Harry Reid Rage

Harry Reid Rage



We are seeing so many rumors entangling Harry and Rory Reid into the Bundy Ranch Story. Although there are many connections being issued regarding the Reid’s being entangled with the E&M stories and a massive land grab for the use of anything other than for the purpose of saving tortoises. These stories are somewhat incorrect. We suspect Reid as having nefarious business dealings however there seem to be no connections directly. The only connection seems to be the rage these stories are inciting in the public’s opinion.

Harry Reid seems to be feeding the frenzy for some reason to work the public opinion into anger and outrage. He has made various derogatory comments about The Bundy Family and Patriots. Why is he getting involved in this mess if he has no vested interest. To Create Rage in the Public.

Groups are angry over the Bundy issue and angry that rumor has it that Harry Reid wants the land for his business. What do these rumors lead to. Rage within the public’s eyes. The Mainstream and Alternative media have portrayed the Win or Victory by the Bundy family, militia and public stance, as a glimmer of hope for future success against the machine we call big government. It has left the public with the urge to push forward and demonstrate toward eliminating corruption in the system. If you recall a large demonstration is planned for the event called “Operation American Spring”. The plan is to gather millions of Americans and march to one location (Washington D.C.) and demand the resignation of Obama. They are calling for all militia, military and civilians to unite and demonstrate for Constitutional Rights. Although the ideal is admirable the concept of bringing all citizens to one place is terrifying.
The better option would be to go to your local state legislatures and protest there. We are many and they are few, when you create separate actions in various places it is harder for them to organize against them all.

In Conclusion: Could the Reid and Bundy stories all be a catalyst to anger and enrage citizens, to take their grievances into the streets. Prompting martial law, or rally numbers into Washington D.C.


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