HALLOWEEN: Illuminati-Satanist High Holy Days Revealed

HALLOWEEN: Illuminati-Satanist High Holy Days Revealed


Black Child review some of the interviews expressed in documentaries regarding Halloween and ritual sacrifices from those brave enough to come forward to tell their stories.

The promotion of the occult agenda is seeping into our reality as acceptable more each day. Our children and youth are subjected through music, television, video and games to accept moral degradation.  Its not just in the lyrics using occult language but in the blatant subjection to video images to seduce the young minds into acceptance. The video Animal by Maroon5 encourages young men to stalk, hunt and blood lust after women, they portray it as sensual, natural and anticlimactically acceptable. Its not. They make the practice of allowing the lust and beast instincts or predatory urge to take you over as sexy or cool. The video screams of conditioning the values of the law “Do as thou will”, is the whole of the law and the agenda for the satanic demise of nations.

Believe in this practice or not, you need to understand they believe wholeheartedly in the occult and the practice of sacrificing life. These are the unnamed terrorist who engineer our social and economic future. It would not surprise the writer, if soon the blind little goats will accept open televised executions and sacrificial services for open religious and entertainment purposes.  Possibly this is why they are staging be-heading’s, death and ma-ham in everyday television, for when it goes live/real you will accept it through desensitization. Welcome to a whole New World, more like the very ancient world of pagan practices. Everything Old Is New Again!


Do you really believe this is just an old representation of Druids? This was promoted as a segment in the River Dance Feet of Flames Production. When questioned about this troop of performers the choreographer said it was a made up language and developed as just a segment to entertain. When asked again about the performers he was at a loss to say who they were or how they could be reached for future performances. This was in fact a casting (or ritual spell) upon the audience for some unknown reason, possibly to gain some type of power over coming events. Most rituals are all about the power they can gain from the production/ritual. There is a reason for everything done through ritual on audiences in plain sight.


In this segment of the Pre-games ritual of Lighting & passing the Olympic torch, you will notice two young children who seem innocent as though being presented as an offering. In the second segment you will notice all those from the first segment are present except the little girl and boy who were presented in the first. What happened to these children are anyone’s guess. All we do know is they are strangely absent from the Post Games ritual.

Each time you can see the same characters who preform the ritual of lighting the torch and each time you will see different children put forward in the ritual. In the closing ceremonies each time you will notice the absence of these children from that ritual, yet the same priests or priestess in the opening and closing ceremonies. Search them all

Olympic Torch Lighting Ceremony Beijing 2008, Olympic Torch Lighting Ceremony (Name of country or year). Compare the segments to the final ceremonies and you will see it is a fact. 

Notice the absence of the children:


All done in plain sight, did anyone really pay attention though?

An excellent find by Watchful Wonderingeyes

Source: Satanic Calendar



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