Here We Go Again – Obama Bombing Iraq to Save His A$$

Here We Go Again – Obama Bombing Iraq to Save His A$$








Will it never end. Obama finances ISIS and the proof is everywhere (if you take the time to look).



Obama finances ISIS with plea for $500 Million


U.S. “Humanitarian” Bombing of Iraq: A Redundant Presidential Ritual

Now Obama has had his hand forced to push forward with an attach on these factions (ISIS). The American people are becoming aware Obama is not what he had first appeared to be, and the people are pushing to have action taken against those he has funded.  The realization these militant groups are so wicked, evil and no regard towards life on any level outside of their own views, has become so obvious even liberals are calling for action. It is in our faces, there is more at play here than taking down Obama’s crony allegiance to ISIS. The question should be posed to the public, “what gain will come from bombing ISIS factions in Iraq when these so called rebels are actually operating out of various countries”? My answer would be forced retaliation. Yes action should be taken to dissolve this criminal organizations, in doing so it should be obvious to eliminate the money source. There is more to this than what we are presented on the surface. It almost makes me wonder if the focus once again being on Iraq would indicate the citizens of that nation are still working hard to fight against the sanctions placed upon them unjustly by the Rothschild cabal. In short they want their nation back from those who brought war against them in order to control resources, and in doing so has brought the wrath of bombing upon them again in the name of ISIS. We all know ISIS does not operate out of Iraq. Realize the truth of this situation.

What are your thoughts?


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