffords- what do we see? Well, her head didn’t blow apart like one would expect, that’s for sure, and she has a fake gimp limp and fake speech impediment.

The “shooting” of Gabrielle Giffords was in fact a well choreographed event- complete with foreshadowing event news episodes talking about Gabby “being in the crosshairs” and how “tea party” people were out to get her.

The villain was also a carefully “designed” bad guy- who would make “conspiracy theorists” look violent and lead to anyone looking into the faked events taking place today and thinking there’s more to it to ultimately not be able to own a gun.

The man who allegedly shot Giffords- Jared Loughner was one of only TWO people Giffords was subscribed to on YouTube (weird)- and he has a “Scary picture” of himself shown over and over again, when there are completely normal images of him on the internet- one where he is wearing Arizona sports gear and is holding a Kickoff Magazine (this picture is never shown to the public though, just the scary Loughner picture with the shaved head that has been Photoshopped).

The “normal” pictures of Loughner are NEVER shown to the public on purpose, because that wouldn’t help the gun-control agenda, where the guy looks like joe-anybody sports-fan American.

Giffords (who happens to be Jewish) is using this event not only for Gun Control, but the alleged gunman patsy Jarred Loughner will be used as the “bad conspiracy guy” who shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun and is mentally unstable.. this from Wikipedia:

“His friend Zach Osler noted that conspiracy theories had a profound effect on Loughner, particularly the online film Zeitgeist: The Movie, with which friends claimed Loughner held an obsession. He was a member of the message board Above Top Secret, which discussed conspiracy theories; members of the site did not respond warmly to his posts. Loughner espoused conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks, the New World Order”

“Loughner’s writings”, which was a “distrust for and dislike of the government.” It “manifested itself in various ways” — for instance, in the belief that the government used the control of language and grammar to brainwash people, the notion that the government was creating “infinite currency” without the backing of gold and silver, or the assertion that NASA was faking spaceflights.[45]”

The “NASA faking Space Flights” aspect was written in specifically for her husband Mark Kelly- Who is an astronaut and is probably tired of people calling him out on his bullshit (as I have done in a few videos).

So, anyone who knows that Apollo was faked, or 9/11 was a false flag, or thinks the FED is printing money recklessly should be “watched closely” maybe put on a “terrorist watch list” or labeled “mentally ill” and therefore should not allowed to own a firearm- Because of this faked event and others- that’s the end-goal.


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