Heavily Armed Police march in North St. Louis – New Black Panthers Join Protest

Heavily Armed Police march in North St. Louis – New Black Panthers Join Protest





ost of my viewers know I live in Saint Louis, some may not know I grew up in Ferguson, MO. This madness in North STL really hits home for me.

A full day after the unrest, NOW we see police armed with machine guns, .50 caliber rifles, MRAP armored vehicles, march on the streets of North St. Louis (Ferguson). Tear gas deployed on local residents, not groups of rioters.

August 11th going into the 12th , 2014:

Police pushing regular NON-protesting people, and the media back down West Florissant Ave. using tear gas.

Using loud speakers to tell local residents to stay in their homes, they they’re not allowed on the street, or to stand in their yards.

“Go inside your homes” was the order shouted over loud speakers.

While I understand the need for law and order, these are not rioters tonight. These are residents standing outside, as well as media reporting on the event.

Martial law has NOT been declared yet from what I understand, but you’d be hard pressed trying to think you’re ‘free’ at the moment if you live in the area.


From MaxResistance to Dutch and all those citizens living in St. Louis our hearts go out to you….




Meanwhile the New Black Panthers Join the Ferguson Protests.



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